The Unfinished Revolution, Impunity and Femicide in Venezuela By Aimee Zambrano

4 July 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Revolution is a Woman! – Hugo Chavez

Of deaths, mistreatment and other miseries

The month of July is beginning, a time awaited by children due to the arrival of holidays, a time to play and enjoy themselves with their families. This should have been the destiny of the 8 year old girl Carmen Sofía Speca, a little rush that was just beginning to live. Tragically, Carmen is one of the victims of this month’s 13 cases of femicide reported in the digital media.  There were also two thwarted murder attempts, one of them to a baby just 10 months old. In at least 4 cases, the killers had a history of gender violence or rape. Why are these men, such as a man with 3 accusations of rape, walking the street free?

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