Nil NIKANDROV: European Terrorists in an Attack in Bolivia

8 May, 2009 – Strategic Culture Foundation

Early in the morning April 16th an operation against five terrorists was effected in Santa-Cruz, Bolivia’s separatism epicentre. Wearing black masks, the armed to the teeth commandoes rushed into the lobby of the hotel “Las Americas” in the city’s downtown, taking their positions. Having received their signal they began storming several hotel rooms, where totally unpretentious European tourists had stayed just several days before. The doors were broken, acoustic grenades were exploded and submachine-guns were fired. The Bolivian special service groups were serious about what they did then. Small wonder: in the 1990s those “tourists” were militants of the so-called International Unit that fought against Serbs in the Balkans.

The attackers captured two live terrorists, while others died, unable to put up resistance. Bolivia’s president Evo Morales spoke about this alarming incident.

Meeting his colleagues first at the summit of the ALBA countries (The Bolivarian Initiative for the nations of Latin America) in Venezuela, and then at the 5th Summit of Americas in Trinidad and Tobago. “They planned to kill me, the vice-president and other government officials,” Morales said. “They also wanted to make short work of doing away with some opposition leaders in their provocative intentions.”

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