Books: Tree Thieves: Crime and Survival in North America’s Woods

Friday, 5 August, 2022 — — Origin: Climate & Capitalism

To stop illegal logging we must understand the poachers

Lyndsie Bourgon
Crime and Survival in North America’s Woods

Little, Brown, 2022

Reviewed by Martin Empson

Forests are one of the world’s most important biological reserves. They suck about a third of humanity’s carbon emissions out of the atmosphere each year. According to the United Nations, forests also “contain 60,000 different tree species, 80 percent of amphibian species, 75 percent of bird species, and 68 percent of the world’s mammal species.” Despite this importance, tree cover is being lost at an alarming rate, and as Lyndsie Bourgon’s new book details, significant damage to our forests comes from the illegal trade in wood, driven by the poaching of trees.

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