‘CANTOS’ based on Dante’s Inferno (Trailer)

30 August, 2010


‘CANTOS’ based on Dante’s Inferno (Trailer)
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“CANTOS started out as a call to SE London filmmakers to collaborate on a project called ‘INFERNO’ initially to travel & later on be Vj’d by Scanner and musician Laurie Anderson, with a narration by Colin Redgrave. This is one of several that we made on no-budget using a P170 with brilliant lighting cameraman Miguel Amortegui along with executive producer Christy Symington, ARBS and producer/director Tontxi Vazquez. Much came about in only one room and a couple of exterior locations around Deptford,London; home to Christopher Marlowe, Pepy’s, Sir Walter Raleigh, and the original Cross Bones of St. Nicholas Church mixed with allegorical references to love, loss and chiaroscuro feelings of low light and Dante’s voyage with Virgil. This is one of the tomes that is less abstract than the others in this continuous work still in progress. It also inspired “Elysian Kaffe” a UK foreign language -London based feature script by Tontxi Vazquez currently in pre-production w/ Dop Miguel Amortegui attached. With overtones to Inception, Altered States, L’Innocente, Anti-Christ and the writings during the Inquisition.

All Rights Reserved to the Music & Recording Company”

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