COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Grow in Number, But Trends Remain Consistent

6 March 2021 — The Defender

Data released today by the CDC confirm several ongoing trends, including that 47% of deaths occurred in people who reported becoming sick within 48 hours of receiving a COVID vaccine, and 20% of vaccine injuries were cardiac-related.

Megan Redshaw 

According to data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of injuries and deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID vaccines continues to climb.

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Finally, Whose Land Is It?

1 March 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Vladimir Acosta

It is not that the earth is ours and that it belongs to us. It is that we all belong to the earth. From it we live, with its fruits we feed ourselves, from its lakes and rivers comes the water we need, with its wood and stones we build our houses, even the most modern ones, because the metal of their frames also comes from the earth. We are buried in the earth when we die.

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Social Media Microtargeting and the Evolving Ministry of Truth

5 March 2021 — Mint Press News

What You Can’t See Won’t Hurt You

As social media replaces actual social interactions, our thoughts and opinions are increasingly coming under the purview of the cybersecurity industry and national security interests that want to regulate what and who can see, talk to and hear in the U.S. cognitive space.

The Origin of the Northern Freeze

4 March 2021 — Counter Currents

Warnings by leading climate scientists regarding the high sensitivity of the atmosphere in response to abrupt compositional changes, such as near-doubling of greenhouse gas concentrations, are now manifest: According to Wallace Broecker, (the “father” of climate science) “The paleoclimate record shouts out to us that, far from being self-stabilizing, the Earth’s climate system is an ornery beast which overreacts to even small nudges, and humans have already given the climate a substantial nudge”. As stated by James Zachos“The Paleocene hot spell should serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of climate”.

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