Information Clearing House Headlines 17 July 2020

17 July 2020 — Information Clearing House

UK Shoots Self In Foot for Uncle Sam

By Finian Cunningham
So much for the much-vaunted Anglo-American “special relationship”.  – Continue



Trump says he caused UK’s Huawei ban

By Guy Faulconbridge and Niklas Pollard
China said Trump’s remark showed Johnson’s decision was about geopolitics rather than security. – Continue



The US is militarily & economically impotent

By Scott Ritter
Now the US has lined up against China in a dramatic manner. – Continue



Why the US Has No Chance of Winning Either a ‘Cold’ or a ‘Hot’ War Against China

By Ekaterina Blinova
The Chinese are not sitting on their thumbs while the US is trying to build an anti-China coalition.  – Continue



American elites fail to accept US losing dominant position

By Alexander Lukin
This is the reason for Washington’s claims that China cheated the US.  – Continue



The Tremendous But ‘Secret’ Success Of Socialist Vietnam

By Andre Vltchek
The mass media, writes very little about this ‘Vietnamese miracle’, for obvious reasons.  – Continue



Israel drafts secret list of hundreds of officials who may stand trial for war crimes

By Noa Landau
They include Netanyahu; Moshe Ya’alon, Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett; etc.  – Continue




Is AIPAC losing its grip on Democrats?

By James Zogby
Members of Congress are not, by definition, the bravest souls on the planet.  – Continue



‘Cancel culture’ prevents the truth about Israel/Palestine from being discussed — including the rising risk of a war with Iran

By James North
Israel is conducting a violent sabotage campaign against Iran, in an effort to provoke the U.S. into war — and there is a nearly complete news blackout in the United States.  – Continue



Julian Assange’s father calls oppression of WikiLeaks founder “the great crime of 21st century”

Julian’s father condemns the US, UK, and Australian governments for their “11 years of ceaseless psychological torture” of the WikiLeaks publisher.  – Continue




10 reasons why defunding police should lead to defunding America’s war machine

By Medea Benjamin – Zoltán Grossman
White supremacy drives the bloated, destructive U.S. military.  – Continue

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