Netanyahoo's "Iran Files" are Well Known, Old and Purloined from Vienna

1 May 2-18 — Moon of Alabama

The dog and pony show the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahoo provided yesterday (video, slideshow) was not based on material Israeli secret services acquired in Iran, but most likely from data Iran provided to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) during the implementation period of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, pdf).

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Fmr IAEA Inspector: Netanyahu's Cartoons About Iran's Nuclear Program are 'Baseless and Childish'

1 May 2018 — TRNN

In a ‘show and tell’ type talk, Netanyahu claimed that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons program and tried to provide evidence that Iran is violating the JCOPA. Former US IAEA Nuclear Weapons Inspector Robert Kelley tells TRNN Netanyahu’ss claims are baseless, self-serving, and childish Continue reading

International Law and the Iran Impasse by Asli Bâli

16 December, 2012 — Middle East Report Online

For more on Iranian thinking about the nuclear issue, see Asl? Bâli’s interview with former negotiating team spokesman Hossein Mousavian, “‘Iran Will Require Assurances,’” Middle East Report Online, May 16, 2012.

On any given day, provided her paper of choice still features international coverage, the average American newspaper reader can expect to be treated to one or two articles on attempts to halt advances in Iran’s nuclear program. These articles might cover efforts to levy fresh sanctions against the Islamic Republic; they might relay news of discussions among Iran’s primary interlocutors on the nuclear question, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (the so-called P5+1), about diplomatic overtures. Continue reading

Iran: Fake AP Graph Exposes Israeli Fraud And IAEA Credulity By Gareth Porter

2 December, 2012Global Research – lobelog 30 November 2012

That Associated Press story displaying a graph alleged to be part of an Iranian computer simulation of a nuclear explosion — likely leaked by Israel with the intention of reinforcing the media narrative of covert Iranian work on nuclear weapons – raises serious questions about the International Atomic Energy Association’s (IAEA) claim that it has credible evidence of such modeling work by Iran.

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