SPECIAL ISSUE ColdType April 2021(Issue 221) is now online

25 March 2021 — ColdType

Coldtype 221

Welcome to our third special Looking Back issue of ColdType). The 12 stories in this 68-page issue – loosely dedicated to Travel – include ColdType’s first magazine-format cover story, Tom Engelhardt’s The Spies Who came In From The Hot Tub, from 2005; Joe Bageant’s Yard Sale in Chernobyl, from 2009; and Denis Beckett’s 2008 essay, Sam and Me: Famous Cousin Blues, through to more recent material, including You Can’t Get there From HereTim Knight’s 2015 warning to journalists travelling into African war zones), and Joe Allen’s essay, A Knoxville Redneck Heads for the Hills, written after his escape from the clutches of Covid-19 in 2020. Plus seven more literary rambles from Linh Dinh, Dell Franklin, Chellis Glendinning, Trevor Hoyle, Nate Robert, Tony Sutton, and Stacey Warde. Hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as I had in putting it all together – Tony Sutton

You can read this issue at coldtype.net or at issuu.com


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