GazaFriends] In celebration…and anticipation

28 August, 2010 — Gaza Friends

When we wrote the text for Happy Birthday, Free Gaza, our wonderful video producer, Paola, asked if she could design a video tribute to Free Gaza. It is here.

Many of you have also sent birthday wishes to us as we get ready to sail again in the fall. To all of you… thank you. None of this could have been done without the support from around the world. Below are just some of the birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Free Gaza. I pray the next ships make it and bring joy blowing in the winds to greet the ships from the wonderful Gazans. Georgianne, California

Happy birthday. my hopes for the end of the blockade of Gaza. Wafa, Palestine

Happy  2nd Anniversary from the Sabra Shatila Foundation, the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign and all who salute what you have achieved on the behalf   of all people of good will…’Sail on, Sail on, oh boats of resistance and may Allah decree that  never shall  ye trim your sails against the dark winds.’……….Mabrouk! Franklin, Lebanon

NEVER give up. This siege MUST BE BROKEN and you will see, IT WILL BE BROKEN.
FREE GAZA !!!!! Ingrid, Italy

Mabruk to you all. You are awesome. It all is. Brilliant. Happy B-Day, Love Ann, New York

It isn’t just Gaza that you creative and brave people have begun to free. You have also freed the millions who have been watching Israel’s abuse of the Palestinians of Gaza and feeling helpless because they could think of nothing they could do to make things better. If we can’t sail with you on a Free Gaza boat, we can help fund and support you in myriad other ways. Thanks. Don, California

Happy Birthday Free Gaza. Mairead, Ireland

Happy 2nd anniversary. Keep up the wonderful work. We are all so proud of you !
Dale, US

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Free Gaza, happy birthday to you. Hip, hip hooray!  I’m feeling sea sick all over again and can taste those awful vegan biscuits, Yvonne, UK

From the deepest recesses of our heart: happy birthday Free Gaza. This date will be etched in the golden annals of people’s history, because free gaza is creating a new chapter in the history of human liberation as we speak…Proud to be associated with some of the most courageous & creative people in the world. Feroze, India

I have been given no greater gift than the opportunity to be on board the FREE GAZA when it landed on Gaza beach two years ago.   May we all one day meet together in Gaza. Mary, California

Celebrate what we could. Overcome what we could not. David, Washington

Go!ddess Bless You all.  Two years ago you sailed into Gaza, alerting the world to the absolute moral imperative for every civilized human being to say NO MORE to tyranny and state terrorism, bullying and lies. You who sailed to see a free Gaza told the rest of us, we all must take a stand for the dignity and freedom, the full human rights, of all the Palestinian people, and all peoples everywhere. Steve, California

Happy Birthday and may you go from strength to strength. Viva Free Gaza! The end is always the beginning. Gloria, UK

Happy Birthday Free Gaza. Well done for keeping going with the most just campaign on the planet. I will keep supporting and doing what I can to keep the campaign and the plight of the Palestinians up there. Always on your side. Joe, Ireland

Happy Birthday, all our love. Free Gaza is much more that what you do, it is in its spirit  pure , loving, extreme well-considered, and highly intelligent. Free Gaza is for us a symbol of how we citizens  should always behave, in daily life as whether it comes to your own family or the world family. Neils and Marie, Denmark

Happy Birthday Free Gaza 🙂 you guys are true freedom fighters..very inspiring in a world gone mad, that’s for sure. Sean, California

Happy Birthday Free Gaza!! You have achieved such a lot in such a short space of time. You should be very proud of all you have achieved. Excellent job 🙂 All the best for now. Hanan, UK

Great Text..this is the spirit…Happy Birthday. Ton, Netherlands

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for letting me be a first! One day, Gaza will be free! Kathleen, California

Happy Birthday Free Gaza to everyone! And I wish everyone a Free Palestine! Mahmoud, Gaza

The flotillas will grow, more and more boats and ships, thousands of people will board the boats and tens of thousands will demand to board. The people of the world say enough is enough – Free Palestine Now! Tear down all the Apartheid Walls Now! Right of Return for all Palestinians. Donna, California

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