China News Links 26-30 December 2019

30 December 2019 — The New Dark Age

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Seventy Years of U.S. Destabilisation in China. U.S. Sponsored Uyghur Insurgency in Xinjiang

Iran seeks joint naval maneuvers in Caspian Sea with regional states, media reports say

Iran, Russia and China complete all stages of joint naval drills

Russia, China and Iran Conducting Naval Drills Amid U.S. Tensions

China jails ‘gene-edited babies’ scientist for three years

Tesla delivers its first ‘Made in China’ cars

Iran, Russia and China hold joint naval drills in Indian Ocean amid US war threats

China On Verge Of Decoupling From US GPS Network

A New Era for China-Russia Relationship in 2019

Russian Missile Can’t Be Stopped

How Sales Shopping Is Killing the Planet

Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama

COP-Out: The Military and Climate Change/Justice

The Looming Dark Age of Business Warfare

As the US, China, and Russia Build New Nuclear Weapons Systems, How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be Built in? What are the Dangers?

Oops for Google Apps? Huawei seeks an alliance with other Chinese firms to push US giant out of Asia

Iran plans to hold more joint military drills with Russia, China

Austerity and its Consequences. America Threatens to Self-destruct if Other Countries don’t Obey it

The 2010s: America’s Frantic Decade Of Late-Stage Imperialist Belligerence & Self-Delusion

The United States of Investigations

Universities Rolling Out Social Credit Systems To Socially Engineer Students, This Will BACKFIRE

China ends forced labour for sex workers

The West’s Present Misconduct Has a Long History

The Closer to the New Year, the Greater the Commotion

Blaming China for the Great Recession… to avoid emulating China’s (socialist-inspired) success

Afghanistan: An Unwinnable Trillion-Dollar ‘War of Lies’

Russia-Ukraine Gas Transit Deal Nears Completion

America, Where Great Literature Kicked the Bucket

US War Budget Targets China

Why Trump Is Winding Up Tensions With North Korea

US president spent 2019 exploiting weaknesses of his political rivals

As North Korea Shows, Trump Is a Terrible Negotiator

You Say You Want a (Russian) Revolution?

Is there a future for Russian aircraft carriers?

Russia sends three ships to joint drills with China and Iran

A Brief Introduction to Tibet

China’s Huawei Continues to Move Around US Sanctions

In A Real War With Russia And China, US Superiority Will End

China vs the West: Relations with Africa. The Geopolitical Game that Played Out in Namibia to Influence Elections

China’s Huawei Continues to Move Around US Sanctions

Fast Food Nations and Global Nutrition

Nord Stream 2 – US Sanctions – Trump’s Economic Suicide?

Why Trump is Winding Up Tensions with North Korea

U.S. Media Bias Creates False Pictures Of Russia

UK’s Tory Victory Likely to Bind U.S. & UK against Europe & Asia

PETER MAN—On Failed Revolutions

Impeachment, “Engineered Chaos” and the New World Order

China’s 10,000 ton-class destroyer equipped with long-range land-attack missiles

What Does the Armenian Genocide Mean for Turkey’s Future?

Capitalism and the Limits of Greening

The Hidden Power of Pro-US Faction In Vietnam

In the footsteps of Xuanzang in Kyrgyzstan

Moving Forward with a Narrow United States – Israel Defense Pact

Calling Trump’s Space Force a Violation of Global Consensus, China Condemns US ‘Weaponization of Outer Space’

China Detaining Millions Of Uyghurs?

The Madrid Climate Disaster

Seventy Years of U.S. Destabilisation in China. U.S. Sponsored Uyghur Insurgency in Xinjiang

Soil as a Solution to U.S. Agriculture’s Woes

Behind the U.S. Anti-China Campaign

Autopsy of the Minsk Agreements

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