Hidden histories confirmed: So much for the ‘Mother of Parliaments’

24 November 2008 — williambowles.info

“This we do by rigging the parliament through official majorities, a restricted franchise and so forth” — From the minutes of the British Colonial Office, 14 December, 1959

Back in June of 2006 I wrote a piece, based on a story in the New African magazine on how the British government fixed the Nigerian ‘independence’ elections, so that the winner would be a compliant servant of the British government and of course, British and US capital (see ‘Hidden Histories’ 24 June, 2006). Continue reading

Joe Bageant: The Sucker Bait Called Hope

24 November 2008

Making the best of a slow apocalypse

We just concluded an election in which both parties talked about hope, one more so than the other. Hope, that murky, undefined belief that some unknown force, perhaps Jesus, or modern science, or some great political leader, or other — as yet unknown force — will reverse our national or personal condition … will deliver us from what every bit of evidence indicates is irreversible, if not politically, then ecologically: Decline and eventual collapse. There is quite a difference between hope and understanding the facts, then holding justified optimism. Hope is magical thinking, a sucker’s game. Politicians the world ’round fully understand this. Consequently, we go into a new year with millions of Americans still clinging to The Audacity of Hope. And we do so because we are victims of learned helplessness, learned from the cradle as it is rocked by the foot of the Capitalist consumer state. Sure we can hope for movement away from domination of the weak by the arrogant, away from ecocide and genocide toward a better world. What the hell, hope is one of the few free activities in this society. We don’t even have to put down the remote and get off our asses to do it. In fact, its delivered through television. Continue reading

Elena PONOMAREVA: What Should We Expect From the New US President?

17 November, 2008

America’s having a new President remains the number one global news, but it is already time to put an end to the dreams of quite a few journalists, experts, and seemingly knowledgeable political scientists that Obama’s victory in the US presidential race is a prologue to an era free of confrontation and marked by cooperation between nations and peaceful coexistence.

In the US politics, the human factor is nowhere nearly as important as in the Russian one, in which a lot depends on who is at the helm. To understand what we should expect from the nearest future we should take a look at the potential members of the Administration of the 44th US President.

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Abu Kamel of the al-Kurd family has died two weeks after Israel forcibly evicted him from his home of 52 years

23 November, 2008

Abu Kamel of the Al-Kurd family, evicted by Israel from their home in Occupied East Jerusalem on the 9th November, has died after suffering from a severe heart-attack.

This comes two weeks after he was taken immediately to hospital following the night-time invasion and forcible eviction from his home of 52 years by Israeli forces.

The funeral will be held at 11am, 23rd November in Sheikh Jarrah, Occupied East Jerusalem.

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