On Naval Blockades and A Hard Days War By Christopher Black

11 October 2018 — NEO

On the 22nd of October 1962 the US 2nd Fleet began the blockade of Cuba, an action that immediately threatened the world with nuclear war and annihilation. Those of us old enough to remember President Kennedy’s statement on live television will never forget the fear we all felt as the images of mushroom clouds swept across the TV screens and air raid sirens began their haunting screams as we were told to “duck and cover.”

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NATO Coordinates Information War on Russia

5 October 2018 — Strategic Culture Foundation


The US, Britain and other NATO allies upped the ante this week with a coordinated campaign of information war to criminalize Russia. Moscow dismissed the wide-ranging claims as “spy mania”. But the implications amount to a grave assault recklessly escalating international tensions with Russia.

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On Capitalism and Eternal War. NATO as a “World Government”? By Christopher Black

4 October 2018 — NEO

On September 14, in an address to the far right American organisation called The Heritage Foundation,  the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, described NATO in effect to be a world government prepared for eternal war. He declared NATO to be the “guarantor of peace and stability in Europe since 1949,” when in fact it has only succeeded in bringing war and catastrophe, for the only real guarantor of peace and stability in Europe until 1991 was the Red Army, the withdrawal of which allowed the NATO war machine to move right up to Russia’s borders.

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NATO coordinates the evacuation of the White Helmets

28 July 2018 — VoltaireNet

The evacuation of the White Helmets which had been requested by the United Kingdom, was debated by the Summit of the Heads of State and the governing body of NATO on 11 June 2018.

In the final analysis, it was the Organization of the Atlantic Alliance that coordinated the evacuation of 422 White Helmets and their families with the help of Israel and Jordan, both of which have an office which is linked to Nato headquarters in Brussels.

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The Sanctification of NATO By Gregory Shupak

26 July 2018 — FAIR

Guardian: Europe Must Come Together

To the Guardian (7/10/18), NATO “ushered in a democratic, liberal world order.”

Claims that US President Donald Trump is undermining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) by criticizing some of its members and having a cordial meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin have sent establishment media into a frenzy to sanctify NATO as a force for peace and democracy.

A Guardian editorial (7/10/18) asserted:

The NATO alliance has helped mold the modern world and ushered in a democratic, liberal world order characterized by open trade and open societies, which after the collapse of the Soviet Union needed only to be lightly defended. This in turn contributed greatly to American peace and prosperity.

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Video: The Circuit of Death in the “Enlarged Mediterranean” By Manlio Dinucci

21 June 2018 — Global Research

The politico-media projectors, focussed as they are on the migratory flow from South to North across the Mediterranean, are leaving other Mediterranean flows in the dark – those moving from North to South, comprised of military forces and weapons. Perhaps we should say the “Enlarged Mediterranean”, an area which, in the framework of USA / NATO strategy, stretches from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, and to the South, from the Persian Gulf as far as the Indian Ocean.

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