Offering: Legendary John Coltrane Concert Recording

1 Octber 2014 — Mosaic Records

Here’s a documentary on the new release “Offering – John Coltrane Live At Temple University” from November 11, 1966. The original Temple University radio tapes of the concert were found and used. I remember this concert well because I did not attend. I’d just moved to Philly to go to college and I cannot for the life of me remember why I couldn’t go that night. I hadn’t seen Coltrane for 10 months at the point and would have been intensely curious about what he was up to. The next day, I bumped into my friend Steve Knoblauch, who lived in the next dormitory, and asked him how it was. He said, “Great and I sat in!!” It took him a year to convince me that he wasn’t full of it. Now he has the proof.

-Michael Cuscuna

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