Information Clearing House Newsletter 24 September, 2010: How the CIA ran a secret army of 3,000 assassins

24 September, 2010 — ICH

“The Dead Were Completely Unrecognisable”
Interview With Family Devastated by US Drone Attack
By Asim Qureshi
I am shocked that the US can come to attack Pakistan in this way and Pakistan does not even have the authority to question them on the deaths they are causing. The civilians in all these regions are extremely frightened and fearful.

9/11 Was An Inside Job?: Ahmadinejad
Full speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN September 23, 2010

Ethical Reflections on the 9/11 Controversy:
By Elizabeth Woodworth
Do Information Science and Media Professionals Have a Duty to Provide Evidence-Based Information to a Questioning Public?

Maybe Muslims Did It?
By Gordon Duff
The truth never benefits from censorship.  Censorship is dictatorship.  Dictatorship is when those in power no longer trust the people.   A government that doesn’t trust its own people can’t serve its people, its people serve it.  This is the America of today.

The Ballad Of The Fleas
By John Walker Lindh
For wolves may foam and bark and bite
And gnash and gnaw and hiss
But if a sheep should dare bite back
He’d be a terrorist

Why Mitchell Said ‘No’ to Hamas
By Ramzy Baroud
It seems utterly bizarre that US President Obama’s Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, answered with a simple “no” when he was recently asked whether Washington will reach out to Hamas.

In Case You Missed it
The Third Temple’s Holy Of Holies:
Israel’s Nuclear Weapons
By Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army
This paper is a history of the Israeli nuclear weapons program drawn from a review of unclassified sources.  Israel began its search for nuclear weapons at the inception of the state in 1948.  As payment for Israeli participation in the Suez Crisis of 1956, France provided nuclear expertise and constructed a reactor complex for Israel at Dimona capable of large-scale plutonium production and reprocessing.

FBI Serves Terrorism Warrants in Minnesota, Chicago
By The Associated Press
“The FBI is harassing anti-war organizers and leaders, folks who opposed U.S. intervention in the Middle East and Latin America,” Kelly said before agents confiscated his cell phone.

“The Republican Pledge to Privatize Social Security”
By John Nichols
The only way Republicans will avoid creating the largest deficits in American history is by ending the nation’s commitment to its seniors and to its most vulnerable citizens-by gutting Social Security and functional Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Democratic Cowardice
Keith Olbermann Interview With Michael Moore.

Why Say Yes to the Party of No?
By Ralph Nader
Clueless and spineless Democrats, busily dialing for the same corporate campaign dollars.

Tea Party is Just a Media Spectacle
By Joe Bageant
For some reason, in this country, there’s always been an assumption that the poor, or the underclass, are the non-white people that live in this country, and the fact that there has always been a white underclass has become taboo.

Six suspected insurgents killed in airstrike in Afghanistan:
An airstrike by international and Afghan forces has killed six suspected insurgents, including the alleged leader of the Haqqani terrorist network, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Friday

Suicide blast kills child, injures 28 in Afghanistan:
A suicide bomber targeting a Nato convoy in northern Afghanistan hit a passing bus full of wedding party guests, killing a child and injuring 28 others, police said.

Britain tells US ‘we cannot fight another Afghanistan’:
Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, told his counterparts in the US that the Armed Forces would only be able to provide the manpower for medium-scale conflicts or for support in large conflicts where others took a greater part.

How the CIA ran a secret army of 3,000 assassins:
The US Central Intelligence Agency is running and paying for a secret 3,000-strong army of Afghan paramilitaries whose main aim is assassinating Taliban and al-Qa’ida operatives not just in Afghanistan but across the border in neighbouring Pakistan’s tribal areas, according to Bob Woodward’s explosive book.

3 killed in bomb attacks in northwest Pakistan:
Three persons were killed when pro-Taliban militants carried out three bomb attacks on trucks and tankers ferrying supplies to foreign troops in Afghanistan in the restive Khyber tribal region of northwest Pakistan, officials said on Friday

Massive anti-US rallies held in Pakistan:
Thousands of people have held anti-US demonstrations across Pakistan to protest an American court’s verdict against a female Pakistani scientist.

Pakistan will fight Aafia Siddiqui’s sentencing in US:
Pakistan’s prime minister announced Friday that he will work for the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman convicted of attempted murder by the US and believed to have ties to Al Qaed

Yvonne Ridley : Bring Back the Daughter of Pakistan:

Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s very existence is a constant reminder of all that is wrong with America’s War on Terror … Obama might have changed the name but it still represents kidnap, rendition, torture and injustice. These were once the trademarks of despots and dictatorships but now they are synonymous with the US.

Iraqi policeman and assailant killed in foiled suicide attack:

An Iraqi policeman and an alleged suicide bomber were killed Friday when security forces foiled an attack aimed at Friday worshippers in the centre of the restive city of Mosul, said Iraqi forces.

This Year, Contractor Deaths Exceed Military Ones in Iraq and Afghanistan:

More private contractors than soldiers were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent months, the first time in history that corporate casualties have outweighed military losses on America’s battlefields.

Rampant drug use, random gunfire at Blackwater’s Baghdad parties: claim:

Blackwater employees in Baghdad held wild parties featuring large amounts of cocaine and hash, where armed personnel would sometimes fire randomly at nearby buildings housing Iraqi civilians, says a former contractor for the security company.

US Businessman: Blackwater Paid Me to Buy Steroids and Weapons on Black Market for its Shooters :

A Texas businessman who has worked extensively in Iraq claims that Blackwater paid him to purchase steroids and other drugs for its operatives in Baghdad, as well as more than 100 AK47s and massive amounts of ammunition on Baghdad’s black market

Unarmed Gaza fisherman ‘killed by Israeli navy’:

A fisherman has been shot and killed by the Israeli navy off the northern coast of the Gaza Strip, doctors in the territory say.

Syrian aid arrives at Rafah crossing:

An aid convoy from Syria arrived at the Rafah crossing on the Gaza Strip’s border with Egypt on Thursday.

Syrian Aid Ship: Aid Helps Relieve Effects of Israeli Aggressive Practices and Unjust Siege:

The Syrian delegation accompanying the aid ship visited several areas that were destroyed by the Israeli occupation forces during their aggression on Gaza in December 2008, including ministries, hotels and the visas department.

Viva Palestina Convoy:

Activists from Britain and Ireland set off from London.Police only allowed a limited number of vehicles to gather-they included ambulances that will be used by medical workers in Gaza.

Anti-Israel IAEA resolution tossed:

The United States swayed the 151-member states of the UN nuclear agency to reject the Arab-proposed resolution which called on Tel Aviv to open up its nuclear activities to inspection.

Demonizing Ahmadinejad:

President Obama Condemns Ahmadinejad’s 9/11 “Accusation”:
“It Was Offensive, It Was Hateful

Ahmadinejad stands by 9/11 probe call: – Video –

“The event was very suspicious, but I do not wish to pass judgment. I simply tried to offer a proposal for a humane solution to problems that have risen as a result of 9/11,”Ahmadinejad told a press conference on Friday.

Iran Accuses U.S. of Hypocrisy in Woman’s Execution:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States of hypocrisy on Friday for criticizing the death sentence of an Iranian woman, while a woman was executed in the United States this week.

US Executes Grandmother Despite Protests:

A U.S. grandmother has been put to death by lethal injection in Virginia, the first women executed in the state for nearly a century, prompting outrage from anti-death penalty campaigners.

UK ups Irish-related threat level:

Attack on mainland from Northern Ireland-related groups is a “strong possibility”, interior minister says.

UN holds emergency food talks:

Food and Agriculture Organisation meets in Rome, Italy, amid concerns of hunger and unrest over high food prices.

Feds: Privacy Does Not Exist in ‘Public Places’:

The Obama administration has urged a federal appeals court to allow the government, without a court warrant, to affix GPS devices on suspects’ vehicles to track their every move.

Alcohol Lobby Now Openly Spending Against CA’s Legal Pot Initiative:

Big Alcohol’s decision to squash marijuana law reform to protect its bottom line is simply politics as usual.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,366,350″

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,739
Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,100

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

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