NATO Daily Newslinks 25 May, 2010

Seven arrested for Kabul attack on Nato convoy
BBC News
Afghan authorities say they have arrested seven people in connection with
last week’s attack in the capital, Kabul, which killed six Nato soldiers.

Russia, NATO defense ministers unlikely to meet in June – source
RIA Novosti
BRUSSELS, May 25 (RIA Novosti) – A Russia-NATO Council meeting at the level
of defense ministers will most likely not happen in June as hoped, …

Global Insights: Proposed NATO Reforms Worry Moscow
World Politics Review
Last week, the group of experts assisting with the drafting of NATO’s new
Strategic Concept released their final report, entitled “NATO 2020: Assured

Al Qaeda member, others killed in gun fight
CNN (blog)
KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) – Afghan and international troops killed several
people in a gun battle on Tuesday morning in eastern Afghanistan, the
NATO-led …

Interview: NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Led by a panel of experts, including former US Secretary of State Madeleine
Albright, a newly unveiled draft report aims to layout NATO’s role in the
second …

NATO chief urges EU to clear obstacles to political cooperation
Monsters and
Brussels – NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen issued a call on
Tuesday for the European Union to remove obstacles to cooperation between
the two …

Why NATO Expansion Is a Mistake
Consortium News
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently led a panel of
experts in coming up with a report, “NATO 2020,” which will be used to
draft a …

Nato installs surveillance system near Chaman border
The News International
CHAMAN: Nato forces in Afghanistan have installed a sophisticated
surveillance system along the Pak-Afghan border to monitor the movement of
insurgents in …

Taliban kills 5 civilians in E Afghanistan
People’s Daily Online
In a separate incident, Afghan and NATO-led troops during an operation
eliminated two militants in Zani Khil district of Khost province on Monday,

Albania adopts two laws in the framework of NATO membership Business News
Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs adopted, on Monday, two
important agreements in the framework of NATO membership. After reviewing
the two draft …

Two NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Press Trust of India
NATO had earlier announced another soldier had been killed by a roadside
bomb of the type used by the Taliban in the country’s south. …

13th-century Fox
However, the dgree of our assistance seems to be largely voluntary as some
NATO countries seem to bear very little share of the fighting. …

Was Beckham target of Taliban attack?
Times of India
LONDON: The Taliban launched a ferocious assault on Nato’s biggest base in
Afghanistan to target either ace footballer David Beckham or British
foreign …

Afghan governor strains to exert influence
Financial Times
By Matthew Green in Shah Wali Kot, Afghanistan Swooping over poppy fields
north of Kandahar in a Nato military helicopter, Tooryalai Wesa, the
provincial …

US Troop Deployments In Afghanistan Overtake Those In Iraq: Report
RTT News
Meanwhile, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
fighting Taliban militants is going all out to snuff out insurgents from
their …

Military operations in N Waziristan
Pakistan Observer
US and NATO forces have no such achievement to their credit in Afghanistan
since its occupation about a decade ago. Washington, therefore, wants to
push …

The Wise Men inert to seeing changes in Russia – FM Spokesman
At a weekly media briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Andrey
Nesterenko focused on Russia’s relations with Italy, Brazil, Poland, NATO
and the EU, …

Cooperation talks show little sign of progress
By Paul Ames | Tuesday 25 May 2010 NATO and the European Union
representatives both emphasised the need for closer cooperation after the
first formal …

Iran’s Nuke Issue
Turkish Press
It seems that the US, which won backing from Russia for the new sanctions,
found the opportunity to gather European members of NATO around itself. …

The Albright doctrine: NATO moves towards international security
Monday Morning
“In the coming decade, NATO will have four central inter-related military
missions”, the experts’ group said in its “New Strategic Concept” for

Greece – MFA – Alternate FM Droutsas’s interview in the Romanian daily “Adevarul”
ISRIA (registration)
The NATO secretary general’s goal is for the western Balkans as a whole –
including Kosovo – to move closer to NATO and European membership. …

Inside Story – The Taliban’s counter strategy
Al Jazeera
With a recent string of high-profile attacks on prime targets in
Afghanistan, is Taliban facing the Nato escalation with counter escalation?

400 Afgan Soldiers Swear to Protect Kabul
NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan – NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan (NTM-A) and
RC-Capital continues to train Afghan National Army soldiers for the
security of Kabul. …

Afghanistan: Taking Terrorists Out of Public
NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan – NATO Center of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism
(COE-DAT) is organizing this advanced training course under the sponsorship
of NATO …

USUN – Remarks by Ambassador Brooke D. Anderson, US Alternate Representative …
ISRIA (registration)
The country now has a single military, has signed a Stabilization and
Association Agreement with the European Union, and has taken steps toward

Baltic states to hold joint military exercises
Focus News
Baltic NATO members Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will hold regularly
scheduled joint exercises next week, preparing them to host allied forces,

Interventionism and International Order (IV)
American Conservative Magazine
The US “forum shopped” the war in Kosovo, settling on NATO only after
it failed to win over the UN Security Council. The US was not led off to
battle under …

Taliban bomb kills Canadian soldier
On May 18, an attack on NATO convoy in Kabul killed a Canadian colonel.
Rudd was killed when a roadside bomb detonated 20 kilometres south-west of
Kandahar. …

If US can’t win Afghan war, get out
Arizona Republic
… insurgents’ stronghold in Afghanistan, not to speak of the fact that
the insurgents have launched attacks against three NATO-US bases in the
past week. …

US deploys missiles to Poland to train NATO ally – Democratic …
US deploys missiles to Poland to train NATO ally. … Site search, Web
search. US deploys missiles to Poland to train NATO ally. Printer-friendly
format · Printer-friendly format Email this thread to a friend ·
Printer-friendly format …×4396202

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7 arrests in 6 NATO troops death |
By sude
Another attack happened the day after when a car bombing was being made by
the fighters in Bagram Air Field north of Kabul and the third attack
happened just this Saturday which happened in the biggest NATO base in
southern Afghanistan, …

Is Nato “Alive And Kicking” Or Dying Out? | Barcamp Abidjan
By admin
IS NATO Alive and Kicking OR dying Out? By Prof. Hasan Yahya In two months,
NATO the world’s largest and most durable military alliances.

NATO Training Mission: 400 Afghan Soldiers Swear to Protect Kabul …
By News Team
By Maj. Murat Selcuklu, Turkish Air Force (TUAF) KABUL, Afghanistan – NATO
Training Mission in Afghanistan (NTM-A) and RC-Capital continues to train
Afghan National Army soldiers for the security of Kabul. The 2nd Term Oath
Ceremony was …

Afghanistan Conflict Monitor: Taliban Attack NATO’s Biggest Base
By Human Security Report Project
Taliban Attack NATO’s Biggest Base, The Telegraph, 24 May 2010 EXCERPT:
“The frontal attack on Kandahar airfield forced William Hague, the new
Foreign Secretary, and Liam Fox, the new Defence Secretary to cancel a
scheduled trip to meet …

Consortiumblog: Why NATO Expansion Is a Mistake
By Consortiumblog
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently led a panel of
experts in coming up with a report, “NATO 2020,” which will be used to
draft a replacement for NATO’s current strategic concept, adopted in 1999.

Afghanistan Accuses Pakistan in Attack on NATO Convoy
By Vikash Yadav
Let’s be very clear: if Afghanistan has the evidence to prove this
accusation it would mean that the state of Pakistan conducted an attack on
members of the NATO alliance. An attack on one NATO member is an attack on
all. …

NATOSource: Russia, NATO Defense Ministers Unlikely to Meet in June
By natosource
From RIA Novosti: A Russia-NATO Council meeting at the level of defense
ministers will most likely not happen in June as hoped, a source in the
Russian mission at the NATO said on Tuesday. The first meeting between
Russian Defense …

Afghans: 7 arrested in connection with car bomb that killed 6 NATO …
Afghan authorities Monday announced the arrests of seven people in last
week’s suicide car bombing that killed six NATO soldiers including four
colonels — three of them American and one Canadian.

Save The Sacred Sites Alliance: Taliban win £1600 bounty for each …
By Save The Sacred Sites Alliance
Taliban win £1600 bounty for each Nato soldier killed —Taliban commanders
said the bounty had more than doubled since the beginning of last year. 23
May 2010 Taliban rebels are earning a bounty of up to 200000 Pakistani
rupees (£1660) …

‘Several’ injured in Taliban attack on Nato base “ Pakistan
By induswaters
KABUL: The Taliban claimed responsibility on Sunday for a nighttime assault
on Nato’s biggest base in southern Afghanistan in which militants firing
rockets, mortars and automatic weapons tried to storm the Kandahar Air
Field. …

Afgahn Authorities Arrest Seven In Car Bombing That Killed Six …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The blast was the first in a series of major Taliban attacks against NATO
targets – the insurgents’ apparent response to a planned NATO offensive
in the south and peace overtures by the Afghan government. …

NATO tank blown up in Ghazni, Afghanistan |AajMedia News
By Abasin Khan Sharzai
NATO tank blown up in Ghazni, Afghanistan. Posted by Abasin Khan Sharzai on
May 25th, 2010. GHAZNI, May 25 – A dozen of Polish soldiers were killed or
injured in a bomb blast hitting their tank in Ghazni’s Andar district on
Tuesday May, …

7 Afghans arrested in NATO troop deaths | Local Time Line
By admin
Seven Afghans have been arrested in connection with a suicide bombing last
week that killed six NATO soldiers.

My Way News – Insurgents attack NATO’s southern Afghan base
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – The Taliban claimed responsibility Sunday for a
nighttime assault on NATO’s biggest base in southern Afghanistan. …

U.S. And NATO Accelerate Military Build-Up In Black Sea Region
By Rick Rozoff In the post-Cold War era and especially since 2001 the
Pentagon has been steadily shifting emphasis, and moving troops and
equipment, …

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