UK ‘Russia report’ fear-mongers about meddling yet finds no evidence

25 July 2020 — The Grayzone

A long-awaited UK report finds no evidence of Russian meddling, but that hasn’t stopped the fear-mongering.

The report claims the UK government didn’t find evidence because it didn’t look for it, and backs increased powers for intelligence agencies and media censorship as a result. Afshin Rattansi, a British journalist and host of RT’s Going Underground, responds.

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Face coverings in shops: it’s all about store policy and its reward or punishment – so don’t make excuses to be allowed in

25 July 2020 — From Behind Enemy Lines

As stated in the article, a follow-up piece to last Thursday’s The coronavirus police state (5): the wear-a-mask-to-shop deception, was pending in expectation of UK Government publishing the pertinent legislation [which, as at the time of writing, has still not appeared]. The idea was to explore ramifications of refusing a fine in the event that one is confronted by police on the premises of a shop.

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Movement for Black Lives: an interview with Barbara Ransby Leading Black US organiser speaks to Race & Class

24 July 2020 — Race & Class

Movement for Black Lives

An interview with leading Black US organiser Barbara Ransby

‘We have to build new institutions,
we have to build new power,
we have to build a new system,
and we have to become different people
in the process’

As we witness one of the largest uprisings in US history, led by Black working-class activists, Race & Class interviews Barbara Ransby, a US-based historian, feminist and longtime organiser, on the significance of the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) uprisings across the US ignited by the murder of George Floyd.

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