Viva Palestina: Urgent Action Needed

28 December, 2009 — Viva Palestina

Viva Palestina is a UK charity; some of the supplies are rotting at the Aqaba crossing. Please write urgently (in addition to the Egyptian embassies in London and Dublin) to the British embassy in Cairo, David Miliband etc. Nur

Egyptian Embassy in Dublin: +353-1-6606718 / +353-1-6606566 /

The contact details for the Egyptian Embassy in London: 0044-20-7499-3304 / (Consulate:

Your local MP:

David Miliband (Foreign Secretary) – (0191) 456

Nick Clegg (Leader of Lib Dems) –

British Embassy in Egypt Tel: +(20)(2)27916000

Please email the Egyptian Embassy (copy this to your MP and Foreign Secretary, David Miliband) on the following lines:

Your Excellency,

I am writing to urge your assistance to ensure that the people of Gaza receive the medical aid which British and European citizens have worked hard to provide for the Palestinian people suffering under Israeli siege in the Gaza Strip.

We understand that the Egyptian government is imposing conditions on the Viva Palestina/ Palestine Solidarity Convoy of 210 aid vehicles which make it impossible for them to leave Aqaba to deliver the ambulances packed with medical aid and the aid trucks with food and educational materials.

As you may be aware, Viva Palestina is a UK registered charity that was formed earlier this year to provide humanitarian relief for the people of Gaza . The two previous convoys, which entered Gaza via Eqypt in March and February this year, successfully delivered hundreds of tonnes of desperately needed aid through the Rafah crossing.

Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur stated on 18.12.09

“Two urgent priorities must be stressed on this dismal anniversary: first, Israel’s allies must demand, with a commitment reinforced by a credible threat of economic sanctions, that Israel immediately end its illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip. Second, the Goldstone Report’s recommendations, having confirmed the commission of war crimes possibly amounting to Crimes Against Humanity, by Israel and Hamas, must be fully and swiftly implemented.”

Alas, the Egyptian government appears to be aiding Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

We appeal to you to convey our demand to the Egyptian authorities that the convoy be allowed to travel to Gaza through Egypt and to the Rafah crossing to show the Palestinian people there that they are not forgotten by people of conscience across the world.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Tel: 020 7700 6192
Fax: 020 7609 7779

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