Housman’s Radical Booksellers Newsletter for December 2008

We wish you all a peaceful time over the festive season and hope you have a great 2009! Thanks for all your continued support this year…

In order to make your gift-buying that little bit easier, we will be keeping the shop open on Sundays in December until Christmas, between 3pm and 7pm at a minimum. If you can, please do use Housmans as the place to get your cards and presents, and help to keep the chain stores at bay!




1. Could you help Housmans by volunteering?


2. (music) ‘Songs for Change’ with Chris Butler & David Ferrard Wednesday 3rd December – 7pm
3. (book signing/talk) 10 Years of Chávez with Bart Jones
Saturday 6th December – 5pm
4. (book signing/talk) ‘Some of the People All of the Time’ with Alastair Mackie
Wednesday 10th December – 7pm
5. (book signing/talk) ‘The Phoenix: Misrule in the Land of Nod’ with Onyeka
Saturday 13th December – 5pm
6. (book signing/talk) An Anarchist FAQ with Iain McKay
Wednesday 17th December – 7pm


7. Signed Books


8. No Sweat Annual Gathering 2008


9. Join our Facebook group

10. Housmans Peace Diary 2009

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Media Lens: ‘Living Our Values’: Guardian News & Media And The Climate – Part 2

MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

November 26, 2008

The Observer Smears Climate Activism

Despite the fine words of the ’Living Our Values’ audit, the Guardian and the Observer are part of a corporate system that is determined to prevent the public from interfering with the maximisation of profits.

Earlier this month, the Observer smeared climate activists by highlighting police warnings of a “growing threat of eco-terrorism”. The alleged threat is presented by a group called Earth First!, which the paper claimed “has supporters who believe that reducing the Earth’s population by four-fifths will help to protect the planet”. (Mark Townsend and Nick Denning, ‘Police warn of growing threat from eco-terrorists: Fear of deadly attack by lone maverick as officers alert major firms to danger of green extremism,’ The Observer, November 9, 2008)

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Franklin Lamb – Completing the task of evicting Israel from Lebanon

25 November, 2008


Northwest of Ghajar Village, South Lebanon

“We, as Lebanese, are here to confirm that we cling to freeing every grain of our soil. We will not abandon the great national cause, which is the continuation of the liberation of our land. The resistance looks forward to hoisting the flags of victory again over the Kfarshuba hills, Shebaa Farms, Ghajar and Abbasieh where 80 percent of the land is still occupied” — Sheik Nabil Qwork, Hezbollah leader addressing villagers at Abbasieh Village, 10/2008

A job for the UN or Hezbollah?

Under pressure from the lame duck Bush Administration to withdraw from territory that the Lebanese Resistance (moukawamah Lubnaniyah) did not liberate during its May 2000 rout of the Israel army and its surrogate SLA militia, Israel to date remains unwilling to budge.  One reason is that it claims the Bush Administration reneged on secret pledges to bomb Iran.

As the blind eyes turned by five consecutive US administrations to Israel’s 22 year brutal occupation of South Lebanon (1978-2000) make plain, Israel remaining on Lebanese territory normally would not be of much concern to Washington even as it is learning that its own hard-line policy in the region did not succeed.

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