19 November, 2009 — Gaza Friends

The Convoy will be taking much needed aid to Gaza – Please note that the overwhelming majority of the aid will be medical – however, there are also a number of humanitarian and educational needs that we are asking people to buy, along with specialist equipment needed in Education and agricultural sectors.

URGENTLY NEEDED: SPACE ON VEHICLES TO LOAD AID. If you are coming on the convoy to Gaza and have yet to fill your vehicle with aid please get in touch with us ASAP by emailing

Humanitarian needs include:

New double heavy blankets; Single heavy blankets; Children winter clothes; Men’s winter clothes; Women’s winter clothes; Nylon Reel/Plastic Sheeting; Milk Powder – under 2; Milk Powder – over 2; Coats and plastic jackets; Toys and Puzzles; Shoes and boots; Sports equipment (All clothes/shoes must be new).

Educational needs include:

English / Arabic dictionaries; Notebooks; Flip sheet paper; Chalk (white and coloured); School bags; Printer ink; School Stationery; Story books (English and Arabic); Educational CDs (English and Arabic); Educational games (Primary and preparatory schools); Digital cameras; Transparent sheets for overhead-projectors; Perkins Brailler machines; Braille Sense Plus; Jot A Dot: Talking Scientific calculators; LCD projectors; Laboratory equipment, A4 paper – all kinds but mainly white.

Medical needs include:

Incubators; Human patient simulator; Patient Simulation; Manikins; CPR Mannequin’s Adult; CPR Mannequin’s child; CPR Mannequin’s neonate; Digital Cameras; Doll (computerized); Sphygmomanometer; Hydraulic Bed; Portable suction machine; Otoscope; Ophthalmoscope; Tuning Fork; Nasal speculum; Vaginal speculum; Syringe pump; Laryngoscope; Infusion pump; Neurological hummer; Wheel chairs; Examination table; Commode; First aid kits; ECG machine; Doppler ultrasound; Cardiac Monitor; Self administered analgesic pump; Glocumeters; Defibrillator; Emergency trolley; Dressing trolley; Traction system; Ambo bag adult; Ambo bag pediatric; Ambo bag infant; Medication trolley; Dressing set; Minor surgical set; Suture set; Senllen chart; Hydraulic lift; Stethoscope; Walking belts; Platform crutches; Pulse oxymeter; Air mattress; Nebulizer machine; Pirometer; Neck collar –(different sizes);

There are also hundreds of medications urgently needed in Gaza – if you would like a full list please email

Specialist equipment is needed for:

Agriculture (e.g. animal vaccinations; wool shearing tools; pesticides)
Water and Soil (e.g. water steriliser and rain gang)
Fishing and marine ( e.g. replacement parts for boats and dissolving oxygen measuring devices)
Laboratory equipment for research

Already made links in Gaza? Let us know:

If you are already in touch with an organisation in Gaza (e.g. NGO, Charity, Hospital, Orphanage)and are intending to give the aid there, your contact MUST join the Gaza Reception Committee set up there. Please contact us for further details.

Important note: All donations must be in clear plastic storage boxes and content of the box should be clearly labelled. If you know the recipient, please put their details on the box – this will make the distribution in Gaza much easier.

If you have already collected things from this list please let us know by emailing us at:

Important – please use the email address to contact us regarding this issue.

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