Cruel Britannia: Britain’s Real Role in the World, with Mark Curtis

25 October 2021 — MintPress News


Britons themselves remember their empire extremely fondly, far more positively than those in countries subjugated by the crown.

Alan Macleod

Despite a number of embarrassing political events over the past number of years, Great Britain still likes to regard itself as a forward-thinking, world-leading country and a force for good. Surveys show that the United Kingdom retains a great deal of positive sentiment around the world.

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We’re Live Blogging the Assange Appeal

26 October 2021 — Assange Defense

It’s been more than 10 months since a UK court rejected the U.S. government’s request to extradite Julian Assange and ruled that he should be freed. Tomorrow, Britain’s High Court will hear the U.S. appeal of that stinging defeat.

Access to the proceedings is restricted, but Assange Defense will be observing and live blogging at our website and on our social media accounts (Facebook | Twitter).
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BREAKING: Police attempt to recruit Black Lives Matter activist as an informant

26 October 2021 — NetPol

Photo credit Dimitris Legakis/The Guardian

South Wales Police have been exposed while unsuccessfully attempting to recruit Lowri Davies, one of the co-founders of the Swansea Black Lives Matter group, as a police informant. This is the first publicly recorded instance of police attempting to recruit a mole within the Black Lives Matter movement in Britain.

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Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-30

26 October 2021 — Indian Punchline

By M.K. Bhadrakumar

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Acting Taliban Dy Prime Minister Mullah Baradar, Doha, Oct. 255, 2021

30. Taliban Government gains traction

All indications are that the regional states are preparing to accord recognition to the Taliban government. The meeting of regional states and Taliban officials in the so-called Moscow Format last Wednesday signalled that the Taliban government is a compelling reality and constructive engagement is needed. read more

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On the horizon: drone spies coming to UK skies

26 October 2021 — Drone Wars

On the horizon: drone spies coming to UK skies 26/10/2021Tim Street SkyGuardian flight trials over the UK in September 2021 In the last few months Drone Wars and UK Drone Watch have organised protests outside RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire and RAF Lossiemouth in North East Scotland. We were protesting the decision to allow US arms manufacturer General Atomics to conduct experimental flights of their SkyGuardian drone in UK airspace. SkyGuardian is a prototype of the UK’s new armed drone, named Protector, which will replace the UK’s current Reaper armed drone fleet in 2024. As we have shown, the prospect of such large drones regularly flying in UK airspace raises significant safety and accountability concerns.

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The PATRIOT Act And The Whistleblowers Who Challenged Mass Surveillance After 9/11

26 October 2021 — THE DISSENTER

Mark Klein, former AT&T technician who blew the whistle on NSA warrantless wiretapping (Photo: insunlight)

[Editor’s Note: To mark the 20th anniversary of the rise of the American security state after the September 11th attacks, The Dissenter continues a retrospective on this transformation in policing and government.]

Mark Klein worked for over twenty years as a technician for the AT&T Corporation. He blew the whistle on the AT&T’s collaboration with the National Security Agency, which allowed for warrantless wiretapping of phone and internet communications.

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Over 500 scholars launch fightback against Israel lobby

25 October 2021 — Jonathan Cook

The question is whether universities like Glasgow will continue to submit to attacks on academic life under the cover of false or evidence-free claims of anti-semitism

Mint Press – 25 October 2021

Hundreds of international scholars have begun a fightback against pro-Israel lobbyists who have been scoring increasingly high-profile victories on UK campuses as they seek to curb academic freedoms under the guise of stamping out antisemitism.

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