VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 27 August, 2010: ‘Israel ready to destroy Lebanese Army in four hours’

27 August, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Red Crescent Members Arrested at Weekly Protest, Ni’lin
IMEMC – 27 Aug 2010 – Friday August 27, 2010 – 13:40, Israeli writer and film maker Joseph Dana has reported, via his twitter account, that the Israeli military has conducted a number of arrests in Ni’lin, near Ramallah, including the five member team from the Red Crescent.

Ma’an News

Jerusalem settlers assault 9 year old, parents say
8/27/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — A nine-year-old boy said he was beaten by Israelis affiliated with the Atarot Kohanim settler group in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday evening. Anas Sa’ad Ash-Shaloudi said he was on his way to his uncle’s house for the fast-breaking iftar meal at sunset, and was….

PLC member released, barred from prayer
8/27/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli police detained Palestinian Legislative Council member Sheikh Hamed Al-Betawi on his way to prayer at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday, family members said. The Palestinian lawmaker, who was elected as a member of Hamas’ Change and Reform bloc, called his son from the Israeli interrogation center at the Russian….

Protests: Israeli hospitalized, medics detained
8/27/2010 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — An Israeli national was reportedly injured and evacuated to hospital in Ramallah on Friday, after a rubber-coated bullet lodged itself in his knee during a protest against the separation wall in the West Bank village of Bil’in. Demonstrators, numbering 130 according to an Israeli military estimate, also protested rally….

Lawyer says banned from seeing detainees
8/27/2010 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Lawyer Jamal Abdo said Israeli prison authorities prevented him from visiting female detainees on Thursday. Abdo, affiliated with the Hurrayyet human rights center, said he had coordinated with prison authorities to visit Ibtisam Isawi, Wourud Qasem, Du’a Jayousi and Sumoud Karajah at the Al-Damon prison. Despite previous coordination, Abdo….

Report: Mortar fired from Gaza
8/27/2010 – NEGEV, Israel (Ma’an/Agencies) — Israeli officials told the nation’s media on Friday morning that a mortar fired from the northern Gaza Strip landed in an open area of the Negev desert. The officials said the projectile landed “within the Eshkol Regional Council’s limits” and reported no injuries or damages….

Netanyahu talks suggestion echoes Olmert effort
8/27/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an/Agencies) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed to US officials on Thursday that he meet with President Mahmoud Abbas every other week. The prime minister said “serious negotiations in the Middle East mean only direct, quiet and consecutive talks between the two leaders on the key issues,” the Israeli newspaper Haaretz…. Related: Abbas and Olmert agree to begin final status talks and Rice: ‘serious efforts’ underway to achieve peace

Israel delays delivery of 50 armored vehicles to PA
8/27/2010 – MOSCOW (Ma’an) — Fifty armored vehicles from Russia set to be delivered to the Palestinian Authority have been held up in Jordan by Israeli border officials, the Palestinian ambassador to Russia said Thursday. Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, Ambassador Fayed Mustafa said the delay was a result of “procedures carried out by….

Heavy police presence in Jerusalem
8/27/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Jerusalem officials estimated some 2,000 Israeli troops were stationed on the perimeter of the Old City on Friday, the third of Ramadan. Checkpoints in the south and central West Bank were again overwhelmed as tens of thousands lined up waiting to access the holy city, as soldiers and border guards continue….

Settler guards, Silwan youth clash overnight
8/27/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) —A second night of clashes was reported in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan overnight, ending early Friday morning as worshipers began the journey to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The clash was reportedly sparked when teenage residents threw stones at guards outside settler homes in the neighborhood. Violence was centered on Ein….

In photos: Waiting to enter Jerusalem
8/27/2010 – MaanImages / Luay Sababa – Palestinians wait near the Israeli separation wall on the early morning of August 27, 2010. Thousands gathered at the southern West Bank checkpoint in Bethlehem, which controls access to Jerusalem. Worshipers hoped to attend the noon prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the third Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan….

World Bank approves $7 million Gaza project
8/27/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — After project organizers expressed concern over possible delays in construction of Gaza’s wastewater treatment facility, one donor approved an additional $7 million in support for the project. The World Bank has contributed $26. 8 million to sanitation projects in Gaza since 1993, via a Trust Fund for Gaza…. Related: Gaza sewage project fears potential delays

Haniyeh: No negotiator can give up Jerusalem
8/27/2010 – KHAN YOUNIS (Ma’an) — “No negotiator who would give up Jerusalem has a national mandate,” Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told guests at an iftar dinner on Thursday evening. The fast-breaking meal was organized by the Ar-Rahma Charitable Society in Khan Younis, honoring the families of Palestinian men and women in prison, those killed….

Prisoners affairs minister says detainees on talks agenda
8/27/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — The Ramallah-based Prisoners Affairs Ministry held a Ramadan iftar dinner at the home of Jerusalem’s oldest detainee Thursday evening. The fast-breaking meal was held at sunset at the house of Foad Al-Razem, who is serving a 30-year sentence in an Israeli prison. Prisoners Affairs Minister Issa Qaraqe broke….

Erekat: Israel must choose either peace or settlements
8/27/2010 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must choose either settlements or peace, the PLO’s chief negotiator said Friday. Saeb Erekat’s comments came after meetings at the US Consulate in Jerusalem with David Hale, deputy to US envoy George Mitchell, and Daniel Shapiro, a member of the National Security….

Gaza civil servants to get salaries late, with deductions
8/27/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Gaza government will pay August salaries at the beginning of September, with cash deducted for electricity payments, an official from the local Ministry of Finance said Thursday evening. The announcement comes as employees across Palestinian areas expect yearly bonuses or the option of taking partial salary payments in advance….

PA bars Hamas man from speaking at mosque
8/27/2010 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — A Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council said he was threatened and intimidated by Palestinian Authority security forces as he attempted to deliver a Friday sermon in a mosque south of Hebron. Elected to the PLC with Hamas’ Change and Reform Bloc in 2006, Nayef Ar-Rajoub said he attended….

Palestine Note

Iraqi’s have faith in Obama, confident about future
Palestine Note 27 Aug 2010 – Mohammed Allawi, the member of the Iraqi Parliament and often mentioned compromise candidate to break the election deadlock between his cousin, Ayad Allawi and former Prime Minister Nouri Al-Malicki, said Iraqis are confident about the future…

Why American Jews support an Islamic center in lower Manhattan
Palestine Note 27 Aug 2010 – Last week I was surprised when pro-Israel and well-known Jewish politician, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, expressed his support for the construction of the Islamic Center near the wreckage of the World Trade Center’s twin towers….

Mubarak, Sarkozy to meet ahead of Mideast talks
Palestine Note 27 Aug 2010 – Washington – Ahead of a his trip to Washington, DC for the relaunch of Israeli-Palestinian direct negotiations, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy Monday, AFP news agency reported Friday. Egyptian President…

World Bank approves $7m for Gaza sanitation
Palestine Note 27 Aug 2010 – Washington – The Gaza Strip has long suffered serious deficits in sanitation and waste treatment, but after Israel’s winter offensive against Gaza in December 2008-January 2009, most of Gaza’s sanitation infrastructure was destroyed. Gaza infrastructure was…

Hamas PM: Abbas cannot give up Jerusalem
Palestine Note 27 Aug 2010 – Washington – Prime minister of the Hamas-led Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, said in an Iftar address Thursday evening that no negotiating team representing Palestine has the mandate to give up Jerusalem, Ma’an News Agency reported Friday….

On the bookshelves: The Arab lobby is stronger than AIPAC
Palestine Note 27 Aug 2010 – By Sarah Harlan Washington – According to a new book by Israel-aligned foreign policy analyst Mitchell Bard and an endorsement by AIPAC supporter and law professor Alan Dershowitz in The Daily Beast Tuesday, the Arab lobby…

US calls for deal now, peace later
Palestine Note 27 Aug 2010 – Netanyahu wants to meet bi-weekly with Abbas Washington – The White House reportedly wants Palestinian and Israeli leadership to agree to a permanent agreement that would be signed within one year and implemented within ten, Israeli…

Charles Freeman: Stifling debate on Israel has deadly consequences
Palestine Note 26 Aug 2010 – By Jared Malsin New York – When it comes to the normally stultified American debate on Middle East issues, Charles Freeman , the former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, is one of the most outspoken US officials….

Palestine News Network

Troops Detain Medics, A Journalist And Human Rights Defender During Nil’in Weekly
PNN – Ramallah — PNN — Israeli soldiers used tear gas on Friday to suppress the weekly anti wall protest in the central West Bank village of Nil’in. Villagers held the midday prayers on…

Four Injured During The Bil’in Weekly
PNN – Ramallah — PNN – Four civilians were injured by Israeli military fire as troops attacked the weekly nonviolent protest organized in the central West Bank village of Bil’in. The protest started from…

Five Injured During The Weekly Protest In Al Ma’sara Near Bethlehem
PNN – Bethlehem — PNN – Five civilians were reported injured on Friday by Israeli military fire when troops attacked the weekly anti wall protested organized in the village of Al Ma’sara near the…

EU contributes 9.7 Million Euros To Early Payment of social allowances to Palestinian families
PNN – Bethlehem — PNN — on Saturday August 28th the Palestinian Authority and the European Union will launch this year’s third quarterly payment of social allowances to over 49,700 vulnerable Palestinian households, across…

PCHR: One Child Injured, 8 Civilians Arrested This Week
PNN – Ghassan Bannoura — PNN- This week Israeli attacks Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Gaza left one child injured the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said in its weekly report. The…

Honoring the Mother of God
PNN – By Maria C. Khoury – It was a beautiful and solemn procession at four in the morning (August 25th) to walk the icon of the Theotokos, the Holy Mother of God, from…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (19 -25 August 2010)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

‘Israel ready to destroy LAF in 4 hours’
Jeruslalem Post 27 Aug 2010 – Report: US envoy told LAF about IDF’s plan to another border incident.

‘Israel ready to destroy Lebanese Army in four hours’
Jeruslalem Post 27 Aug 2010 – Report: Lebanese paper claims US envoy told LAF chief that if border incident occurred again IDF would enact plan to destroy Lebanese military within four hours.

J’lem shul cleaner indicted for sex abuse
Jeruslalem Post 27 Aug 2010 – Man accused of engaging in sexual acts with boys at synagogue.

‘France to sell HOT missiles to LAF’
Jeruslalem Post 27 Aug 2010 – Report: Israel, US trying to prevent arms sale to Lebanese Army.

Drastic fall in E. J’lem home approvals
Jeruslalem Post 26 Aug 2010 – Municipality: Any talk of a freeze is baseless.

Gov’t won’t increase electricity to Gaza
Jeruslalem Post 26 Aug 2010 – Vice premier Shalom refuses Blair’s request to increase output.


Janitor suspected of molesting minors at Jerusalem synagogue
Ha’aretz – Gil Dvash, 45, allegedly assaulted children during their visits to the Jerusalem synagogue where he worked.

Report: Ex-IDF officer admits to forging Galant document
Ha’aretz – Boaz Harpaz reportedly tells police he had doctored the controversial document in response to what he saw as ‘manipulations’ by Defense Minister Barak against IDF chief Ashkenazi.

Haifa senior citizen suspected of murdering his 74-year-old wife
Ha’aretz – Michael Gerber, 77, allegedly fought with his wife, killed her and called police to say ‘I murdered my wife. She made my life miserable.’

Finance Ministry cuts Holocaust survivors’ electric bills by 50%
Ha’aretz – Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz signs new regulation while touring the Holocaust Survivors’ Rights Authority with other officials.

Peres: Deporting migrant workers’ children is unthinkable
Ha’aretz – Defense Minister Barak: Arresting and deporting hundreds of Hebrew-speaking children will deal a critical blow to Israel’s image.

Palestinians clash with settlers, Border Police in East Jerusalem
Ha’aretz – Arab Silwan residents say settlers, taking a shortcut to a spring, tried to break down a mosque gate; settlers: We don’t know what happened.

Israeli theater actors refuse to perform at new West Bank cultural center
Ha’aretz – Leading settler responds to refusal by Yousef Sweid and Rami Heuberger by saying that ‘Israel is much stronger than such boycotts.’

Barak: Deporting migrant workers’ children will cause irreversible damage
Ha’aretz – Interior Minister Eli Yishai responded to Barak’s comments saying they were a cynical use of the children of migrant workers.

Education Ministry approves new private school in West Bank settlement
Ha’aretz – Earlier this year, controversy erupted after a West Bank girls’ school allowed separate classes to be held for Ashkenazi and Sephardi students.

Non-profit head allegedly stole millions from organization he managed
Ha’aretz – Moshe Reipes allegedly stole close to NIS 4 million from Karen Or, a non-profit benefiting blind children, where he worked for over 20 years.

Women-only fashion fair brings together religious Jewish females
Ha’aretz – Head coverings and modest clothing were for sale and a fashion show displayed the goods that were available for purchase.

Israeli company develops tomato that doesn’t need to be refrigerated
Ha’aretz – New tomato variety, developed by Hazera Genetics, retains its firmness, color and aroma even after a week in the Israeli summer heat.

Suspect in Galantgate forgery ‘tried to subvert witnesses’
Ha’aretz – Police ask court to extend detention of Lt. Col. (res.) Boaz Harpaz, suspected of forging the so-called Galant document and obstructing justice.

Growth industry: Israel’s legal marijuana
Ha’aretz – Israeli company Tikun Olam is working with Israel’s Health Ministry to distribute medicinal cannabis.

Arabic studies to become compulsory in Israeli schools
Ha’aretz – Beginning this year as pilot initiative in 170 public and religious-public schools in northern Israel, the scheme will eventually be adopted extend across the country.

Ex-officer arrested over Galant document forgery
Ha’aretz – Boaz Harpaz, a former top military intelligence officer, arrested at Ben Gurion airport after cutting short vacation.

Im Tirtzu may lose funding over boycott threat to Ben-Gurion University
Ha’aretz – U.S. based pro-Israel organization Christians United for Israel: We do not support any calls for divestment from Israel in any way.

Chief Justice: Violent crime spreading throughout Israel
Ha’aretz – Supreme Court Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch speaks out against the ‘air of violence and disrespect for human life’ in Israel.

Former Olmert aide: Police probe shows I was not linked to Holyland affair
Ha’aretz – Comment by Uri Messer comes as Israel Police officially recommends to indict former PM Olmert over the controversial Jerusalem building project.

Jerusalem light rail may have segregated men-only / women-only cars
Ha’aretz – CEO of company developing light rail project supports providing ‘kosher’ cars for city’s ultra-Orthodox population.

France: EU must play role in Israeli-Palestinian talks
Ha’aretz – French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says European Union should be present as negotiations restart in Washington, as it is a major funder of the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas: PA can’t give up Jerusalem in direct Mideast peace talks
Ha’aretz – Speaking at fast-breaking meal in Gaza, Hamas PM Haniyeh says Palestinians worldwide do not support ‘absurd talks with Israel.’

Turkish officials: We’re committed to preserving friendly Israel ties
Ha’aretz – Turkish diplomat visiting U.S. tells Turkish paper Gaza flotilla raid bears no ill effect on Turkey’s attitude toward Israel or Jews, only Israel’s gov’t.


PA bars Hamas man from speaking at mosque
Uruknet August 27, 2010 — A Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council said he was threatened and intimidated by Palestinian Authority security forces as he attempted to deliver a Friday sermon in a mosque south of Hebron. Elected to the PLC with Hamas’ Change and Reform Bloc in 2006, Nayef Ar-Rajoub said he attended prayer in the Dura Al-Kabir…

Gaza: No reconstruction despite siege “easing”
Uruknet August 27, 2010 – “We are not here to steal or take over something which is not our own. We are not criminals or thieves. We are humans who seek a safe shelter after we have lost hope that our houses will be rebuilt,” said Bassam Dardouna, 46, head of a 15-member household, as he stood in the middle…

More pointless talks with Israel?Send in the clowns
Uruknet August 27, 2010 – The Palestinians’ champion – their White Knight – is preparing to ride forth next week and do battle at the negotiating table with the racist regime’s Black Knight and his minder, the Great Satan. The rules of chivalry don’t apply, so the outcome is not in doubt. However, the White Knight is not quite as…

The Stink of Control
Uruknet August 27, 2010 – Sewage thickens the waters of the once pristine Zomar river in northwestern West Bank. With no nearby treatment plants, sludge like this coats the lands, poisoning wells and aquifers, polluting fields and infecting children. “There is no real life there – it is just waste water,” said Iyad Aburdeieneh, Palestinian Deputy Director of Friends of…

Video: EU slams Palestinian’s conviction
Uruknet August 27, 2010 – The European Union has publicly criticised Israel, over the conviction of a human rights activist from the West Bank town of Bal’in. Abdallah Abu-Rahma was found guilty of incitement by an Israeli military court, and is now awaiting sentencing…

Jerusalem settlers assault 9 year old, parents say
Uruknet August 27, 2010 — A nine-year-old boy said he was beaten by Israelis affiliated with the Atarot Kohanim settler group in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday evening. Anas Sa’ad Ash-Shaloudi said he was on his way to his uncle’s house for the fast-breaking iftar meal at sunset, and was assaulted by five men standing outside his uncle’s home. “They…

Red Crescent Members Arrested at Weekly Protest, Ni’lin
Uruknet August 27, 2010 – Israeli writer and film maker Joseph Dana has reported, via his twitter account, that the Israeli military has conducted a number of arrests in Ni’lin, near Ramallah, including the five member team from the Red Crescent. Dana, who regularly attends Ni’lin’s weekly protest against Israel’s construction of the separation and annexation wall, updates followers of…

Palestinian Authority intelligence forces shut down conference against negotiations in Ramallah
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Palestinian Authority intelligence and police forces attacked, interrupted and shut down a Palestinian national conference against participation in direct negotiations with Israel in Ramallah on August 25, 2010. Organized by Palestinian political parties, independent figures and human rights organizations, the conference was convened in order to denounce the negotiations, to be held under the auspices…

‘McCarthyism’ Rises in Israel
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Rightwing Israeli groups financially supported by Jewish and fundamentalist Christian groups from abroad are on a campaign to undermine free thought in Israeli universities. Collaterally, a move is under way by right-wing parties in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, to limit the freedom of action of civil and human rights-minded NGOs. Under the semblance of seeking “…

Netanyahu’s conditions kill negotiations at birth
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said that any Palestinian state that is created at the end of peace negotiations must be demilitarized and must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. With these demands, Netanyahu is trying to kill off the peace talks before they even begin. He also said that Israel would not accept…

Lieberman “not optimistic” about direct negotiations and rules out a swift peace deal
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has told Israel Radio that he is “not optimistic” about the results of the direct negotiations and rules out a peace deal within one year. He has called for everyone to have “lower expectations” of the summit for the launch of negotiations in Washington next week. According to the radio…

Video: Checkpoint
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – An ambulance is stopped, and the sick people inside brought out to explain their ailments. A mother is separated from her very young children. Young Palestinians laugh and throw snowballs at Israeli soldiers, who jovially respond in kind. One Israeli soldier harasses a pretty Palestinian girl. Another refers to the Arabs as “animals,” and suggests…

Israeli Soldiers Sell Gaza Flotilla Passengers’ Computers and Steal Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in CashIsraeli Government Refuses to Secure Criminal Evidence
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Despite appeals from 750 passengers on the Gaza flotilla to their governments to pressure the Israeli government to protect and return their personal belongings that were taken by Israeli commandos on May 31, 2010, when they forcefully boarded the six ships of the flotilla, the Israeli government has left millions of dollars of computers, cameras…

The Israeli Lobby: Declassified Documents Expose Its Influence
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Intolerant of opposing views, they’re suppressed for its own agenda, funded by PR propaganda domestically and overseas, America’s top publications paid off to go along, now revealed by a secret document subpoenaed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (FRC) investigation into the American Zionist Council (AZC), AIPAC’s parent lobbying arm. “Between 1962 – 1963, the…

The UnHolyCost in Palestine
Uruknet August 25, 2010 – So, it appears that our dear President Obama has finally convinced the Palestinians and Israelis to participate in bilateral talks that might lead to the much glorified 2 State Solution to the unrest in that region. I don’t know what what these discussions can hope to achieve, given that settlement building in full swing in…

B’Tselem calls for investigation into Galant’s war crimes against Gaza
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – The Israeli B’Tselem human rights organization has protested Israeli war minister Ehud Barak naming Yoav Galant as the military’s new chief of staff. The organization said in a statement Wednesday that it protests the decision to appoint Galant as chief of staff before investigating the General’s liability for the gross violations of human rights during…

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (19 -25 August 2010)
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Israeli violations of international law and humanitarian law in the OPT continued during the reporting period (19 — 25 August 2010):

Defending the indefensible: Israel’s Wikipedia war
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – For more than six decades, unquestioning Western public support for Israel has been contingent upon the ability of pro-Israeli groups to dominate the media and spin even the most appalling of Israeli actions into something acceptable. Central to this need for advocates to defend Israel is the persistent question marks over its legitimacy, going back…

Veolia whitewashes illegal light rail project
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – Last week the Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the consortium holding the contract to the controversial Jerusalem light rail project surveyed city residents on whether they would feel comfortable sharing rail service with Palestinians. The bad publicity around the survey — described as racist by even members of the Israeli government — is an ironic…

The Light Rail Racist? Of Course it is
Uruknet August 26, 2010 – My two kids, especially my son, just love catching a glimpse of the shiny new trains being tested these days in Jerusalem. On our way to Ramallah, if you are “lucky” you can see the trains on a test drive along the main road, moving up to the beginning part of Shufat. In any other…

The National

Netanyahu plans regular meetings with Abbas
The National 27 Aug 2010 – The Israeli prime minister plans to personally lead talks that begin next week and hopes to hold biweekly meetings with the Palestinian leader.

General Who Came in From the Cold
Alternative Information Center – The journey for the promotion of General Galant and his transformation from one of the candidates for Israel’s Chief of Staff to the only possible candidate, to present him as a saint saved from the swamp…

Israel’s Ministry of Education Approves Ashkenazi-Only School in West Bank Settlement of Immanuel
Alternative Information Center – Israel’s Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday (25 August) that it will approve the opening of an Ashkenazi only private school in the West Bank settlement of Immanuel, to resolve the segregation issues surrounding the community’s…

Cultural Centre Opens in Settlement, Israeli Theaters to Perform
Alternative Information Center – Israel’s leading theater companies have agreed to perform in the new cultural center in the West Bank settlement of Ariel, according to an article in Israeli news daily Haaretz , but two actors from Habima, the national…

Veolia Publishes Discriminatory Ad for Jerusalem Light Rail
Alternative Information Center – The French company Veolia, involved in building the tramway project in Jerusalem, published an advertisement on Monday (23 August) which included requirements that effectively exclude Palestinian job seekers.

Norwegian Pension Divests from Israeli Companies
Alternative Information Center – The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) announced divestment from two Israeli companies, Africa Israel Investments and Danya Cebus, due to their involvement in the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Internationals to Join Protesters from Palestinian Village of Iraq Burin Tomorrow
WAFA – NABLUS, August 27, 2010 (WAFA)- International human right volunteers will be joining villagers from Iraq Burin, near Nablus on Saturday August 28, for the weekly demonstration, despite the extreme

One Injured in Bil’in Weekly Demo against Wall
WAFA – RAMALLAH, August 27, 2010 (WAFA)- A person was injured Friday with a rubber bullet at the weekly demonstration against the Israeli apartheid Wall in the West Bank village of Bil’in west of of

Gaza Flotilla: UN Fact-Finding Mission Concludes Visit to Turkey
WAFA – GENEVA, August 27, 2010 (WAFA)- The international, independent fact-finding mission of high-level experts appointed by the President of the Human Rights Council to inquire into the Gaza flotilla

Water supplied in Gaza Unfit for Drinking
WAFA – TEL AVIV, August 27, 2010 (WAFA)- Almost 95 percent of the water pumped in the Gaza Strip is polluted and unfit for drinking. This warning was recently issued by the UN Environment Programme, the

World Bank Approves Additional $7 Million for Sanitation In Gaza
WAFA – GAZA, August 26, 2010 (WAFA)- The World Bank Board of Directors approved today an additional financing

Daily Star

France urges EU to threaten Iran sanctions over stoning
Daily Star 27 Aug 2010

‘McCarthyism’ on the rise in Israel’s universities
Daily Star 27 Aug 2010

UN anti-racism panel calls on Tehran to counter hatred
Daily Star 27 Aug 2010

Lord’s Resistance Army spreads reign of terror in South Sudan
Daily Star 27 Aug 2010

Jumblatt welcomes Sleiman to the Chouf mountains
Daily Star 27 Aug 2010

Hariri vows Cabinet will take steps to halt spread of weapons
Daily Star 27 Aug 2010

The Guardian

Peace talks yet to burst Tel Aviv ‘bubble’ | Seth Freedman
The Guardian 27 Aug 2010 – Residents of Israel’s centre are confident of their security and indifferent to talks, making a change in the status quo unlikely Hot town, summer in the city — and Tel Aviv residents have far better things…

Lebanon’s law on Palestinian workers does not go far enough | Ahmed Moor
The Guardian 27 Aug 2010 – Extending access to work and economic rights to Palestinians would give refugees back their dignity and benefit Lebanon Beirut pulses with expatriate lives. Foreign nationals come from everywhere for lots of different reasons. Some of them…

Relief Web

Supporting blood banking in the Gaza Strip
Relief Web 27 Aug 2010 – Source: Merlin

A simple gift: California man’s legacy gives boost to Palestinian children
Relief Web 27 Aug 2010 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

World Bank Approves Additional $7 Million For Sanitation In Gaza
Relief Web 27 Aug 2010 – Source: World Bank

Gaza flotilla: UN fact-finding mission concludes visit to Turkey
Relief Web 27 Aug 2010 – Source: UN Human Rights Council

YNet News

France wants EU seat at Mideast peace talks
YNet News – France wants the European Union to have a seat at the table during next week’s start of US-backed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Washington. …….

Senior Hamas figure questioned before Jerusalem prayer
YNet News – Senior Hamas figure Sheikh Hamed al-Bitawi was arrested Friday afternoon while making his way to a prayer service at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestinian sources …….

‘IDF can destroy Lebanon army within 4 hours’
YNet News – An senior advisor to US special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell has threatened Lebanese army commander, Jean Kahwajim that should his army initiate additional …….

Jerusalem man indicted for molesting kids in synagogue
YNet News – An indictment has been filed against a Jerusalem resident on charges of molestation of eight minors in a synagogue where he worked as a cleaner in 2006-2008. He is also …….

Report: France willing to arm Lebanon with 100 missiles
YNet News – France has expressed willingness to provide the Lebanese army with helicopter missiles as part of a deal which has yet to be signed, the London-based Arabic-language …….

Lecturer to return as woman after summer break
YNet News – Many students in one of central Israel’s leading universities received an e-mail recently from their favorite lecturer, who informed them that “as of next year I will no …….

Palestinian Information Center

IOF troops release Sheikh Beitawi after several hours of detention
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – Sheikh Hamed al-Beitawi, an Imam of the Aqsa Mosque and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council was released after several hours in detention at al-Maskoubeyah detention centre.

IOA to close Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslims next month
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – The Israeli Occupation Authority announced that the Ibrahimi Mosque will be exclusively open around the clock for ten days to Jews on the occasion of the Jewish new year which will start on 18.

Palestinian worker dies in tunnel collapse in Gaza
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – A Palestinian worker died at dawn Friday in a tunnel collapse in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Huaman rights group condemns attack by Abbas’s men on staff of al-Haq
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemned the attack on Wednesday by Abbas’s men against members and staff of al-Haq another human rights organisation based in Ramallah.

Haneyya: Fatah’s authority mortgaged itself to the US will
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – Ismael Haneyya said on Thursday that the US-sponsored direct negotiations between the Fatah authority in Ramallah and the Israeli occupation are futile and have no popular support..

Abbas: We will go to direct negotiations even it has 1% chance of success
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah leader in the West Bank, has said Thursday he would go for direct negotiations with the Israeli occupation even it has a 1% chance of success.

Pakistani leaders rap UN bias on Palestine
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – Noted speakers from different shades of Pakistani politics emphasized that United Nations has completely failed in protecting the interests of Muslim minorities..

Sick Palestinian captives moved to central jails despite deteriorating health
PIC 27 Aug 2010 – The SNCSC has strongly condemned Thursday the Israeli occupation decision of transferring sick Palestinian captives from Ramle prison hospital to central jails..

New York Times

Netanyahu Seeks Regular Meetings With Abbas
New York Times 27 Aug 2010 – Israel’s prime minister said he hoped the peace negotiations that begin next week would include meetings every two weeks between him and the Palestinian president, an Israeli official said Friday.


White House briefing for Jewish-American leadership outlines strategy for Israeli-Palestinian talks
Mondoweiss – The following article appears on the front page today’s Yediot Ahronoth, and was translated by Didi Remez on his blog Coteret . Agreement now, peace later Shimon Shiffer, Yediot, August 27 2010 [front-page] The Obama administration intends to present Israel and the Palestinians with a new outline…

Anti-Defamation League condemns the very ‚Äòanti-Muslim sentiment’ it contributes to
Mondoweiss – A month after the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the ‚”nation’s premier civil rights” agency (in their words), came out against building an Islamic community center blocks away from Ground Zero because ‚”building [it] in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain,”…

It’s not about religion
Mondoweiss – Gregory Harms is author of Straight Power Concepts in the Middle East: U.S. Foreign Policy, Israel and World History . Since the September 11 attacks, the topic of Islam, and in particular Muslim extremism, has come front and center in the news coverage and public discourse. This…

I wish Jewish journalists would emulate Aslan and Zakaria in being transparent about their religious identity
Mondoweiss – One of the interesting things about the debate about the Islamic center near Ground Zero is that American Muslim journalists have offered confessions about their identity in taking a stand in favor of the mosque/center. I have heard Reza Aslan and Fareed Zakaria speak openly about…

Washington Post finally goes after the lobby
Mondoweiss – The Congo lobby that is . “Congo Republic’s heavy use of D.C. lobbyists prompts questions.” The chief target of the piece is Maxine Waters, the leftleaning Congresswoman, and “many members” of the Congressional Black Caucus. Would the Post ever go after the Israel lobby and talk about…

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IDF arrests Red Crescent medical team during demonstration in Ni’ilin
Joseph Dana 27 Aug 2010 – The IDF arrested a Red Crescent medical team this afternoon in the West Bank city of Ni’ilin. The medical team was a part of the weekly protest against the separation wall and continued Israeli settlement expansion. Roughly thirty Palestinians accompanied by Israeli and international supporters approached…

‚”A silk purse from a sow’s ear”: Israel finds a creative solution for a West Bank land confiscation problem
Coteret 27 Aug 2010 – As always happens when the diplomatic process resumes, the air is filled with talk of economic and infrastructure projects. For the principals, the buzz helps in creating an ‚”atmosphere of progress.” The bureaucrats and businessmen behind the leaks are usually angling for a share of the…

Egypt swelters as power cut daily
BBC 27 Aug 2010 – Cities across Egypt have been hit by daily blackouts during the past two weeks, sparking protests and calls for the electricity minister to be sacked.

‚ÄòMcCarthyism’ Rises in Israel
Antiwar.com 27 Aug 2010 – JERUSALEM — Rightwing Israeli groups financially supported by Jewish and fundamentalist Christian groups from abroad are on a campaign to undermine free thought in Israeli universities. Collaterally, a move is under way by right-wing parties in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, to limit the freedom of action…

Obama Resists Pressure for Red Line on Iran’s Nuclear Capability
Antiwar.com 26 Aug 2010 – President Barack Obama’s refusal in a White House briefing earlier this month to announce a “red line” in regard to the Iran nuclear program represented another in a series of rebuffs of pressure from Defense Secretary Robert Gates for statement that the United States will not…


1948 and Israel’s deceptive bargaining position
Ben White, Israeli Occupation Archive8/19/2010
Israel’s demand that Palestinians recognize it as a Jewish state sounds reasonable — unless you understand 1948
The refrain from Israeli politicians and the country’s allies and apologists is familiar: There can be no peace deal until the Palestinians ‚”recognize” Israel as ‚”a Jewish state.” While this can sound reasonable to the casual listener in the West, this demand actually points to critical flaws in the ‚”peace process” and the way in which the international community approaches the Palestine/Israel question.
This is because such a demand, and understanding why it is so unacceptable to Palestinians, means going back to 1948 — when hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed, their inhabitants forbidden from returning by the new Jewish state — and throwing the spotlight on two groups of Palestinians that the so-called peace process has ignored or marginalized: the refugees of ‚Äò48 (and their descendants) and the Palestinian minority that’s left inside Israel. The unpleasant reality is that Israel as ‚”a Jewish state” means the permanent exile and dispossession of the former, and the colonial control of the latter.
In the West, even talking about Palestinian citizens inside Israel risks confusion, since for so long they have been referred to as ‚”Israeli Arabs” or ‚”Arab Israelis.” This is a formulation intended to obfuscate their Palestinian identity, a discursive erasure symbolic of far more brutal methods (some of which are described below). The lack of attention paid to the issues faced by Palestinians in Israel by Western politicians and pundits is unfortunate, since their historic and contemporary reality radically undermines the well-worn clich?© that Israel is ‚”the only democracy in the Middle East.” more.. e-mail

A poisoned process holds little hope
David Gardner, Financial Times, Israeli Occupation Archive8/25/2010
As the caravans of Middle East peace negotiators rumble into Washington next week for the umpteenth time, the pervasive cynicism and sense of deja vu all over again is overwhelming — and with good reason.
The Middle East peace process long ago turned into a tortured charade of pure process while events on the ground — in particular the relentless and strategic Israeli colonisation of occupied Palestinian land — pull in the opposite direction to peace. ‚”We have all been colluding in a gigantic confidence trick,” is how one Arab minister puts it, ‚”and here we go again”.
While many factors had combined to hand veto powers to rejectionists on both sides, the heart of the question remains the continuing Israeli occupation. It is essential to remember that the biggest single increase of Jewish settlers on Arab land — a 50 per cent rise — took place in 1992-96 under the governments of peace-makers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres at the high-water mark of the Oslo peace accords. Many Israelis will point to the perfidy of the late Yassir Arafat, who wanted to talk peace but keep the option of armed resistance dangerously in play. But what killed Oslo was the occupation. The second intifada that erupted a decade ago was essentially the Oslo war.
A decade on, the Israeli settlement enterprise has turned the occupied West Bank into a discontiguous scattering of cantons, walled in by a security barrier built on yet more annexed Arab land and criss-crossed by segregated Israeli roads linking the settlements. Last month, B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights group, published a study showing Israel has now taken 42 per cent of the West Bank, with 300,000 settlers there and another 200,000 in East Jerusalem. The siege of Gaza has turned that sliver of land into a vast, open-air prison. more.. e-mail

No reconstruction despite siege “easing”
Electronic Intifada: 27 Aug 2010 – Last week, nearly forty families who were displaced during Israel’s winter 2008-09 attacks on the Gaza Strip took over an abadoned, partially-built building in the Jabaliya refugee camp. Rami Almeghari reports for The Electronic Intifada.more

An artist’s pledge to boycott
Electronic Intifada: 27 Aug 2010 – I am proud to be among the many Irish and Ireland-based artists from across creative disciplines who have chosen to publicly support the growing campaign of boycott against apartheid Israel. Compared to the imprisoned Palestinian people themselves and to those taking part in flotillas and other perilous anti-apartheid activities in Palestine our contribution and risk may be justly considered small.more

Seeing the land as one: Raja Shehadeh interviewed
Electronic Intifada: 27 Aug 2010 – A Rift in Time takes readers back to the life of author Raja Shehadeh’s great-uncle Najib Nassar, who edited the Haifa-based newspaper al-Karmil in the last years of the Ottoman Empire. Sarah Irving interviews Shehadeh for The Electronic Intifada.more

McCarthy in Israel
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Aug 2010 – By Neve Gordon On May 31, I joined some 50 students and faculty members who gathered outside Ben-Gurion University of the Negev to demonstrate against the Israeli military assault on the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid toward Gaza. In response, the next day a few hundred students marched toward the social-sciences building, Israeli flags in hand. Amid the nationalist songs and pro-government chants, there were also shouts demanding my resignation from the university faculty. One student even proceeded to create a Facebook group whose sole goal is to have me sacked. So far over 2,100 people (many of them nonstudents) have joined. In addition to death wishes and declarations that I should be exiled, the site includes a call on students to spy on me during class. “We believe,” ends a message written to the group, “that if we conduct serious and profound work, we can, with the help of each…more

More Pointless Talks with Israel?
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Aug 2010 – By Stuart Littlewood — London The Palestinians’ champion – their White Knight – is preparing to ride forth next week and do battle at the negotiating table with the racist regime’s Black Knight and his minder, the Great Satan. The rules of chivalry don’t apply, so the outcome is not in doubt. However, the White Knight is not quite as white or brave as he seems. Eager to do his lord’s bidding, Mahmoud Abbas is a willing fall guy. On this occasion Obama has imperiously snapped his fingers and announced he wants direct talks started ‚”well before” the Black Knight (aka Israeli prime minister Netanyahu) ends the partial freeze on illegal settlements in a month’s time. And, by the way, US mid-term elections are coming up in two months’ time and Obama has to look good. So Abbas jumped. And Abbas is at least 18 months past the pack-your-bags date…more

Palestine Betrayed — Book Review
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Aug 2010 – By Jim Miles Palestine Betrayed. Efraim Karsh. Yale University Press, London, 2010. Was Palestine betrayed? Of course it was, by the British, the United States, France, the League of Nations, the United Nations, the remnants of the Ottoman empire, all of the regional Arab countries, and by certain elites and powerful of Palestine itself. Efraim Karsh makes the latter two the main if not the sole responsible for the nakba – the disaster – that occurred in 1947-48 with the announced partition of Palestine followed by the declaration of the state of Israel. ‚”Palestine Betrayed,” as portrayed by Karsh, is the story of the connivances of the Arab leaders in the region along with the elites of Palestine while the Jewish population continually offered peace and coexistence with their brethren and encouraged them to stay in their villages and towns to become partners in the new state enterprise. Karsh is…more

Send in the Clowns
Dissident Voice: 27 Aug 2010 – The Palestinians’ champion — their White Knight — is preparing to ride forth next week and do battle at the negotiating table with the racist regime’s Black Knight and his minder, the Great Satan. The rules of chivalry don’t apply, so the outcome is not in doubt. However, the White Knight is not quite as white or brave as he seems. Eager to do his lord’s bidding, Mahmoud Abbas is a willing fall guy. On this occasion Obama has imperiously snapped his fingers and announced he wants direct talks started ‚”well before” the Black Knight (aka Israeli prime minister Netanyahu) ends the partial freeze on illegal settlements in a month’s time. And, by the way, US mid-term elections are coming up in two months’ time and Obama has to look good. So Abbas jumped. And Abbas is at least 18 months past the pack-your-bags date when he should have stepped…more

Do Most Israelis and Many Other Jews NEED to Feel Persecuted?
Dissident Voice: 27 Aug 2010 – I have written and often say that very many if not most Jews do not want to know the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel. (An essential element of the truth being that Israel was created, mainly, by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing). Because I am a goy , a non-Jew, (actually a blonde, blue-eyed Englishman of advancing years), that may strike some readers as a very presumptuous statement for me to make. How can I possibly know for sure that at least some if not many Jews don’t want to know truth of history? It’s a fair question and my answer to it, quoted below, is in the now published Volume 3 of the American edition of my book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews . After my dear wife, my best friend in the…more

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