Understanding socialism

6 December 2019 — Michael Roberts Blog

by michael roberts

The New York Times magazine has described Richard Wolff as “probably America’s most prominent Marxist economist”.  And that is probably not an exaggeration as a description of this emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and visiting professor at the New School University in New York.

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NATO Splits Reveal Alliance is Redundant

6 December 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

If the NATO summit this week marking the 70th anniversary of its foundation in 1949 was meant to be a resounding celebration, it backfired spectacularly, more as a resounding farce. Amid all the pomp and ceremony afforded by an official reception at Buckingham Palace, hosted by the British Queen, the two-day gathering descended into squabbling, sneering and back-stabbing.
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AI Border Guards are Being Tested at the Edge of Fortress Europe, Away From Public Scrutiny

6 December 209 — Novara Media

[Artificial Intelligence? It’s just software, that’s all it is! I’m amazed at how the myth of artificial intelligence has been blindly accepted by pretty much everyone but it’s been with us ever since the industrial revolution. We used to call it Machine Learning. What’s made the REAL difference is the power of modern computing, which is now able to do in ‘real time’ something that simply wasn’t possible with early computers; carry out billions of computations ‘on the fly’, thus creating the appearence of intelligence when in fact, it’s just software. WB]

by Robbie Warin


A series of trials funded by the EU to the tune of €4.5 million ended this summer, without most people ever even having heard about them. At three points on the EU’s external border, a new form of border protection using lie-detecting artificial intelligence has been tested. The European Commission is being sued for allowing the company behind the trials to keep its methods and results away from public scrutiny. 

Journalist Exposes BBC Propaganda in Ukraine, Crimea and Beyond

5 December 2019 — 21st Century Wire

Is the BBC really an “impartial news gathering organisation”?

Independent journalist Graham Phillips gives a brief masterclass here, showing a few examples of blatant propaganda being produced by the BBC. As he points out, their reports are intended to deceive viewers by delivering an overtly anti-Russian, false portrayal of events being reported, normally devoid of any real context outside of the official western government-approved narrative. Watch:
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