NATO Newslinks 2 May, 2010: Nato troops kill three Afghan women

Afghan civilian deaths are rising, government says
The Associated Press
KABUL — Civilian casualties are rising in Afghanistan as US and NATO
reinforcements stream into the country as part of a military buildup to
combat the …

Pak unearths smuggling racket exploiting the NATO supply route
Times of India
KARACHI: Authorities here have unearthed a major smuggling racket involving
transportation of contraband goods into Pakistan in containers used by NATO

Russian Communists attack NATO on May Day
MOSCOW, May 1 (UPI) — Supporters of the Russian Communist Party attacked
NATO during the annual May Day rally Saturday in Moscow. …

NATO investigates report of Afghan civilian deaths
NATO is investigating an Afghan official’s accusation that a military
convoy killed two women and a child in a car in a southeastern province.

Operation Gibraltar: A Foiled Al-Qaida Plot Against NATO Ships”
Right Side News
The NEFA Foundation has released a report titled “Operation Gibraltar: A
Foiled Al-Qaida Plot Against NATO Ships”, the second installment in NEFA’s

Navy hasn’t adapted to new world
By DAVID MUGRIDGE | COMMENTARY One of the central elements in the film The
Hunt for Red October is the cat-and-mouse game played out by NATO and
Eastern …

Nato tanker destroyed in Chaman
The Nation, Pakistan
QUETTA – Another oil tanker carrying fuel for the US-led forces in
Afghanistan was destroyed in a blast caused by an explosive device in
Chaman near …

SOCOM 4’s Operations Commander Demands Respect
PlayStation LifeStyle (blog)
After graduating from a military university with an outstanding record, he
served active duty special forces before being identified by NATO as a
candidate …

Reporting from Kabul
Cato @ Liberty
Since we’re writing about the war and American and NATO involvement, we
decided that it was important to visit and learn as much as possible. …

Maine troopers get assault rifles
Worcester Telegram
The Bushmaster AR-15, a cousin to the M-16 used by the military, uses
standard NATO rounds as well as .223 Remington rounds. It is becoming
increasingly …

ICG officials “fear for Bosnia”
SARAJEVO — Former UN and NATO officials Louise Arbour and Wesley Clark
said that Bosnia-Herzegovina needs to work on joining the NATO alliance.

British soldier dies in Afghan attack: officials
The death was previously announced by NATO’s International Security
Assistance Force but his nationality was not revealed, in line with policy.

Letter: Don’t shoot the messenger
Afghanistan’s government has condemned a NATO air strike on a convoy on
Sunday that killed 27 civilians … NATO commander General Stanley
McChrystal went …

Afghan Police Recruiting Challenges
NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
Ministry officials and NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan advisors are
hoping that the conference will help reduce some of the police recruiting
and …

Roadside bomb wounds 3 Polish soldiers in S Afghanistan
People’s Daily Online
More than 1500 Polish soldiers have been serving in Afghanistan within the
framework of NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to
help …

Nato troop killed in Afghanistan
Kabul – A soldier serving with Nato’s International Security Assistance
Force was killed on Saturday in an attack in eastern Afghanistan, the
military said. …

Explosion rocks Kunduz in N Afghanistan
People’s Daily Online
“A roadside bomb apparently targeted a convoy of NATO-led troops in Kunduz
city this morning but fortunately caused no loss of life,” deputy to
provincial …

DoD Operation Enduring Freedom Casualty Update …
Meanwhile NATO is still waging its war in Afghanistan. Last week, a lot of
confidence was expressed that the strategy in Afghanistan was working and
that …

Afghans mark anniversary of mujahedeen victory
Las Vegas Sun
An international service member was killed in a bomb blast Wednesday in
southern Afghanistan, NATO announced without giving the nationality. …

C.W. Gusewelle | Diplomat’s death recalls dark days
Kansas City Star
And the next day, as missile base construction continued, Kennedy directed
that nuclear weapons be loaded on NATO bombers. Though the public knew
nothing of …

Ten of the greatest General Elections, by LORD TEBBIT
Daily Mail
They formed the Nato alliance with America against the Soviet Union,
commissioned the British nuclear deterrent and re-armed for the Cold War.

Schedule of Events for 3-9 May
STA – Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija (subscription)
SKOPJE, Macedonia – Army Chief-of-Staff, Maj Gen Alojz Steiner, will
participate in the handover of duties of chairman of NATO command in Skopje
to a …

US Army captain becomes ‘king’ in Afghanistan
The Associated Press
… including agreeing to release three insurgents who had been caught with
weapons just before they were about to attack a NATO supply convoy. …

Nato investigates shooting of women and child
By Ismail Sameem NATO yesterday said it was investigating whether shots
fired by its troops in southern Afghanistan had killed two women and a
child in a …

SAARC: an inept body to resolve regional issues
Al-Arabiya (press release) (subscription)
… summit feel that giving due importance and equitable role to all
members could make Saarc a major player in the world besides the EU, G-8
and Nato etc. …

War News Updates: More NATO – Russian Agreements In The Works?
By Bookyards
The United States and NATO are considering an attempt to revitalize a pact
that sets limits on conventional weaponry in Europe as part of a broader
effort to improve relations with Russia, the New York Times reported
yesterday (see GSN, …

News Essentials: Russian Communists attack NATO on May Day
By World Watch
This year, for the first time, troops from three NATO countries, Britain,
France and the United States, are scheduled to participate on the 65th
anniversary of the war’s end. During the May Day rally, protesters chanted
“NATO — Get off …

European Union: NATO Common Funds Burden sharing: Background and …
By Alerts
Member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) contribute
to the activities of the alliance in several ways, the chief of which is
through the deployment of their own armed forces, funded by their national
budgets. …

Signaleer: Information Warfare: The NATO Cyber War Agreement
By RTO Trainer
Information Warfare: The NATO Cyber War Agreement. 1.5.10. “In the last
five years, these Cyber Wars have escalated from web site defacing and
shutting down sites with massive amounts of junk traffic (DDOS attacks), to
elaborate …

Nato troops kill three Afghan women “ Silver Lining
By realistic bird, April 30, 2010. Two women and a girl have been killed and
two men injured after Nato troops opened fire on a car in the southern
Afghan city of Kandahar. Afghanistan’s interior ministry said that the
victims were …

NATO soldier dies in Afghan attack: alliance (AFP) | worldnews
By Yahoo! News: World News
AFP – A soldier serving with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force
died following an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, the

NATO Investigates 3 Afghan Civilian Deaths | Tea Break
By Tea Host
KABUL, Afghanistan — The French military took responsibility on Friday
for killing four Afghan children during a missile.

VETERANS UN-NATO CANADA, (Western Canada Members): Pam, (Edmonton)
By Jimmy Bedard
VETERANS UN-NATO CANADA, (Western Canada Members). Saturday, May 1, 2010.
Pam, (Edmonton). Posted by Jimmy Bedard at 10:05 PM. 0 comments: Post a
Comment. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). Web Sites
Veterans UN/NATO …

Commercial and Pre-Commercial Cell Detection Technologies for …
As a response to the rapidly emerging threat of bioterrorism the objectives
of this volume of Commercial and Pre Commercial Cell Detection Technologies
for Defence against Bioterror are to 212400.

global fascist overlords get spiffed up “ Niqnaq
By niqnaq
The Atlantic Council of the US was established in 1961 by former Secs State
Dean Acheson and Christian Herter to bolster support for NATO. Atlantic
Councils were set up in other member states for the same purpose, and at
the present …

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