US Aggression Against Venezuela and How do You “Eat” That

5 April 2019 — Orinoco Tribune
As a result of different requests from friends of Venezuela in the US and also as a simplification exercise Orinoco Tribune’s staff decided to make an easy to follow timeline about the more than documented United State Aggression/Sanctions against the Bolivarian Revolution, starting with Hugo Chavez and continued/magnified with Nicolas Maduro.

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Defiant Resistance: The Venezuelan Crises and the Possibility of Another World By Jeremiah Gaster

13 April 2019 — Socialist Project

Bob Dylan once said, “Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.” February 23rd, 2019, was the day that Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, had “authorized” “humanitarian aid” to enter Venezuela, an attempt to force the Maduro government, and thus the Venezuelan people, to their knees. There is great urgency as an ever-increasing escalation of violence is being perpetuated by those who would destroy Venezuela, including several attacks on Venezuela’s electrical grid over the last few weeks. But let me be clear: the Venezuelan poor are resilient, and any change will be on their terms. Most importantly, Venezuelan politics is collective, and there is a deep form of solidarity across communities along with an abiding interest in building a different form of politics. In short, if one does not unearth this collective politics, one cannot understand what is happening in Venezuela.

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Did the NY Times Violate Its Own Code of Ethics to Feature Child of Venezuelan Coup Plotter? By Anya Parampil

9 April 2019 — Mint Press

Grayzone — When the New York Times approached me seeking permission to use video I recorded of the Washington DC “Hands Off Venezuela” protest on March 16, I hoped that somebody at the paper was seeking to atone for the Gray Lady’s demonstrably one-sided coverage of the US coup attempt against the internationally recognized Maduro government. Maybe, just maybe, the editors had had a rare bout of self-reflection and decided to produce something that gave voice to the many Americans who rejected the Trump administration’s brazen regime change operation against Venezuela.

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Venezuela: Reasons Why the U.S. Does Not Consider the “Military Option”

7 April 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Venezuela expects to have more than two million militiamen by the end of the year (Photo: Diario Popular)

Misión Verdad

The military threat against Venezuela escalated in 2019 with Juan Guaidó’s self-proclamation. His leadership, manufactured in the corridors of the White House, is tarnished by frequent indications from various emissaries of the U.S. government, including President Donald Trump, that “all options are on the table”.

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The Origins of Venezuela’s Economic Crisis

2 April 2019 — TRNN

Venezuela has become a popular argument against socialism amongst conservatives because of the deep economic crisis it is currently traversing. Defenders of the Bolivarian project, though, say that US sanctions and economic war are to blame for the crisis. Greg Wilpert presents an analysis that tries to take all the factors into account (inc. transcript)
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The south, the blackout and beyond: As chavismo mobilizes in Venezuela, the U.S. increases pressure

2 April 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Without electricity again. Sitting on the terrace, we saw some lights coming on in buildings, candles, lanterns, a few cooking pots for a few minutes, then silence, the great silence of Caracas, its valley, its hills and neighborhoods. It was 19.10, the third blackout of the week, although it is diffuse, the light sometimes goes out, comes back, leaves again. It doesn’t matter about the numbers, but what so many people feel: tiredness, weariness, the fettered effect of lack of metro, water, communications, uncertainty.

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Is Washington Preparing the Groundwork for a Maidan Scenario in Venezuela? By Robert Bridge

1 April 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Venezuela is home to the largest oil deposits in the world, which makes the political stakes involved much higher than they would be otherwise. Enter Juan Guaidó, Washington’s puppet leader in Caracas, who will be attempting to rally the country against legitimate (i.e., democratically elected by the people) President Nicolas Maduro next month.

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US is manufacturing a crisis in Venezuela so that there is chaos and ‘needed’ intervention

29 March 2019 — RT

US is manufacturing a crisis in Venezuela so that there is chaos and 'needed' intervention

A massive pro-government rally on March 16, Caracas. © Eva Bartlett

Venezuela is America’s current target for mass destabilization in the hope of installing a puppet government.

America has for years been waging an economic war against Venezuela, including debilitating sanctions which have dramatically affected the state’s ability to purchase medicines, and even mundane replacement parts needed in buses, ambulances, etc. Alongside the economic war there has been a steady propaganda war, but in recent months, the propaganda has escalated dramatically, from corporate media to US political figures.

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US-Russian Escalation on Venezuela: A Background Perspective By William Serafino

28 March 2019 — Internationalist 360°

The distant and sometimes evasive treatment of the international media with respect to the figure of Juan Guaidó, has made evident his erosion. Two months after having proclaimed himself “president of the Republic”, the deputy for the state of Vargas, invested by the United States and the Western media industry as a consensus figure with the capacity to rearticulate anti-Chávezism in a common agenda, has failed to crystallize the forced exit of the constitutional government of Venezuela.

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