ASK THE EXPERTS II | Oracle Films | CoviLeaks | 2021 BBC Panorama Response

27 February 2021 — World Doctors Alliance

The World Doctors Alliance (WDA)

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The follow up to Ask The Experts I is OUT NOW.

In Ask The Experts I, a highly-qualified team of 30 medical experts from around the world presented their personal, research-based insights on the Covid-19 vaccines.

When it reached over 8 million views on mainstream social media and countless more shares and downloads worldwide it was censored and “debunked” without just reason.

These brave, caring, qualified and committed professionals are among the most heavily-censored voices in the current media environment.

The widespread attention prompted the BBC to put together a Panorama programme allegedly attempting to expose deliberate “dis-information” on behalf of the speakers and the film makers.

In fact, the BBC was, without any pretence at balance, attempting to undermine the experts’ qualifications, views and credibility (ie an ad-hominem attack) without actually addressing any of the actual important issues raised by the video.
We think they failed spectacularly.

Did the BBC get behind the truth of the matter or did they score some own goals?

Decide for yourself.

Watch Ask the Experts Part II here:

Ask the Experts II provides a platform to the same medical professionals to re-iterate their views on the validity of the ‘global pandemic’, the need for, safety of & likely effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, and the other extreme and unprecedented measures that have been so hurriedly forced into our everyday lives.

Watch Panorama’s Vaccines The Disinformation War here:

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Download the Ask the Experts Part II video file here:

Produced by Oracle Films.
In collaboration with Fiona Hine, Founder of CoviLeaks.
Publishing rights:
All rights belong to Oracle Films.
This video can be downloaded and re-uploaded on any non-monetised media channels.
For TV licensing or monetisation rights contact Oracle Films at

BBC Panorama Vaccine Disinformation Programme Complaints Procedure

If you dislike the blatantly one-sided and unscientific way the show was presented please make an official complaint about this programme.

Complaint direct to BBC

Once you have complained to the BBC, keep your reference number and use it to upgrade the complaint with Ofcom.

Getting as many complaints as possible with OFCOM is important – if you only complain to the BBC it will stay internal.

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