Statewatch News Online, 13 March 2005 (10/05)

13 March 2005 — Statewatch

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1. UK: Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005
2. EU: After Madrid: the EU’s response to terrorism
3. Iraq: Global public health experts: failure to count Iraqi casualties irresponsible
4. EU: Data Protection Supervisor says exchange of criminal records proposal is not proportionate
5. UK: Intelligence and Security Committee report on detainees
6. Civil society Declaration from 3rd Information Commissioners Conference in Cancun
7. International Helsinki Federation: Report on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Muslims in the EU

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Hazel Blears Tongue Lashed by Michael Howard By Edward Teague

13 March 2005 — The New Dark Age

Charles Clarke’s über babe Hazel Blears, her dazzling smile benefiting from ample supplies from her Avon Lady, sits, with her bright, lustrously shining acrylic, tinted, bobbed and curled hair, attentive, like a Robin waiting for a worm. Her pallid, immobile face, with arched and painted brows, emphasised and incarnadined with a slash of carmine red on her slightly parted and eager lips, with an uptilted unblinking joyless stare, she resembles a cheap blow-up sex doll.

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