China News Links 15 August 2019

15 August 2019 — The New Dark Age

Hong Kong protests: UK should not interfere, says Chinese ambassador

Russia to take part in China’s innovation week on Hainan

Aloha from Dr. Martin Luther King and Tulsi Gabbard

Todays links 15 August 2019

Russian military pilots win Aviadarts international competition

US realizes China won’t join arms control initiative — Russian Foreign Minister

Donald Trump and the National Debt – It’s Not Easy to Fix

In Wars and Weapons We Trust

‘Chinese Halloween’: The Ghost festival kicks off on Hainan

US Axis of Aggression in Gulf

America’s “Hybrid War” against China has Entered a New Phase

Australia’s Pacific Play: Denying Climate Change and Boosting China’s Threat

US Meddling Continues in Cambodia, But With Setbacks

Australia: Pro-US ideologue brands student groups as China’s “useful idiots”

UN Security Council to discuss Kashmir issue on Friday — source

Upside down or right side up? Comparing Chinese vs. Western civilizational hierarchies.

‘World is watching’: US reaction points to Hong Kong as a ‘color revolution’

US Meddling Continues in Cambodia, But With Setbacks

China requests UN Security Council to address Kashmir on August 15 or 16

How Washington is Meddling in the Affairs of Hong Kong

John Bolton Visit – Forcing Britain’s Hand over Huawei, Iran and China before Trade Deal

China News Links 14 August 2019

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