Statewatch News 26 March 2021 (Issue 06/21)

26 March 2021 — Statewatch

(Issue 06/21, also available as a PDF)


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China resents US presence in Afghanistan

26 March 2021 — Indian Punchline

Unidentified militia group shot down  helicopter with laser weapons in Wardak March 18 killing Afghan military personnel.

The “hidden agenda” of the war on terror in Afghanistan has been an open secret. The first inkling of its geopolitical character came when it transpired that even after installing a pro-US regime in Kabul in 2002-2003, Pentagon was in no mood to vacate its Central Asian bases. Finally, the bloody Islamist uprising in Andijan in Fergana Valley in May 2005 prompted Russia and China to orchestrate an SCO consensus seeking the expulsion of the US from those bases.

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The Gen Z Emergency: The Best Climate Book You Will Ever Read

23 March 2021 —  Global Research

A review of Dr. Reese Halter’s book

Generation Z is the newest generation, born between 1997 and 2012/15. They are currently 6 to 24 years old. In the US alone, they number 68 million.

Gen Z is in the crosshairs of the coming climate catastrophe. They have the most to lose – and the most to win if we can allay their climate grief:

“Although Gen Zs comprise 25 percent of the human population (a little more than two billion inhabitants) this ‘climate generation’ claims, and rightfully so, that they own 100 percent of the future. They are tired and angry from being lied to. They intend on forcing societal change because it is their birthright to breathe unpolluted air, to drink nontoxic fresh water and to eat fruits, nuts and vegetables not slathered in nerve poisons and cancer-causing glyphosate.”

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The Historical Challenges Facing the Socialist Movement

26 March, 2021 — Monthly Review Press

by  and 

István Mészáros

Translation of Introduction to the Latin American Edition of a Beyond Capital

Preface to the English Edition

On February 16, 2015, István Mészáros sent me a letter addressing the history of the Latin American Spanish edition of Beyond Capital and its reception by President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, along with a narrative of the origins of his close friendship with Chávez. In that letter, he explained that Vadell Hermanos, the publisher of the Spanish edition, had “asked me to write a special Introduction for the Latin American edition in Spanish, and I completed this special introduction—nearly 10,000 words, not published in English—in January 2000.” The entire book incorporating this special introduction was published by Vadell Hermanos in 2001, followed by the Brazilian Portuguese translation in 2002.

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