The November 2021 issue of ColdType  (Issue 228) is now online

28 October 2021 — Coldtype

Welcome to the November issue of ColdType.Our cover feature is a six-page selection of images from a new 3-volume collection of the work of acclaimed US photographer William Eggleston. In our other top features, Matt Kennard and Phil Miller visit the London arms fair where the displays are geared towards the selling of weapons of death and destruction; Joe Allengives us insight into a future world where we will meet our new God – Artificial Intelligence; and David Cromwell explains how the mainstream media is so successful at manufacturing ignorance in the public.

We’ve also got Sam Pizzigati on billionaires, Stanley Stepanic on vampires, Kelly Denton-Borhaug on American violence; Edward Curtin on the Highway to Nowhere, and George Monbiot on the diminishing right to protest against bloodsports  in the UK.

Our Insight section has contributions from Caitlin Johnstone, Francine Townsend, Kenn Orphan, Shanika Ramasinghe, Dell Franklin, and Pepe Escobar, who tackle subjects ranging from gunslinging robodogs, the corporate takeover of mobile homes, the re-emergence of Abba, Colin Powell’s dubious legacy, furnishing beach shacks, and an international debate on Afghanistan.

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