Media Lens: Is the Earth Really Finished? Countering Despair with the Momentum of Hope

1 March 2005 — Media Lens

“What goes against the grain of conditioning is experienced as not credible, or as a hostile act.” (John McMurtry, philosopher)

Bizarre Conversations

Climate crisis is not a future risk. It is today’s reality. As Myles Allen, a climate scientist at Oxford University, warned recently: “The danger zone is not something we are going to reach in the middle of this century. We are in it now.” (Roger Highfield, ‘Screen saver weather trial predicts 10 deg rise in British temperatures’, Daily Telegraph, 31 January, 2005)

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From Word Play to Gun Play:The legitimacy of the state’s right to rule By William Bowles

1 March 2005

Peter Hennessy, professor of contemporary history at Queen Mary College, London, described the way ministers behaved in the days leading up to the war as “truly breathtaking”. It casts a shadow over “the entire system of government,” he said. – The Guardian, February 24, 2005

Many on the ‘left’ may dismiss the arguments surrounding the ‘legal’ basis that underpins the obviously (to me and most of the planet) illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq as no more than a lot of hot air and obfuscation, preferring to take the ‘political’ road to judgement. But it is the ability of the state to create the fiction of its legitimacy to rule that in the final resort, is all that it has. Take away that legitimacy and ‘all that’s solid melts into air’. So what, exactly, is the legitimacy based upon? Largely, it’s the rule of law, especially when it comes to invading a sovereign state. But just what is the ‘rule’ of law?

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New Labour puts the National into Socialism by Edward Teague

1 March 2005 — The New Dark Age

“Bush/Blair…we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values…” – Project for the New American Century June 3rd 1997

“I explained to the Prime Minister that the policy of my government is the removal of Saddam and that all options are on the table.” – Press Conference: Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George Bush 6 April 2002

“I advocate an enlightened self interest that puts fighting for our values right at the heart of the policies necessary to protect our nations. Engagement in the world on the basis of these values, not isolationism from it is the hard-headed pragmatism for the 21st Century.” – Prime Minister’s speech at the George Bush Senior Presidential Library 7th April 2002

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