Americans are waking up to Israel’s brutal and discriminatory tactics By Jonathan Cook

17 December 2018 — Jonathan Cook

With opinion now evenly split between those who favour a one or two-state solution, many in the US are turning their attention to the systemic inequities faced by Palestinians

The National – 17 December 2018

Two years of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu as a Middle East peacemaking team appear to be having a transformative effect – and in ways that will please neither of them.

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How Putin’s Russia Weaponizes X By Moon of Alabama

17 December 2018 — Moon of Alabama

Q: What do humor, health information, giant squids, robotic cockroaches, tedium and postmodernism have in common?

A: Russia weaponized them.

Back in March 2016 we created a list of news items that accused Russia and its bear riding president Vladimir Putin of weaponizing things.


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Black Agenda Report 17 December 2018: Good and Bad at All-Boys Black Schools: Seton Hall Students Protest; Report on NJ Police Use of Force; Killing for Empire

17 December 2018 — Black Agenda Report

Mixed Bag at All-Boys Black Schools 

Zayid Muhammad, of Newark Communities for Accountable Policing, was pleasantly surprised at the scope of a NJ Advanced Media report on police use of force in every city and town in the state. Muhammad didn’t expect an organization affiliated with the Star Ledgerto produce such useful documentation, since the newspaper “has been in denial and not very willing to investigate” police abuses.

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Corbyn, Brexit and the struggle for the United Socialist States of Europe By Chris Marsden

17 December 2018 — WSWS

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure to reach a deal over Brexit and the deepening paralysis of her government unfolds under conditions of a European and global crisis of capitalism, marked above all by the resurgence of the class struggle.

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Next Generation 5G and the US-China “Cellphone War”: Selected Stories

16 December 2018 — Global Research

The unspoken US policy objective behind the arrest of  Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou on trumped up charges, consists in breaking China’s technological lead in wireless telecommunications.

What is at stake is a coordinated US and allied intelligence initiative to ban China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd from the “next generation” state of the art 5G global mobile phone network.

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UK: “Stansted 15” anti-deportation protesters found guilty of terrorism charges By Margot Miller

17 December 2018 — WSWS

Fifteen UK anti-deportation activists, accused of terrorism offences for preventing the departure of an immigration removal charter flight from London Stansted Airport, have been found guilty.

Following a nine-week trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, the jury found the “Stansted 15” in contravention of the rarely used 1990 Aviation and Maritime Security Act, by endangering safety at an airport. The defendants, who are preparing to appeal the verdict, face potential life prison sentences and await sentencing in February.

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China’s Uyghur ‘Problem’ — The Unmentioned Part By F. William Engdahl

5 October 2018 — F. William Engdahl

In recent months Western media and the Washington Administration have begun to raise a hue and cry over alleged mass internment camps in China’s northwestern Xinjiang where supposedly up to one million ethnic Uyghur Chinese are being detained and submitted to various forms of “re-education.” Several things about the charges are notable, not the least that all originate from Western media or “democracy” NGOs such as Human Rights Watch whose record for veracity leaves something to be desired .

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A lesson from the yellow vests: Carbon taxes burn workers by Jonathan Neale

14 December 2018 — Climate & Capitalism –, December 13, 2018

Jonathan Neale says climate activists must reject climate taxes: they harm the poor, and  do little to actually slow climate change

Jonathan Neale is a climate justice activist based in Britainand author of Stop Global Warming: Change the World. 

Say what you like about the gilet jaunes (yellow vests) in France, there is one conclusion we climate activists must draw. We must have nothing to do with carbon taxes, in any form. This article explains why.

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WaPo Claims American “Tortured Then Executed” in Syria – Admits No Evidence By Tony Cartalucci

16 December 2018 — Land Destroyer

December 15, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – A particularly scurrilous op-ed appeared in the pages of the Washington Post accusing the Syrian government of detaining, torturing, then executing an American citizen, Layla Shweikani.
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Israel rolls out the welcome mat for Europe’s neo-fascists

14 December 2018 — WSWS

Salvini, the leader of the anti-immigrant Lega party, has become the dominant figure in Italy’s right-wing coalition government, setting an agenda based on the slogan of “Italians first” and vowing to “cleanse” Italy of undocumented migrants “by force if necessary.”

He has in both deed and word resurrected the politics of Italian fascism, which was responsible for the systematic suppression of Italian Jews. who were stripped of their rights under racial laws enacted by the dictator Benito Mussolini and deported to concentration camps, where nearly 10,000 died, most of them at Auschwitz.

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Colluding in war crimes: Britain’s unreported military alliance with Israel By Mark Curtis

16 December 2018 — True Publica

Colluding in war crimes: Britain’s unreported military alliance with Israel

By Mark Curtis: Britain’s international trade secretary, Liam Fox, recently visited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, pledging to increase trade and investment between the two countries, which already stands at a record $9bn.

While more than 230 Palestinians have been killed and thousands more injured by Israeli forces since March, London’s ties with Tel Aviv are growing ever stronger.

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