Video: Alireza Ronaghi, "Al Jazeera Returns to Streets of Tehran"

1 July, 2009 – MRZine – Monthly Review

“About 4 kilometers behind me, there is a square in Tehran called Enqelab Square, which means revolution.  A couple of hundreds of meters that way is the famous monument of Azadi Square, which means freedom.  The road between Revolution and Freedom Squares has been the scene of some of the greatest rallies in Iran.  Freedom Square was the destination of the largest rally of Mir-Hossein Mousavi supporters three days after the election.  Some say that millions took part.  The protesters are gone now.  But Ali Esmaili, who was one of them, cannot forget that day.” — Alireza Ronaghi

“The sole winners of the presidential election of 2009 were the Iranian people, whoever they voted for — some 40 million of them, out of an eligible voting population of 48 million, upward of 80 per cent.  This election showed the democratic will of Iranians has matured beyond any point of return, no matter how violently the unelected officials of the Islamic Republic wish to reverse it.  It is too late.  As made evident during the presidential election of 2009, Iranians are perfectly capable of organising themselves around competing views, campaigning for their preferred candidates, peacefully going to polling stations and casting their vote.  It is high time that the Shia clerics pack their belongings and go back to their seminaries, and for regime change charlatans like Paul Wolfowitz to retire in ignominy, and for career opportunist comprador intellectuals of one think tank or another in Washington DC or Stanford University to go back to the half decent teaching position they had before.” — Hamid Dabashi

“Iran’s social contradictions have once more erupted into conflict.  It does not help for us to wave the flag of intervention, or even to throw our support between one or the other camp in this current situation.  Mass action within Iran is now a well-developed institution.  In 1953, the U. S. could conduct a coup in the country.  In 1979, mass action made it impossible.  It remains the basic instinct of the population.  The best solidarity from afar is to be analytical, not emotional about what is occurring.  Sober analysis of the situation might help us appreciate the fluidity of the politics, the difficulty of finding in this crisis an easy way forward for the left.  Things are easier in the case of the Honduras, where the Generals are not only trained by the U. S. at Fort Benning but where it seems plain that the U. S. State Department might bank on this coup to send a message against Bolivarianism across Central and South America.  Here we have a clear role, to demand an end to interference in Central America and an end to the School of the Americas.  Here our task is simpler, because we are, after all, agents in the demise of the most progressive government Honduras has seen in decades.  This is genuine solidarity, where our muscle counts for the good side of history.  Shoulders to the wheel, comrades!” — Vijay Prashad

“Well, I am not angry, but hopeful.” — Shahrazad

This report was brought online on 1 July 2009

Western Exceptionalism and the Iran Election Fraud Stunt BY NOTSILVIA NIGHT

2 July, 2009 – Palestine Think Tank

iran-image.jpgIran and the West: Hardened fronts the not unexpected result of the western “stunt”

A hardening of the fronts between Iran and the West, and between westernized liberals and Islamic conservatives inside Iran, is the not unexpected result of last weeks post-election confrontations. Western support and the extremely violent behavior of some armed post-election demonstrators have probably had a damaging effect on the efforts of Iranian women-rights- and other reform-movements. Their efforts might have been discredited so much, that a backslide of Iran into earlier hard-line positions in the matters of women´s rights might occur. Hopefully it won´t.

Anyway, for Israeli strategists to be able to paint Iran and its government in the worst possible light and to forestall all chances of a positive communication and peaceful relationship of western countries with Iran, as a prelude to a western-backed Israeli military attack on the country was their desired goal. And they might have reached it.

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The Launching of U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM). Offensive Operations in Cyberspace By Tom Burghardt

1 July, 2009 – Global ResearchAntifascist Calling

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates signed a memorandum on June 23 that announced the launch of U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM). A scheme by securocrats in the works for several years, the order specifies that the new office will be a “subordinate unified command” under U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM).

According to the memorandum, CYBERCOM “will reach initial operating capability (IOC) not later than October 2009 and full operating capability (FOC) not later than October 2010.”

Gates has recommended that this new Pentagon domain be led by Lt. General Keith Alexander, the current Director of the ultra-spooky National Security Agency (NSA).

Under the proposal, Alexander would receive a fourth star and the new agency would be based at Ft. Meade, Maryland, NSA’s headquarters.

Gates’ memorandum specifies that CYBERCOM “must be capable of synchronizing warfighting effects across the global security environment as well as providing support to civil authorities and international partners.”

Ostensibly launched to protect military networks against malicious cyberattacks, the command’s offensive nature is underlined by its role as STRATCOM’s operational cyber wing. In addition to a defensive brief to “harden” the “dot-mil” domain, the Pentagon plan calls for an offensive capacity, one that will deploy cyber weapons against imperialism’s adversaries.

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Video: Angel Palacios, "Honduras Resists"

3 July, 2009 – MRZine – Monthly Review

Honduran women and men were called upon by President Manuel Zelaya Rosales to participate in a popular referendum on 28 June 2009 in order to convene a National Constituent Assembly.

In the morning of the day of the referendum, the president was abducted and removed from the country by a coup d’état.

Diverse Hondurans headed for the Presidential Palace to demand that Zelaya be returned to the office which the people entrusted to him.

Angel Palacios is a Venezuelan documentary filmmaker.  He directed “Llaguno Bridge, Keys to a Massacre.” Read Angel Palacios’s reports from Honduras in a series titled “Honduras Resiste” at

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Video: Cynthia McKinney calls WBAIX from Israeli prison

Cynthia and 20 others were detained after being seized by Israeli Navy while in international waters. They were attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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“For Once, the Yes Men Say No” and withdraw their movie from the Jerusalem Film Festival

2 July, 2009 – The Yes Men

Dear Friends at the Jerusalem Film Festival,

We regret to say that we have taken the hard decision to withdraw our film, “The Yes Men Fix the World,” from the Jerusalem Film Festival in solidarity with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (

This decision does not come easily, as we realize that the festival opposes the policies of the State of Israel, and we have no wish to punish progressives who deplore the state-sponsored violence committed in their name.

This decision does not come easily, as we feel a strong affinity with many people in Israel, sharing with them our Jewish roots, as well as the trauma of the Holocaust, in which both our grandfathers died. Andy lived in Jerusalem for a year long ago, can still get by in Hebrew, and counts several friends there. And Mike has always wanted to connect with the roots of his culture.

But despite all our feelings, we cannot abandon our mission as activists. In the 1980s, there was a call from the people of South Africa to artists and others to boycott that regime, and it helped end apartheid there. Today, there is a clear call for a boycott from Palestinian civil society. Obeying it is our only hope, as filmmakers and activists, of helping put pressure on the Israeli government to comply with international law.

It is painful to do this. But it is even more painful to hear Israeli policies described as “fascist” – not just from the ill-informed and the clueless, not just from the usual anti-semitic morons, but from well-informed Jewish activists within Israel. They know what they’re talking about, and it’s painful to think that they could be right.

As we’re sure you know and deplore, the Israeli government has recently authorized the construction of new units in an illegal West Bank outpost – one that is illegal even according to Israeli law. On Monday, nine Palestinians were injured as Israeli authorities demolished their East Jerusalem home. Tuesday, the Israeli navy stopped a ship from delivering medicine, toys, and other humanitarian relief to Gaza, and detained over twenty foreign peace activists, including a Nobel Peace laureate. Meanwhile, a UN commission was in Gaza investigating much worse abuses committed early this year.

Whatever words are applied to such actions, our film mustn’t help lend an aura of normalcy to a state that makes these decisions. For us, that’s the bottom line.

There is certainly another way to do things in Israel/Palestine, and that is what we must fight for, however feeble our means. As for our film, there is another way for it to be seen in Israel… and in Palestine, so that the people most in need of comic relief, who would never have been able to see it at the Jerusalem Film Festival anyhow, will be able to see it too. Within the next few months, we will make this happen.

To those who want to see our film, savlanut and sabir (patience)! And for all the rest of us, a little LESS patience, please.

L’shanah haba’ah beyerushalayim,

Andy and Mike The Yes Men