Gilad Atzmon in Valencia – And the Bush Burned

21 Nov 2008 03:29

[WRITTEN BY Manuel TALENS, Translated by Mary Rizzo]

atzmon.jpgLast night, in the auditorium of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the saxophone player Gilad Atzmon and his group The Orient House Ensemble performed in the November 2008 Jazz Festival.

Atzmon, an author that is frequently published in Rebelión and Tlaxcala, where he tirelessly defends the cause of the Palestinian people, victims of racism and Zionist occupation, did not disappoint in his role of virtuoso musician and committed artist. The concert, an hour and a half of intense musical emotions, was based on four themes taken from two important albums of the group, MusiK (2004) and Refuge (2007), in which Atzmon articulated and developed a line of reasoning and discourse that is explicitly dedicated to describing through chromatic scales the current Iraqi tragedy undertaken by the hands of the Empire. Among these four themes, which I will comment on in a moment, the band performed another half dozen pieces from their repertory, were they emerged in all their rage and glory Atzmon himself, the pianist Frank Harrison and the drummer Asaf Sirkis, accompanied by the solid mastery of the bassist Yaron Stavi.

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