Medicare-for-All Is a Beginning, Not the End Point

1 September 2020 — Green Social Thought

What Can We Learn from Cuba?

by Don Fitz

As a coup de grâce to the Bernie Sanders campaign Joe Biden declared that he would veto Medicare-for-All. This could drive a dedicated health care advocate to relentlessly pursue Med-4-All asa final goal. However, it is not the final goal. It should be the first step in a complete transformation of medicine which includes combining community medicine with natural medicine and health-care-for-the-world.

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CIA Manipulation: The Painful Truths Told by Phil Agee By William Blum

27 June, 2013 — Anti-Empire Report

Truly objective journalism would value facts and accuracy above all else, but the mainstream U.S. press – while pretending to be “objective” – treasures faux patriotism much more, as is evident with recent whistleblowers as it was with the hostility toward the late Phil Agee who exposed CIA crimes.

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Black Agenda Report 2 March, 2011: End of Obama-ism, US Lunge for Libyan Oil, Anti-Black Psy-Ops

2 March 2011 — Black Agenda Report – News, analysis and commentary from the Black left

Wisconsin: The End of Obama-ism

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
The struggle in Wisconsin, and those to come, must shape a politics that is independent of the uniparty, the Democratic section of which is headed by Barack Obama. Significantly, “students and other protesters don’t want Obama to intervene in the fight with Gov. Walker because of the president’s cuts in Pell Grants and a whole range of social supports.” It becomes clearer by the day that “Obama-ism, rather than providing the new Democratic dispensation that delusional progressives and masses of Blacks imagined, is a straight-line path to defeat.”

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Black Agenda Report 22 September, 2010: The Beloved Black Spy / Color of Change vs. Black Caucus

22 September, 2010 — BAR

Freedom Rider: Ernest Withers the Informant

by BAR editor and senior Margaret Kimberley
The trusted “movement” photographer was a spy for J. Edgar Hoover. Ernest Withers apparently cashed in on his close relationship with unsuspecting Black Sixties activists, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Withers is dead, but not forgiven. “The revelation of Withers’ activity should be a reminder of the extent to which the state dedicated itself to destroying any organized effort at black empowerment.”

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New on 27 May, 2010: Latin America & China / Puerto Rico / Bolivia elections

North American Congress on Latin America

What’s Left for Latin America to Do With China?
by Kevin Gallagher
The high-gloss, made-for-flat-screen multi-billion dollar signing ceremonies between Chinese and Latin American officials have been staged to portray the triumphant return of the New International Economic Order. Yes, it’s true, the Global South is banding together again to trade once more. But wait a minute. Why are recent reports by the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also hailing this increase in China-Latin American trade relations?

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2010 edition of NACLA Report on the Americas.

Student Strike in Puerto Rico Continues With Increasing International Support
by Paola Reyes
Monday, May 24 marked the sixth week of a student strike at the University of Puerto Rico after protests began on April 21. Students are protesting $100 million budget cuts, increases in tuition, and changes to the university program. The student strike was intended to be only a 48 hour stoppage, but university officials were unwilling to negotiate with students. Now, after six weeks, the strike continues amidst reports of police brutality. International support is increasing for the students, including from New Yorkers who held a rally on May 18.

Bolivia: Elections Deepen Local Democracy
by Emily Achtenberg
While the results of Bolivia’s April 4 regional and local elections are now officially certified, their significance-who really won and lost-continues to be debated. President Evo Morales’s political party MAS has extended the geographic reach of its support, making important gains in the resource-rich lowland regions, a bastion of the right-wing opposition. But the vote also shows that MAS is far from a hegemonic political machine. Moreover, the major political challenge confronting them today is coming not from the largely discredited right, but from emergent new forces on the left, including strong, local grass-roots initiatives.

New on 29 April, 2010: Arizonans React to New Immigration Law

Arizonans React to New Immigration Law by Rachel Winch
On April 23 Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed into law what is being billed as the “broadest and strictest immigration measure in generations.” The law requires Arizona police to ask people for documentation based on a “reasonable suspicion” that they are in the country “unlawfully,” it targets day laborers and their employers, and sets up trespassing charges for those in the state without correct immigration papers, for which they could face jail time. This harsh new law has not only ignited condemnation inside and outside of the United States, but also in Arizona where many have taken to the streets in protest.

Obama’s Militarized Status Quo in Latin America – Panel Discussion From the 2010 Left Forum with Christy Thornton, Joseph Nevins, Suzanna Reiss, Mark Weisbrot

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Strategic Culture Foundation online magazine latest publications 21-25 March, 2010

Strategic Culture Foundation

Aleksandr SALITZKY
Vladimir TATSIY
China’s Accelerating Economic Growth (II)
“ China’s huge package of economic stimuli continues to draw attention worldwide. The investments into manufacturing assets in 2009 totaled 22 trillion yuan, a 30.1% hike compared to 2008 The super-ambitious investment plan intended to keep the Chinese economy crisis-free is being implemented with the active involvement of the country’s banking system. State banks play the central role in the process”

OAS without US. An Alternative
“The Mexican city Cancun has recently played host to the 23-rd summit of… the Rio Group. The summit meeting took a sensational decision to set up yet another regional organization, – Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeos (CELAC), or a Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. A future organization will basically differ from the OAS in that it will not comprise the United States and Canada… The more obsessed the Empire is in fighting enemies all over the world, the more frequently that obsession backfires. Prospects for setting up CELAC, – an alternative Organization of American States without the USA, may result in the isolation of the United States proper on the American continent…”

The Afghan dilemma
“The formation of a coalition government with Taliban is unlikely: they will likely to insist on changing political regime and on the establishment of the Islamic emirate. Anyway the authorities will have to negotiate with Taliban leaders who are defining the fate of the movement and the military situation in the country… It is the Afghan government which should negotiate with Taliban while other parties concerned including the US should only create conditions for that. London is especially active. It was the UKs authorities organized talks between Kabul and Taliban in October 2008 in Saudi Arabia… The settlement of the Afghan issue depends on many states including Afghanistan neighbors and here we see different interests. Moscow supports the North of Afghanistan, Tashkent supports Afghan Uzbeks headed by General Dustom, Iran supports Shiites (Khazar tribes) and Pakistan is close to Pushtu people. Teheran is concerned with the US pressure and Islamabad does not mind having a friendly regime in Kabul and being able to restrain India. Beijing is not showing its interests regarding the situation in Afghanistan…”

Aleksandr SHUSTOV
Manageable chaos for Central Asia
“It is becoming more clear why in addition to its military base at Manas international airport near Bishkek, the US is going to have a military training center in Batken region of Kyrgyzstan… a new US military base in the heart of Asia is first of all needed in case of military confrontation between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, and not to meet the current tasks of the Afghan campaign…”

Iran’s nuclear policy and non-nuclear Middle East
“In 1995 the participants of the Conference dedicated to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) approved a resolution to create in the Middle East a special zone free from the weapons of mass destruction. The resolution was accepted by all countries of the region, including Israel. However, today, the fact that Israel has nukes puts a major obstacle on the way to nuclear disarmament of the Middle East (Israel became a nuclear state with the help of France, Great Britain and the US). Despite the fact that the UN General Assembly approves resolutions on non-nuclear state of the Middle East, no progress on the issue can be seen so far…”

EU Failure in Brdo
“The heavily advertised EU-Balkan summit in Brdo, Slovenia, was plagued by scandals… The Brdo summit was the opening of the political year for the Balkans during which the West hopes to suppress the Bosnian and Kosovo Serbs’ residual resistance to the onslaught of the new world order…”

A US spy forces India to rethink
“The Indian public is shell-shocked by the United States move to strike a deal plea bargain in juridical parlance between its Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] and David Coleman Headley, who played a key role in the planning of the terrorist strike in Mumbai in November 2008 in which 166 people were killed… The Headley saga underscores the geopolitical reality that the US-British-Pakistani axis to engage the Taliban in Afghanistan holds lethal potency for Indias strategic interests…”

Video: Ska-P, “The Liberator”

25 October, 2009 — MRZine – Monthly Review

more about “Ska-P, “The Liberator”“, posted with vodpod
Amidst misery, hunger, and desolation
Somebody planted a flower in the mud
A certain Bolívar, they call him the Liberator
The Liberator

Shouts for justice, land, and freedom
Again resonate in South America
A new revolution has begun
And this time it’s advancing with conviction

Agrarian reform and just redistribution
Health, culture, and good education
Respect and dignity for the indigenous
For the indigenous

Socialize it!
NO to privatization!
Better working conditions for workers
What the land offers belongs to the people
Against the oligarchy and exploiters

A media war manipulates the truth
Bare your teeth in the face of Uncle Sam
No retreat!

Adelante, Comandante!
Take charge, honestly
It’s a new dawn for Latin America

A firm step forward
Be confident
A people who knows how to organize is
A wise and free people

O, o, o
Far from perfection
You make way by walking
When you have an illusion

O, o, o
Far from perfection
You make way by walking
When you have an illusion

A media war manipulates the truth
Bare your teeth in the face of Uncle Sam
No retreat

Adelante, Comandante!
Take charge, honestly
It’s a new dawn for Latin America

A firm step forward
Be confident
A people who knows how to organize is
A wise and free people

O, o, o
Rebellion in the air
Rebellion in the air in Latin America

O, o, o
Time of transition
Time of transition in all America

Adelante, Comandante!
To the vanguard, Comandante,
Of Latin America!

A firm step forward
Be confident, Comandante,
O, o, o, in Latin America!

Ska-P is a ska punk band from the working-class Vallecas neighborhood in Madrid, Spain.  “El libertador” is a song from the band’s seventh album: Lágrimas y Gozos The text above is the English translation of the lyrics of “El libertador” by Yoshie Furuhashi.

ALBA: Dawn of Solidarity in Latin America Part 2

30 September, 2009, Toronto — Left Streamed

Panel on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America

• Alissa Trotz, Juan Valencia.

– Facilitator: Melanie Newton. Co-sponsored: Venezuela We Are With You, Center for Social Justice, Latin American Solidarity Network, Toronto Haiti Action, Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle/Hands Off Venezuela.

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ALBA: Dawn of Solidarity in Latin America Part 1

30 September, 2009 — Left Streamed

Panel on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America

Toronto,  – Facilitator: Melanie Newton. Co-sponsored: Venezuela We Are With You, Center for Social Justice, Latin American Solidarity Network, Toronto Haiti Action, Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle/Hands Off Venezuela.

• Manuel Morano, Jose Martinez, Paul Kellogg.

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Honduras: National Front of Resistance against the Coup d'État, "Communiqué No. 28"

13 October, 2009 — MRZine – Monthly Review

The National Front of Resistance against the Coup d’État, in view of the latest developments at the table of dialogue established at the behest of the Organization of American States (OAS) announces that:

  • We withdrew our compañero Juan Barahona from the so-called Guaymuras dialogue. Comrade Barahona served as representative of the National Front of Resistance against the Coup d’État in President Zelaya’s delegation in that dialogue.

The coup regime’s delegation, in a typical act of intransigence to obstruct the progress of negotiation, was attempting to paralyze the dialogue by refusing to allow our representative to sign the San José Accord while attaching a reservation to Point No. 3 of the accord concerning the renunciation of the establishment of a National Constitutional Assembly, since in that reservation we wished to state that our front does not and will not renounce our struggle for this demand which is the demand of the Honduran people. Aware that this was a ploy to use any pretext to derail the dialogue, given that signing with reservations was suggested by the coup leaders themselves at a previous meeting, we decided not to be manipulated by it, so we took this decision, leaving President Zelaya free to substitute for him another representative that he may trust. Thus Attorney Rodil Rivera Rodil was delegated to be a member of President Zelaya’s commission in substitution for our representative.

  • This means that the National Front of Resistance against the Coup d’État exits the Guaymuras dialogue and that we will continue to fight in the street for the demands that we have raised since 28 June: the return to the constitutional order; the restoration of President Zelaya to his office; and the convening of a Constitutional Assembly.
  • We make clear that we will respect the decision of our president if he decides to sign the San José Accord, even with all its conditions, and we declare that we are in full agreement with him regarding the demand that the coup leaders sign the accord which has them abandon power and the Presidency of the Republic be returned to him.
  • We warn the coup leaders that, if an accord returning the presidency to its legitimate holder is not signed before 15 October, the Resistance will initiate actions nationwide to disavow the electoral farce that they hope to stage on 29 November.
  • We call upon the popular sectors to redouble efforts to defeat the corporate-military dictatorship, demanding the end to repression, the repeal of the decrees that abridge the constitutional guarantees, freedom for political prisoners, and the re-opening of Radio Globo, Canal 36, and other independent media, and the end to censorship against them and other journalists.

108 Days of Struggle, and No One Is Surrendering Here
Tegucigalpa, Central District Municipality, 13 October 2009 The original communiqué in Spanish was published by HablaHonduras among other sites on 13 October 2009. Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi.

Trade’s Trade Offs – Council on Hemispheric Affairs


Adam Smith and David Ricardo’s theories regarding the potential positive effects of free international trade are today widely leaned upon by economists and policymakers. But even Adam Smith came to qualify his claims, noting, among other things, the need for free trade to be introduced slowly so that domestic industry and labor could adjust to increased international competition.[1] Now, with the Doha Round of World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations at an impasse and a proliferation of separate free trade agreements (FTAs) in the Americas and around the world, it is advantageous to reconsider, in light of new evidence, the ideal state-market relationship concerning trade liberalization and development in Latin America.

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Obama on Latin America – Council on Hemispheric Affairs

As Election Day draws near, presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama repeatedly have focused their attention on such key foreign policy issues as the Iraq War and the global financial crisis. U.S. policy toward Latin America, on the other hand, has been notoriously absent from figuring in recent presidential debates or stump speeches, as both candidates seek to win over last-minute voters by reiterating their campaign platforms on domestic and foreign policy topics of high public concern. An exception to this was Obama’s brief reference to the Colombian government’s seeming indifference to the killing of labor leaders in that country with impunity, mentioned in the last presidential debate.

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Media Lens: The Power of Nightmares and the Real Politics of Fear – Part 2

19 November 2004 — Media Lens

Manufacturing The Myth Of ‘America’

American elites have long sought to manufacture and promote a shared myth of ‘America’ based on “symbols by which Americans defined their dream and pictured social reality.” (Alex Carey, Taking The Risk Out Of Democracy, UNSW Press, 1995, p.75)

Adam Curtis alluded to this myth-making in his BBC series The Power of Nightmares, but he portrayed it as a process initiated and pursued by neoconservatives from the 1940s onwards, inspired by the teachings of Leo Strauss.

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