Video Free Gaza Live from the Spirit of Humanity

11 July, 2009 — VIDEO by Ishmahil Blagrove

The following video is the last footage taken onboard the Spirit Of Humanity before its voyage to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza was prematurely halted by Israeli special forces. It shows the atmosphere inside the cabin as the crew try to negotiate with the Israeli ship via radio.

Huwaida was also handcuffed, as well as four men who had their cameras on when the Israeli commando/terrorists boarded our small ferry carrying 21 unarmed passengers.

New Wave of Disinformation: “Pigs at Risk” of Contracting the H1N1 Swine Flu By Michel Chossudovsky

10 July, 2009 — Global Research

‘Pigs at risk from people as new flu spreads’ citing authoritative scientific sources is the title of a recent news report. ‘With the increasing numbers of human infections, a spillover of this virus to pigs is becoming more likely.’

Pigs are the victims. Humans are the perpetrators. In a twisted logic, the news reports convey the impression that only people can infect pigs with the H1N1 swine flu and that pigs cannot be the original source of the infection.

The reports also convey the impression that hog farms are clean and that the swine flu is not endemic to the hog farms:

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The Mass Resistance in Honduras: Its Own Voice By Phil Stuart Cournoyer

5 July, 2009 — Socialist Project | The Bullet

Most of the coverage of the military coup in Honduras from bourgeois and liberal circles, and from many “Western” foreign ministers and departments, has focused on what various governments are doing to influence or force the outcome of this struggle.

Statements from Honduran President Zelaya, his foreign minister Patricia Rodas, and from leaders of other ALBA countries (especially Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa and Bolivia’s Evo Morales) have emphasized the role of the mass movement in Honduras. So have the most astute analysts of the rapidly moving events unleashed by the coup.

The great fear, from the point of view of imperialism and of the oligarchic ruling classes in Latin America is that the Zelaya current will become embedded and tied to the mass movement and its class interests, unleashing a Bolivarian-Morazanian upsurge from which they will never recover. That is the objective and subjective source of their demonizing campaign against Chavez, Morales, Castro, and Ortega, and of their fierce repression against union leaders and youth.

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WIKILEAKS: The News of The World didn’t go far enough


This week the British paper, The News of the World, was condemned by the Guardian for hiring private investigators. The investigators were alleged to have accessed messages left on the answering machines of thousands of the UK’s social and political elite. The information was used (possibly unknowingly) by the paper to develop its stories.

The News of the World didn’t go far enough.

Earlier this year, WikiLeaks released 86 telephone recordings of corrupt Peruvian politicians and businessmen. The revelations became the front page of every major paper in Peru and the journalists involved, such as Pablo O’Brian, became national heroes.

Europe has had its fair share of similar exposes. Italy’s Prodi government was toppled by such revelations and in December 2007, Silvio Berlusconi, who was then opposition leader, was himself exposed on a phone call leaked from an anti-corruption investigation. Further revelations from Berlusconi’s circle were expected later this year, but by May the Italian Prime Minister had introduced “British style” legislation to prevent the Italian press from publishing them. Berlusconi justified the new law by saying that the privacy of Italian citizens was threatened by the press.

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