Imprisoning Drone Whistleblower In Isolation Unit May Jeopardize US Appeal In Assange Extradition Case

20 October 2021 — The Dissenter


A few weeks before the United States government’s appeal hearing in WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s case, the Federal Bureau of Prisons imprisoned drone whistleblower Daniel Hale in a unit established for prisoners considered to be terrorists or “high-risk inmates.”

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Military applications at centre of Britain’s plans to be AI superpower

20 October 2021 — Drone Wars

Peter Burt

The UK government published its National AI Strategy in mid-September, billed as a “ten-year plan to make Britain a global AI superpower”.  Despite the hype, the strategy has so far attracted curiously little comment and interest from the mainstream media.  This is a cause for concern  because if the government’s proposals bear fruit, they will dramatically change UK society and the lives of UK Citizens.  They will also place military applications of AI at the centre of the UK’s AI sector.