Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-36

27 November 2021 — Indian Punchline


36. One Hundred Days of Solitude

Taliban Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi (L) met Qatari officials before talks with US/EU representatives, Doha, Nov. 27, 2021

As the Taliban completes its first hundred days in power, the Western powers are groping for a face-saving formula to engage with the authorities in Kabul with some modicum of dignity.

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Cuban Government Spokeswoman Joins BT on Failed Regime Change Plot

18 November 2021 — TheAltWorld

The Biden administration, CIA, and associated cut-outs and think tanks were promoting what were supposed to be massive protests in Cuba this week, but turned out to be nearly non-existent. Deputy Director of US Affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry Johana Tablada de la Torre explains what happened to the CIA-fomented plans for protest and why the Cuban people are continuing to reject U.S. imperialism, meddling, and aggression.

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Watch: Exclusive Interview with Jorge Arreaza on Venezuela’s Recovery Plan

24 November 2021 — MintPress News

EXCLUSIVE: Jorge Arreaza on Venezuela Recovering from Sanctions In New Post-Petro Economic Plan

UN Special Rapporteurs estimate that 100,000 people have died in Venezuela in the last decade because of the lack of medicine brought on by U.S. sanctions. Nearly 60% of those deaths took place under the Trump administration after Washington escalated its economic warfare on the Bolivarian state. During the Trump era, Jorge Arreaza served as Venezuela’s foreign minister and spent years building diplomatic ties with other nations amid Washington’s aggressive hybrid war.
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A frightening new potential explanation for vaccine-driven myocarditis and other problems

26 November 2021 — Alex Berenson

Researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine raise the possibility of an uncontrolled autoimmune response to the coronavirus spike protein that may last indefinitely

Downstream effects of the antibodies that people produce against the coronavirus spike protein may lead to myocarditis and even neurological concerns, two veteran medical researchers have written in the top medical journal in the United States.

Invisible Dictatorship: One Dimensional Man vs the Emerging Multidimensional Individual

26 November 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Germán Gorraiz López

Part I: The Bourgeois Society

Hermann Hesse in his book “Steppenwolf” (Der Steppenwolf, 1927), captures the feeling of anguish, despair and bewilderment that gripped European society in the interwar period and is a lucid analysis of the madness of an era in which the old is dying without the new having been born. In this work he scathingly criticizes bourgeois society (“the decadence of civilization”), an invisible dictatorship that annuls the ideals of the primitive individual and transforms him into an uncritical, fearful and conformist being who, sedated by the compulsive consumerism of material goods, inevitably swells the ranks of a homogeneous, uniform and easily manipulated society.

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How the Pandemic Is Changing the Norms of Science

9 September 2021 — Tablet

Timothy A. Cleary/AFP via Getty Images

Imperatives like skepticism and disinterestedness are being junked to fuel political warfare that has nothing in common with scientific methodology

John P.A. Ioannidis

In the past I had often fervently wished that one day everyone would be passionate and excited about scientific research. I should have been more careful about what I had wished for. The crisis caused by the lethal COVID-19 pandemic and by the responses to the crisis have made billions of people worldwide acutely interested and overexcited about science. Decisions pronounced in the name of science have become arbitrators of life, death, and fundamental freedoms. Everything that mattered was affected by science, by scientists interpreting science, and by those who impose measures based on their interpretations of science in the context of political warfare.

Authoritarianism is on the rise

27 November 2021 — Big Brother Watch

It has been an extraordinary, and very testing, couple of weeks.

Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and large parts of the US are sliding into a dark period of authoritarianism. We’ve seen a sudden imposition of vaccine mandates (which are soon to require boosters), domestic vaccine passports, and Austria even put millions of unvaccinated citizens under lockdown. As I told the BBC, this is a stain on the human rights record of Europe – and yet many rights institutions appear to have been scared into silence (you can read more about this in my op-ed for the Telegraph – un-paywalled copy here).

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Hold Fast Earthlings! The Elites Have Reissued the “Great Narrative”

26 November 2021 — New Eastern Outlook

Author: Phil Butler


The “Great Narrative” is at hand! The author of the “Great Reset”, Klaus Schwab just launched another initiative at his World Economic Forum (WEF) in the UAE. And the world should be dully impressed, I am sure, but most people of earth will not be. WEF and most other institutions are walking a credibility tightrope these days. And how many resets is this now?

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Black Agenda Report 24 November 2021

24 November, 2021 — — Black Agenda Report

Rittenhouse and Verdict Mania
Margaret Kimberley, BAR Executive Editor and Senior Columnist
Black people give great attention to certain court cases in hopes of receiving justice when the system is designed to be unjust. That recognition and the commitment to fighting back will be of greater use than divining conclusions about a racist nation when juries reach verdicts.

The Delusional Commitment to the Doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance” is leading the U.S. and the World to Disaster
Ajamu Baraka, BAR Editor and Columnist
U.S. actions around the world seem mysterious unless the commitment to white supremacist notions of domination is clearly understood.

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Go to hell, Shell

26 November 2021 — New Frame

The explosion of rage in South Africa in response to the multinational company exploring for oil and gas in the ocean off the Wild Coast is entirely justified.

The corporate drive for profit frequently takes the form of a psychopathic monomania. But among the many horsemen of the corporate apocalypse, Royal Dutch Shell has a particular record of infamy.

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Safe Passage Breaking News: UK dis-invited to EU meeting

26 November 2021 — Safe Passage

You may have seen that Priti Patel has been dis-invited to an upcoming summit of European Ministers this weekend to discuss the tragedy in the Channel.

As the Home Secretary won’t be meeting with European Ministers to discuss policy, it’s more important than ever that the Government hears our calls for safe routes now loud and clear.

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UK Crony Capitalism: They’re undermining Parliament

26 November 2021 — Goodlaw Project

It’s not much fun being a Conservative backbench MP at the moment. No 10 is reportedly threatening them with the withdrawal of funding for their constituencies if they don’t toe the party line in Commons votes.

No 10 reportedly made these threats to force MPs to spare Tory MP Owen Paterson from suspension, after he broke parliamentary rules by lobbying for a private firm that paid him £100,000 a year. One backbencher said MPs were told “they would lose funding for their constituency” if they failed to vote with the Prime Minister.

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UK: Priti must resign

25 November 2021 — Safe Passage

Yesterday 24 November 2021, at least 27 men, women and children died attempting to reach safety in the UK. Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of all those who have lost their lives.

The tragic truth is that these deaths could, and should, have been prevented.

Priti Patel failed to prevent them. She must resign.

Join our calls for her to resign.

Tell Priti to resign

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This Victory Gives Confidence for Future Struggles: The Forty-Seventh Newsletter (2021)

25 November 2021 — Tricontinental

AIKS member at Singhu 01A farmer at the protest encampment at Delhi’s Singhu Border carries the flag of the All India Kisan Sabha, 21 November 2021. Subin Dennis / Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research

Dear friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

On 19 November 2021, a week before the first anniversary of the farmers’ revolt, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi surrendered. He accepted that the three laws on agricultural markets that had been pushed through the parliament in 2020 would be repealed. The farmers of India had won. The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), one of the organisers of the protest movement, celebrated the triumph and declared that ‘this victory gives more confidence for future struggles’.

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The Left’s Covid Failure

Nov 24, 2021 — Unherd

By Toby Green and Thomas Fazi

Antonio Berni, Manifestación, 1934

Amplifying the crisis is no way to rebuild trust

Throughout the various phases of the global pandemic, people’s preferences in terms of epidemiological strategies have tended to overlap closely with their political orientation. Ever since Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro expressed doubts as to the wisdom of a lockdown strategy in March 2020, liberals and those on the Left of the Western political spectrum, including most socialists, have fallen over themselves to adhere in public to the lockdown strategy of pandemic mitigation — and lately to the logic of vaccine passports. Now as countries across Europe experiment with tighter restrictions of the unvaccinated, Left-wing commentators — usually so vocal in the defence of minorities suffering from discrimination — are notable for their silence.

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The Return of the Flu

24 November 2021 — Swiss Policy Research

Sweden: The return of the flu (WHO FluNet)

The flu has returned to some countries with high rates of natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2. In contrast, countries with high vaccination rates but low natural immunity rates are seeing record new covid waves, although at lower hospitalization and death rates than previously.

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