Ukraine News Links 17-21 February 2023

Tuesday, 21 February 2023 — The New Dark Age

Enabling the Warmaking of Empire

Derangement Unbound

The Defeat Of Ukraine Does Not Mean The End Of The War

There’s Nothing Strange About Russia Giving Biden Security Guarantees During His Trip To Kiev

American capitalism’s growing dysfunction is what makes it so vulnerable to revolt

Ukraine War Is Frozen, Says Council On Foreign Relations Chief

Recognizing The War Is Lost The ‘West’ Seeks An Exit

Biden’s Visit To Kiev Is “Copium” To Distract The West From Disadvantageous Developments

Iran is developing an active foreign policy

Blinken Gets Bibi To Bend On Ukraine

Why is Washington replacing Georgia’s overseer Kelly Degnan?

As If…

Bernhard Gives… So Does Brian.

Regarding the visit of the Filipino President to Japan

Iran-China Strategic Partnership

Drop The Charges Against War Critic Heinrich Bücher!

Why Operation Z is a victory for class struggle: it’s shrunk the imperial sphere’s extractive reach

The World Wants to Be Deceived

The Mexico Charade By A Desperate Washington

“A Beautiful Outpouring of Rage”

What is India’s stance on Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine?

Will Washington’s Africa Strategy Succeed?

China, Iran and Russia lay the foundations for a multipolar world

The Ukraine proxy war has failed. This means a vast acceleration of America’s internal class struggle.

Implications Of US Destruction Of Nordstream 2 Pipeline

The Solomon Islands and the US-China Pacific Balance of Power

American capitalism’s growing dysfunction is what makes it so vulnerable to revolt

An American Lie by Any Other Name Would Smell as Dirty

An Unexpected Insight (for the Élite): The U.S. May Be the Biggest Loser in the War on Russia

Ben Norton: West tells Global South ‘you can’t be neutral’

Biden’s Surprise Visit to Kiev: “Stand with Ukraine as Long as It Takes”

Blinken Gets Bibi to Bend on Ukraine

Blinken gets Bibi to bend on Ukraine

Brian Berletic LIVE on NATO’s War in Ukraine at One Year and What’s Next

Canadian Government Partners With Israel Lobby to Delete Pro-Palestinian Accounts

China: Global Security Initiative

Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi at Munich Security Conference

Chris Hedges: Rage Against The War Machine Speech

Daily Chronicles

Daily Chronicles

Denmark Disregards Human Rights Standards in Shameless Cahoots with Israel

Denmark Disregards Human Rights Standards in Shameless Cahoots with Israel

Eyewitness to War: Escaping the Meat Grinder—My Encounters with Refugees from Soledar in Eastern Ukraine

How Much Is U.S. Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Mr Putin’s address + full video

Nord Stream Sabotage Backfires With Historic Demolition of U.S. Image and Lies Over Ukraine War

NYT: US Intelligence Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals

Selected Articles: The Antiwar Movement. Demonstrate Together.

The Buildup To War In Ukraine – Monday, February 21, 2022

The Buildup To War In Ukraine – Sunday, February 20, 2022

The defeat of Ukraine does not mean the end of the war, by Thierry Meyssan

The Start of the Endgame

The vision of a multipolar world

Two wars, or only one: War domains to Asia?

Ukraine Gets Another Angel Investor. JP Morgan “Will Assist Ukraine in Its Reconstruction”

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-41

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-42

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-43

US Gives Ukraine False Hope That It Can Recapture Crimea

US Hegemony and its perils: China comments

US to Send Abrams Tanks to Ukraine: Will it make any Difference?

Victoria Nuland Confirms: US Supports Ukrainian Attacks on Crimea

Vladimir Putin Blames West for Starting War in Ukraine

Who Really Started the Ukraine Wars?

Report On The Rage Against The War Machine Rally

Who Is Bribing Whom? Will Republicans Hide The Real Dirt On Hunter Biden?

John Mearsheimer’s Misrepresentations In Order To Be Allowed Space On U.S. Propaganda-Media (i.e., U.S. ‘News’-Media)

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