West Continues Speculation on Iran Nuclear Work By Afsaneh Ahadi

1 October 2012 Iran Review

One of the most common political tools, which has been always used by Western politicians is to aggrandize a security crisis anywhere in the world and repeat it in different ways. During recent years, efforts made by Iran to master nuclear technology have been used as an excuse by the Western officials in order to cast doubt on peaceful goals of Iran‘s nuclear energy program and warn the world that Iran will “soon” build a nuclear bomb. Continue reading

VTJP News & Articles 21 August 2012: Israel and Iran’s Nuclear Program

21 August 2012  — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israel Wants Egypt To Withdraw Its Tanks From Sinai
IMEMC – Israeli Paper, Maariv, reported Tuesday that the Israeli government demanded Egypt to withdraw its tanks from the Sinai Peninsula after Cairo deployed them to counter extremist groups operating in the area. …

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