Bradley Manning Newslinks for 13 February, 2011

13 February, 2011 —

Your mail: Absent anger, absent concern
Alexandria Town Talk
… there is almost zero anger and casual concern over the existence and
deeds of the bully Julian Assange and the crappy little traitor, Bradley
Manning. …

Is political correctness killing the military
Richmond Times Dispatch
Bradley Manning is now in the brig at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Just a
few days ago, Rep. Dennis Kucinich sent Secretary of Defense Robert Gates a
letter …

The Guardian’s Wikileaks Book Is This Generation’s “All The President’s Men”
… (this one from Assange’s new UK publishing partner, the Telegraph) was
that it “outs” Private Bradley Manning as the source of the leaked
documents. …

Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts
Berkeley’s Bradley Manning resolution is watered down From “hero
status” to “humane treatment”… and the City Council also considers
inviting two Guantanamo …

Assange: ‘Gillard must bring me home’
Green Left Weekly
Meanwhile, the WSJ said US investigators have failed to uncover evidence
that Assange encouraged the alleged leaker of the secret documents, Bradley
Manning …

Bradley Manning Support Network “ Archive “ Berkeley City Council …
By James Q
BERKELEY, California, 11 February 2011 — On Tuesday, February 15th, the
Berkeley City Council will vote on a resolution to call “for the
immediate end to the cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of PFC Bradley
Manning during his …

Bradley Manning: One Soldier Who Really Did ‘Defend Our Freedom …
By cpmondello
But I can think of one exception. If there’s a soldier anywhere in the
world who’s fought and suffered for my freedom, it’s Pfc. Bradley Manning.
Manning is frequently portrayed, among the knuckle-draggers on right-wing
message boards, …

Wisconsin Governor Moves to Gut Public Sector Unions – Truthdig
FREE BRADLEY MANNING!!!! Report this. By purplewolf, February 12 at 7:25 pm
Link to this comment. Don’t forget the beginning of Martial Law out in the
open by putting the National Guard on alert. I thought all of our National
Guard are …

The Great Change: Egypt’s Demographic Whammy
By Peaksurfer
They are less concerned with Lindsay Lohan’s latest court date or Gerard
Butler’s abdominal exercise regimen than with the effects of the drought in
the Amazon, the rising price of grain stocks, or the gitmoization of
Bradley Manning . …

Dangerous Creation “ Blog Archive “ Is This Comment By Karen The …
By David G
Look at what has been done to Bradley Manning? Yes, there are selfish and
very arrogant and stupid Americans and many have been brain washed since
birth to believe that amerika is the greatest. Most of them believe the
lies or are part …

Skeptical Eye: Ron Paul Wins CPAC Presidential Straw Poll With 30 …
By Nikk J
Berkeley City Council to Weigh Resolution on Bradley Manning’s Deprivation
of Human Rights – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MEDIA: Bob Meola Bradley Manning
Support Network
+1-510-644-1102 …

Karl Rove’s Swedish Connections: The Controversy And The Facts
By Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Italy)
The New York Times reports that the Obama Justice Department is devising
espionage conspiracy charges under an innovative use of spy law to persuade
an alleged WikiLeaks source, Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, now being held
pre-trial in …

Why Bradley Manning is a patriot, not a criminal – War Room …
An opening statement for the defense of Pfc. Manning.

Join the Cause – Free Bradley Manning – Right2Know | Google Groups
Bradley Manning like all whistleblowers takes a tremendous risk in his
endeavour to expose those guilty of fueling the war machine. …

Courage to Resist – Visitor provides update on Bradley Manning’s …
Courage to Resist – Supporting the troops who refuse to fight!, David House
talks about last weekend’s visits with Bradley on MSNBC.

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