Venezuela News Links 5 August 2019

5 August 2019 — The New Dark Age

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Omission of Atrocities Committed by the Venezuelan “Opposition” Discredits UN Human Rights Report

Nobody Will Stop the US if It Blockades Venezuela

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NPR Shreds Ethics Handbook to Normalize Regime Change in Venezuela

5 August 2019 — FAIR


The Reagan administration in 1982 coerced National Public Radio (NPR) to cover more favorably the US terrorist war then being waged against Nicaragua.

As Greg Grandin writes, Otto Reich, head of the administration’s Orwellian propaganda outfit known as the Office of Public Diplomacy, informed the public network that his office had contracted “a special consultant service [to listen] to all NPR programs” on Central America. Dependent on state funding, NPR promptly buckled under pressure, reassigning reporters viewed as “too easy on the Sandinistas,” and hiring conservative pundit Linda Chavez to provide “balance.”

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Venezuela: Another Coup Attempt – and Why it Failed By Keith Brooks

4 August 2019 — Off Guardian

How come we’re not at war with Venezuela? They have all that oil”.
Donald Trump

I was in Caracas Venezuela on April 30th, the day of the failed coup. There were eight of us, five from NYC, one Vermonter and one Canadian, along with the leader of our group, a Venezuelan with whom I had traveled to Venezuela once before, in 2012 when Hugo Chavez was still alive.

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Movements denounce massacre of activists in Barinas, Venezuela

2 August 2019 — Peoples Dispatch

On July 27 in Barinas, Venezuela, six activists belonging to the movement the Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora (CRBZ) were shot and killed by unidentified gunmen. This incident is part of the rising violence perpetrated by the right-wing large landowning class in the region. The massacre has been widely denounced by movements across Latin America, with the Venezuelan government expressing solidarity and willingness to investigate the violence.

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‘You don’t have any rights’: CBP agents interrogate US citizen and seize his phone after Venezuela solidarity trip

3 August 2019 — Grayzone

The detention of a US citizen returning from Venezuela was an apparent extension of the US government’s efforts to punish citizens who have protested its policy of regime change and economic warfare.

By Max Blumenthal

A US citizen has told The Grayzone that the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) service detained them on their way home from Venezuela. Sergio Lazo Torrez, a 31 year-old Nicaraguan-American, said the CBP forced him to open his cellphone, grilled him about his political beliefs, and demanded information about his contact with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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Defending Venezuela Is Defending Our America By Nino Pagliccia

3 August 2019 — Global Research

Sao Paulo Forum

The Sao Paulo Forum (SPF) that took place in Caracas just ended on July 28 fittingly within the framework of remembering the 65th anniversary of the birth of Hugo Chavez with a display of affection and respect for the late Comandante with fireworks and all. By all accounts the SPF has been a politically successful event that followed a significant meeting of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (NAM) that concluded with a strong political declaration and support of 120 governments with the democratically elected Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuela News Links 2 August 2019

3 August 2019 — The New Dark Age

IMT World School 2019 celebrates 100 years of the Communist International

XXV Sao Paulo Forum Demonstrates that Venezuela Is Not Alone!

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Venezuela News Links 29 July – 1 August 2019

1 August 2019 — The New Dark Age

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Will Griffin: US Veterans Poll: Wars Not Worth Fighting + Sara Flounders: Sanctions Kill: Economic Warfare and the Migration Crisis

Faux Humanitarian Irwin Cotler, the White Helmets, and the Whitewashing of an Appalling Agenda

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Venezuela News Links 26 July 2019

26 July 2019 — The New Dark Age

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Venezuelan Government Accused of Using Bitcoin to Bypass US Sanctions

Once Again Chomsky and Achcar Provide a Service to the US Global Dictatorship

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Once Again Chomsky and Achcar Provide a Service to the US Global Dictatorship

26 July, 2019 — What’s Left

By Stephen Gowans

Noam Chomsky recently co-authored an op-ed in The New York Times, portraying the embattled Venezuelan government as an arbitrary undemocratic state, and calling upon it “to liberate all political prisoners, both military and civilian.” The occasion for the op-ed was the release from parole of Venezuelan judge María Lourdes Afiuni. Chomsky had weighed in on her case in 2011, in an interview with the British newspaper, The Observer.  The newspaper ran the interview under the headline “Noam Chomsky criticises old friend Hugo Chavez for ‘assault’ on democracy”. The linguist denied he had done this, calling the headline “a complete deception,” (fake news in the contemporary vernacular). It turned out the only deception was Chomsky’s denial.

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