Profiting from War: A Look Into the World of Israeli Arms Dealing By Eilat Maoz

27 July 2013 — Haokets

War in Israel has become a constant source of profit, with the West Bank and Gaza Strip used as experimental sites for arms dealers backed up by intellectuals. These are the protagonists of ‘The Lab,’ a new film by Yotam Feldman. In its exceptional interviews, the film reveals that the image of the arms dealer operating in the shadows is a thing of the past.

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Video: Operation Cast Lead – a testament

13 January 2010 — Source: Youtube

An extremely rare example of the mainstream media going where few dare tread these days, revealing the lives of Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza Strip. But heartbreaking as the beautiful Palestinian girl’s tale is, the interviewer still managed to introduce, right at the end of the interview the following voiceover, reinforcing the stereotype of the Arab as terrorist:

“I wonder how anyone can heal the despair and the pain that these children feel and how hard it would be to stop some of them from wanting to take some kind of revenge.”

PCHR E-Narrative 3 January 2009: Motee’ and Isma’il as-Selawy

 3 January 2012 — PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

“What affected us a lot psychologically is the fact that we were all praying in the mosque when we were attacked. The mosque is a place where we go when we need relief or when we are sad. We could never imagine them targeting us while we are praying in the mosque.”
Brothers Motee’ (49) and Isma’il (53) as-Selawy in front of al-Maqadma mosque

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A nightmare that lasted three weeks; memories of Gaza massacre By Rafat Abushaban

29 December 2011 — The Electronic IntifadaDiaries: Live from Palestine

Israeli leaders threatened to wipe Gaza off of the map during the first hours of bombing

Here comes that difficult time of year again: the anniversary of an event that changed the taste of life for Palestinians inside the Gaza Strip and throughout the world. It is three years since the Gaza massacre, or what Israel called Operation Cast Lead.

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PCHR E-Narrative 31 December 2008: The Abu Areeda family

 31 December 2011 — PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

“Before my mother’s death we used to be very happy on 1 January, have celebrations and visit people. Now we are all silent in the last hour of each year and on 1 January we don’t celebrate the new year. We visit our mother’s grave. We remember.”

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PCHR E-Narrative, 30 December 2008: The Hamdan Family

30 December 2008 — PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

“When I wake in the morning the first thing I do is remember my children. I come and sit outside and picture them where they used to play. I don’t want to go out and interact with other people anymore. I largely stay inside the home”

Iman and Talal Hamdan standing in front of a picture of their killed children Hiya, Lama and Ismail.

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3 Years After Operation Cast Lead Justice has been Comprehensively Denied; PCHR Release 23 Narratives Documenting the Experience of Victims

27 December 2011 — PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Press Release Ref: 145/2011 

Today marks the third anniversary of the commencement of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip. 27 December also marks the anniversary of the single bloodiest day in the history of the occupation; on this day three years ago 334 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces, 76.6% of whom were civilian.

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6 October 2011 — PCHR

Today, 6 October 2011, former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni visited the United Kingdom. Ms. Livni was Foreign Minister during Israel’s 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip (Operation Cast Lead. OCL). Significant evidence was collected indicating her individual criminal responsibility for war crimes and other international crimes committed during this period.

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BBC is ‘confusing cause and effect’ in its Israeli coverage By Tim Llewellyn

23 May 2011 — The Guardian

A controversial book concludes the Corporation still fails to present a fair and balanced picture of conflict

British broadcasters’ coverage of the Arab awakening over recent months has been brave and honest. These are difficult and dangerous stories. But the BBC – and in this article I am going to concentrate on the BBC, because it is the broadcaster we are taxed to enable and sets worldwide standards of fairness – and its teams have made every effort to report with balance and application.

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Galant: Killing activists on Gaza Freedom Flotilla was “inevitable”

5 April 2011 — Middle East Monitor

General Yoav Galant, had warned more than a year ago of the consequences of trying to seize the flotilla of ships.

The shooting and killing of peace activists on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla almost a year ago was inevitable claim two Israeli journalists who have revealed the contents of secret documents detailing Israeli plans for attacking the ships. According to Dan Margalit and Ronen Bergman, the head of Israel’s Southern Command, General Yoav Galant, had warned more than a year ago of the consequences of trying to seize the flotilla of ships taking humanitarian aid to the besieged territory.

Galant’s warning came in a discussion within Israel’s military High Command. The general said that the proposed boarding technique, an “air drop operation”, would not only “endanger soldiers’ lives” but would also mean that the soldiers would “have no choice but to open fire and kill many activists”.

Nine peace activists were killed and many others were wounded when Israeli commandos boarded the ships from helicopters on 31 May 2010 while the flotilla was in international waters. The ships were taken under escort to an Israeli port and the surviving passengers were flown out of Israel following a short imprisonment and interrogation.

More vindication for Goldstone: British news reports Israeli soldiers were ordered to ‘cleanse’ Gaza neighborhoods during Cast Lead

28 January, 2011 — Mondoweiss

More vindication for Goldstone: British news reports Israeli soldiers were ordered to ‘cleanse’ Gaza neighborhoods during Cast Lead

“It sounds really terrible to say ‘cleanse’ but those were the orders.
– Israeli tank commander

More vindication for Goldstone: British news re…

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Gaza war report was stalled by Palestinian Authority on US request

26 January, 2011 — The Guardian

Papers reveal PA held up Goldstone report from UN security council and suggest Abbas was warned of 2008 invasion

Smoke from missile strikes billows from the Gaza Strip during Israel's offensive in 2008/2009.
Smoke from missile strikes billows from the Gaza Strip during Israel’s offensive in 2008/2009. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images

Palestinian Authority leaders co-operated with US officials in a bid to postpone the reference of the Goldstone report into war crimes in Gaza to the UN security council, leaked papers reveal. The PA, who have denied they made the decision under US pressure, later reversed their decision.

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Israeli soldiers talk about Operation Cast Lead

27 January, 2011 — Channel 4 News

Exclusive: Israeli soldiers tell Channel 4 News they were ordered to “cleanse” Palestinian neighbourhoods, as filmmaker Nurit Kedar says “the atmosphere was that nobody should talk about this war”.

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