No slow boats to China anymore By Edward Teague

6 March 2005 — The New Dark Age

The China Shipping Group was founded on July 1,1997, in Shanghai. It is one of the 44 key state-owned enterprises under the direct administration of the government, but also has two publicly listed companies, China Shipping Development and China Shipping (Hainan) Haisheng, whose H shares and A shares are traded on the stock markets of Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively. These shares have risen 27 percent in Hong Kong in the past year, compared with tiny 2.4% increase in the Hang Seng index.

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Privatising Propaganda By William Bowles

6 March 2005

Is the pen mightier than the sword? Yes, when it’s engineering ‘regime change’ – by PR company

So do we now have yet another US-engineered ‘velvet revolution’ underway in Lebanon aka Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia and other points east?

The use of PR companies and ‘NGOs’ by the US government to ‘sell’ its foreign policy goes back a long way but it was the invasion of Grenada under Reagan when we witnessed a ‘test run’ of the idea and the technique really came into its own during Gulf War 2 in 1991 when the US DoD employed PR companies to ‘sell’ US intervention. Importantly, the DoD started to use PR companies to issue releases on the ‘progress’ of the war rather than internally-generated releases that was the beginning of a much closer relationship between the state and the PR business.

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