Video: EuroPalestine, “Action Boycott Israel in Montigny, Paris Region”

This action was led by the Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), especially Omar Slaouti, who heads the NPA list in Ille-de-France, as well as by Senator Alima Boumediene-Thiery (Greens), conducted in a clear, educational fashion, with the participation of many local politicians.  The NPA walks the walk, demonstrating that the call for the boycott of Israel, launched by the Palestinian civil society and Israeli dissidents, is an integral part of its campaign for respect for law and justice in the world, including the Middle East.

That is why EuroPalestine calls upon people to vote for the NPA in the next European elections and support the campaign of the candidates, like Omar Slaouti, who have the courage to put their words into practice.

The original article “ACTION BOYCOTT ISRAEL –  Montigny, région parisienne : VIDEO” was published on the Web site of EuroPalestine on 11 May 2009. Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi.

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On TV: Israeli siege kills baby aged 2

14 May 2009

This is not a Hollywood or Bollywood movie!

This is a real news report from Gaza that shows a sample of the inhuman result on our Palestinian health system caused by the the Zionist-Israeli occupation siege on Gaza, which continued even after the Israeli genocide war there.

But first, here is a description of what you expect to see (the news report is in Arabic):

Another Palestinian child died in a very dramatic scene documented on T.V. A baby aged 2 died today from a heart defect made worse by lack of medical care due to the Israeli imposed siege.

Aljazeera’s reporter, Tamer Al meshal, reveals one of the miseries resulting from the Israeli siege on Gaza . Feras As’ad Al Mazlom, an infant aged 2, was the only child of newly married couple As’ad and Amal.

Infant Feras who was born with a heart defect, he had to spend more time in a hospital bed rather than his loving parents’ arms. He never played nor enjoyed his innocent life like others.

Like many Palestinians, Feras paid for the siege with his precious life. The hospital and equipment were not able to rescue him nor could his parents move him to Egypt for treatment. However, the hospital managed to coordinate a transfer to an Israeli hospital.

With hope, the father tried obtaining permits for both his wife and son to cross the border, and he finally succeeded. The father moved like crazy to complete the travel documents necessary for Feras to be transferred for treatment.

Unfortunately, as they were on the way to pick their child and head to Erez crossing into Israel, they received an excruciating phone call saying their only was no longer alive and there’s no need to take him anywhere.

It was minutes or rather seconds between life and death for Feras. This baby, didn’t fight Israelis, never shot at them, nor fired a rocket rather, his only fault was being, “a child born in Gaza”.

Thousands of Palestinian like Feras are still on the waiting list of death. Israel is hindering access to their basic right of treatment. Those patients’ rights are highly recognized and guaranteed by the 4th Geneva convention and humanitarian law. However, Israel does not respect UN authority or declarations regarding human rights.

Reham Alhelsi — 61 Years of On-Going Nakba: the Old Still Live through Us and the Young Never Forgot

14 May, 2009 — Palestine Think Tank

pal-women.jpgOn 18/07/1948 David Ben-Gurion wrote in his diary: “We must do everything to ensure they (the Palestinian refugees) never do return…. The old will die and the young will forget.”(1)

Today, 61 years after the Nakba of 1948 and despite the on-going Zionist terror and ethnic cleansing, we are still here and we have not forgotten, nor will we ever. In 1948/49, accompanied by looting, pillage and plunder, 418 Palestinian localities, including towns, villages and tribes, were destroyed by Zionist terror groups, the predecessors of the IOF. A study by researcher Salman Abu Sitta lists 531 destroyed localities and 11 emptied urban neighbourhoods.(2)

Many villages were completely erased off the face of the earth, while others stand in ruins today. The inhabitants of these villages were faced with massacres and forced expulsion, and Palestinian houses, belongings and lands were usurped. 70 massacres left 15,000 Palestinians dead and up to 850,000 Palestinians were made refugees.(3)

The Zionists did not spare those living peacefully on their lands nor the dead lying peacefully under their lands. Graves were desecrated, dug and destroyed. Knowing they were stealing something that didn’t belong to them, and as if fearing that even the dead would wake up one day and demand justice and their homes back, they wanted to erase every trace of its real owners, including the graves.

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