Media Lens: Rebranding The Conquistadors As Social Justice Warriors – The Guardian, Corporate Sponsorship And ‘Branded Content’

7 February 2016 — Media Lens

Rebranding The Conquistadors As Social Justice Warriors – The Guardian, Corporate Sponsorship And ‘Branded Content’

Even a progressive journalist like Glenn Greenwald can’t shake off a rose-tinted view of the paper he once wrote for:

‘Like everything, it’s very imperfect, but survival of the @Guardian as a large, vibrant media outlet is important’

But in what sense is the Guardian’s survival actually ‘important?’ Our response:

‘Important for the hawking of Perpetual War as “humanitarian intervention” and corporate tyranny as “democracy”.’

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Media Lens: ‘Corrosive, Shallow, Herd-Like And Gross’ – Peter Oborne And The Corporate Media

25 February 2015 — Media Lens

Last week, Peter Oborne resigned as chief political commentator at the Telegraph, writing:

‘The Telegraph’s recent coverage of HSBC amounts to a form of fraud on its readers.’

And yet Oborne is no radical. He describes how, five years ago, he was invited to join the newspaper:

‘It was a job I was very proud to accept. The Telegraph has long been the most important conservative-leaning newspaper in Britain, admired as much for its integrity as for its superb news coverage.’

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The 'Isn't Capitalism Wonderful’ Page: Video-Most Facebook “Likes” Are Fake or, 'I got plenty of nothing,'

12 February 2014 — WashingtonsBlog

[Click farms? It’s all smoke and mirrors. Facebook, like the handful of giant Internet-based corporations, had an initial ‘value’ based on nothing more than it’s potential to monopolise ‘social space’ on the Internet (as opposed to, for example, Murdoch’s MySpace). In turn investors, bought shares based on nothing more than potential future revenue that would be generated largely from advertising. In turn, Facebook used this real cash to buy companies that produced real products that addressed Facebook’s corporate desires. Google, and of course Microsoft and a handful of others, have all operated in this way.

This video shows not only how Facebook creates value out of thin air, but how super-cheap labour in the Third World makes it all possible in the first place. WB]

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Media Lens: Heading For A Different Planet By David Cromwell

26 March 2013 — Media Lens

Global Warming, Propaganda-Journalism And The Definition Of Insanity

The systematic propaganda of the corporate media – its deep-rooted antipathy towards upholding proper journalistic standards in the public interest – extends to its coverage of human-induced climate change. The Independent recently delivered a masterpiece of headline obfuscation with: ‘World cools on global warming as green fatigue sets in.’

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Media Lens: Jousting With Toothpicks – The Case For Challenging Corporate Journalism By David Edwards

7 February 2013 — Media Lens

Jousting With Toothpicks – The Case For Challenging Corporate Journalism 

A critic responding to a recent alert, objected to our use of the term ‘corporate journalist’:

‘The problem is it has no clear meaning. Chomsky regularly writes for “corporate media”, as does Pilger, Klein, and Michael Moore. Pilger has had his documentaries aired by “corporate media”. Klein promotes her books through the “corporate media”. I could go on…’

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Media Lens: Game Over For The Climate?

19 June, 2012 — Media Lens

Whatever happened to the green movement? It’s been 50 years since the publication of Rachel Carson’s classic Silent Spring, a powerful book about the environmental devastation wreaked by chemical pesticides. Since then we’ve had the rise and fall – or at least the compromised assimilation – of green groups such as Friends of the EarthGreenpeace and Forum For the Future.

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Media Lens: Postcard From The Precipice – An Appeal For Support

29 March, 2012 Media Lens

Erich Fromm understood that ‘selective inattention’ was at the heart of the problem. He devoted his life to exposing man’s capacity for ‘not observing what he does not want to observe; hence, that he may be sincere in denying a knowledge which he would have, if he wanted only to have it’. (Fromm, Beyond The Chains Of Illusion, Abacus, 1989, p.94)

Media Lens Cogitation: Free to be Human – An Interview with David Edwards

18 November 2011 — Media Lens


The aim of Richard Capes’ More Thought blog is ‘to provide detailed audio/video/written interviews with authors of non-fiction social, political, philosophical and environmental books that I consider essential reading’. Here is Richard’s November 10 interview with Media Lens co-editor David Edwards about his book Free to be Human. The interview is quite long, we urge readers to ensure a steady supply of tea/coffee and biscuits.

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Statewatch News Online, No 1 of 2: 13 July 2011 (18/11)

  1. EU: Statewatch Analysis: The Frontex Regulation – Consolidated text after 2011 amendments
  2. EU “SMART BORDERS”?: Frontex Call for Tender: “Rapid Deployment Unattended Ground Sensor systems for Land border surveillance”
  3. EU: Council of the European Union: ECRIS and Prum
  4. EU: Member States to be bound by new security rules, Parliament adopts same restrictions
  5. UPDATED: EU: Council of the European Union: Informal Justice and Home Affairs Council
  6. EU: Appeal: A flotilla to stop deaths in the Mediterranean
  7. EU: European Data Protection Supervisor: EDPS safeguards for online behavioural advertising
  8. EU: European Arrest Warrant (EAWs): Updated figures
  9. EU: Council of the European Union: Classified information, COSI (Internal Security), IMS, JAI-EX, Pirates, Customs, JHA Presdiencies
  10. European Parliament Study: EU Bodies Competent in the Area of Police and Judicial Cooperation
  11. EU: European Commission: Progress Report on the development of the Second Generation SIS II
  12. EU: Statewatch Briefing: ECRE Call for a harmonised and upgraded Common European Asylum System
  13. UK-ECHR: United Kingdom required to investigate deaths of six civilians killed in Iraq in 2003

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