Review: Scott Anderson, Four CIA spies at the dawn of the Cold War — a tragedy in three acts (2021)

17 February 2021 — Eric Walberg

Written by Eric Walberg Эрик Вальберг/ Уолберг إيريك والبرغ

These portraits are a riveting expose of the Cold War as it took shape even as peace was achieved in 1945. As I read, I marveled at the herculean efforts of millions of talented, gung-ho players, devoting themselves and untold trillions of dollars, all to ‘defeat communism’. But I kept asking myself: isn’t that what Hitler was trying to do? Wasn’t it the Soviet army that turned the tide at Stalingrad, liberated Berlin, not to mention all of eastern Europe and Russia itself? Was there to be no place for communism in the post-WWII order?
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The WEF Agenda Behind Modi Farm Reform

17 February 2021 — Counter Currents

In September 2021 the UN will hold a Food Systems Summit. The aim will be to reshape world agriculture and food production in the context of the Malthusian UN Agenda 2030 “sustainable agriculture” goals. The recent radical farm laws from the government of Narenda Modi in India are part of the same global agenda, and it’s all not good.

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The Enforcement of a “New Normal”: “The Deadly Human Experiment with Vaccination”

15 February, 2021 — Global Research

Is Death a Master from Germany Again?

Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Corona Committee Foundation, demands after the public hearing of an eyewitness on the consequences of mass vaccinations: “This deadly human experiment must be stopped as soon as possible!”

Israel violates international law anew, again bombing Syria…to further indifference of Western media

16 February, 2021 — In Gaza (and beyond)

– by Eva K Bartlett

Israeli missiles reportedly targeted Syria again on Monday. Usually carried out under the pretense of “targeting Iranian/Iranian-backed militias,” Israel’s strikes violate Syria’s sovereignty and breach international law.

Bitcoin hits $50,000, the 10-year yield hits 1.3%

17 February 2021 — theplanningmotivedotcom

It is not commonplace for the bourgeois or financial media to provide an insightful article into the workings of the capitalist economy. The modern version of the invisible hand would be the self-driving economy, and we know that such an economy is a car crash waiting to happen. The value of the Financial Times article is that it deals with just such an event, literally the canary flying in front of the car startling its optics. cbff-41b1-af96-7dc8b2de0c43 by Rana Foroohar 14th February. 

Quoting Luke Gromen in his newsletter Tree Rings she shares his comment that Bitcoin is not so much a bubble as the last functioning fire alarm warning of large geopolitical changes ahead. By this Mr Gromen means a diminished role for the US economy and particularly the Dollar in the future. Ms Foroohar agrees with this prognosis, declaring that the activity or should we say generosity of central bankers over the last 10 years has quashed price discovery. By this she means asset prices no longer provide a sense of the health of the underlying economy nor its indebtedness.