Tunisia Newslinks for 13 February, 2011

13 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Italy Declares Emergency as Tunisian Immigrants Arrive
Voice of America
Photo: AP Italy’s government has declared a humanitarian emergency after
thousands of immigrants fleeing unrest in Tunisia landed on a small
Sicilian Island …

Germany pledges election, judicial aid for Tunisia
TUNIS — Germany will help Tunisia hold elections and reform the justice
system following the overthrow of its authoritarian ruler, a rights chief
said …

Algeria Internet Not Shut Down, According To Renesys Analysis
Huffington Post
… happened today in Algeria are unfounded, even though the country has
been on the radar for a possible “domino effect” of events in Tunisia and
Egypt. …

France Warns Against Travel to Central Tunisia, Says Coast OK
By Andrew Roberts – Sat Feb 12 15:20:54 GMT 2011 France said it is still
inadvisable to travel to central Tunisia, while security conditions in its
former …

Egypt: how the people span the wheel of their country’s history
The Guardian
A first draft of why it happened must begin in a rural town in Tunisia on
the shores of the Mediterranean where Mohamed Bouazizi was the unlikeliest


Egypt, others are chaffing under Fed easy money policy
New York Post
By JONATHON M. TRUGMAN To understand what is going on in places like Egypt
or Tunisia today one needs to think of the adage of a butterfly beats its
wings …

Egypt and Tunisia – The Power of Prediction
International Analyst Network
The West has been caught with its pants down following the popular
revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia during the past month. There was plenty of
evidence …

Middle East revolutions reverberate close to home
Three young people with Tucson connections have direct insights into the
turmoil in Egypt and Tunisia. For one, it was her first day on the job in
Tahrir …

The Palestinian prime minister says Egypt’s uprising will make the region better
Washington Post
After Tunisia, people started to think it could happen elsewhere. People
started talking about it in terms of contagion – moving from one country to
another …

Food, demography are invisible drivers in Egypt uprising
Vancouver Sun
Egypt — and Tunisia, Algeria and Yemen to a lesser extent — found
itself in a perfect storm in which massive youth unemployment conjoined
with hunger and …

Global Revolution: Will the Many Finally Triumph Over the Few?
By Gilbert Mercier and Liam Fox Even though the revolutions in both Tunisia
and Egypt are still at an uncertain fluid stage, under what hopefully will
be a …

Changing the Middle East with peaceful means
Kurdish Aspect
Unlike Iran, the people in Tunisia and Egypt showed that there is a civil
alternative to violent regime change. I am wondering if the transformation
is due …

Parisians celebrate Tunisia, Egypt revolutions
Press TV
Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria have different histories. The Tunisians and
Egyptians have set the bench mark, that’s what these demonstrators in the
French …

Economic growth is not enough
Toronto Star
Here was Tunisia, ranked sixth among 135 countries in terms of improvement
in its Human Development Index (HDI) over the previous four decades, …

Analysis: Looking for a few good Mideast democrats
That’s the impossible wish list from the Obama administration after popular
uprisings Egypt and Tunisia ousted two long-serving and close but deeply
flawed …

Maltese MEP proposes Marshall Plan for Tunisia
Malta Independent Online
by DAVID LINDSAY Maltese European Parliamentarian Simon Busuttil this week
called for a fully-fledged Marshall Plan for Tunisia when speaking at the
EP’s …

Could Bahrain be next?
The Guardian
The leadership held talks with President Hosni Mubarak shortly after the
overthrow of Ben Ali in Tunisia, and plans to pump in hundreds of millions
of …

Tunisia seeks Japan’s participation in int’l aid conference
Mainichi Daily News
JERUSALEM (Kyodo) — Tunisia’s interim Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi
has requested Japan to take part in an international conference he is
organizing in …

‘I’m fed up with your stupidity, get on the plane!’
Malta Independent Online
The nagging wife of Tunisia’s ousted president had to force him to flee the
country on a private jet by telling him to “get on board, you idiot”,


From Tunisia to Where?
Gadaa.com Oduu – News
By Ibsaa Guutama* The abuse of power has led a Tunisian citizen, Bouazizi
to burn himself. The despair that led to that citizen’s demise was in the
feelings …

Total Feels ‘Little’ Impact From Tunisia, Egypt, Journal Says
By Andrew Roberts – Sat Feb 12 11:35:42 GMT 2011 Total SA has felt
“little” impact from regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt and is more
concerned about …

Stephen Day: Tunis, Cairo, where next? A turning point in history
The events that began in Tunisia on 14 January may well prove to be one of
those great turning points in world history. While eyes are glued to events
in …

Jihadist groups watch revolution pass them by
By Tim Lister, CNN Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) — Jihadist groups across the
Middle East have applauded and encouraged the popular movements in Tunisia
and Egypt, …

Egyptian, Tunisian events unlikely to happen in Yemen, says al-Qirbi
Yemen News Agency
12 (Saba)- Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has ruled out the possibility
that what happened in Tunisia and Egypt might happen in Yemen. …

Head of European diplomacy expected in Tunis next February 13-14
Tunisia Online News
High representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Catherine
Ashton will pay her first visit to Tunisia next February 13-14, reports the
EU …

Tunisia Respects “Free Choice” of People in S. Sudan
Tunisia’s interim government said Saturday that it respects the “free
choice of the people in south Sudan to set up an independent state,” the
official …

Unblocking Syria’s social media
Until recently, Tunisia held the worst record for Internet filtering in the
Arab world, blocking everything from political opposition to video-sharing
sites …

protesters call for democracy in Algeria
Montreal Gazette
Mr. Ben Ali left with five or 10 billion in euros belonging to Tunisia. And
in Algeria the government and the army hold practically all of the Algerian


Moroccan dies after fiery protest: rights official
It was the first reported death in the country from self-immolation, which
has also occurred in neighbouring Algeria and triggered the revolution in
Tunisia …

Study abroad student witnesses protests in Egypt
The Statesman
25, were largely inspired by a recent revolution in Tunisia. Angered by a
lack of free speech and elections, rising food prices and low minimum
wages, …

Inspired by Tunisia and Egypt now Algerians take to the streets
Following popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, people in Algeria have
now taken to the streets despite a government ban on public demonstrations
which has been in place since 1992.

For Egypt and Tunisia – Dag Hammarskjold – Quotes on Peacekeeping …
By Roger Lipsey
Egypt and Tunisia are nations to which Dag Hammarskjöld brought his
diplomatic skills and humane concern. He worked closely for years with
President Nasser and counted Nasser’s foreign minister, Mahmoud Fawzi,
among his most trusted …

Anatomy of the Democratic Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt at Sanhati
Three weeks ago, the tyrant Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was forced to flee
Tunisia and today Hosni Mubarak finally resigned. For lack of better
references, some intellectuals asserted that the Tunisian uprising is an
offspring of the French …

Today: TUNISIA Latest News
By Interalex
The revolutionary protests in Tunisia and Egypt weren’t supposed to spread
south to sub-Saharan Africa. But Gabonese protesters are aiming to oust
President Ali Bongo… But for weeks, while scenes of Egyptians overtaking
their capital …

4000 Refugees Already in Italy from Tunisia, More on the Way
By Ibn al-Iskandar
As-Salaamu Alaykum, Apparently there are thousands of Tunisians fleeing at
the moment. Could these all be supporters of Ben Ali or are some of them.

KI Media: Vietnam as Tunisia in waiting
By noreply@blogger.com (KI Media)
Other analysts are debating whether the Tunisian example will be replicated
in neighboring Arab nations, including Algeria, Egypt and Yemen, and if so,
how ought the world’s democracies respond to the turmoil. …

ImmigrationProf Blog: News Flash: Refugees Fleeing Violence in …
By immigrationprof
Italy’s government reportedly (and here) called a humanitarian emergency on
Saturday after thousands of asylum-seekers sailed across the Meditarranean
from Tunisia. “The cabinet today . . . has proclaimed a state of
humanitarian …

Lessons for Political Activists from Tunisia and Egypt | MyFDL
By Adam503
Tunisia and Egypt have provided plenty of re-instruction on how to be a
good political activist. -Peaceful non-violent political action really
works. -The internet is a vital tool for communications for political
activists. …

Capitol Hill Cubans: Tunisia’s Orlando Zapata Tamayo
By noreply@blogger.com (Capitol Hill Cubans)
The Story of Mohamed Bouazizi, the man who toppled Tunisia Mohamed Bouazizi
was a 26-year-old Tunisian with a computer science degree. Like millions of
angry and desperate Tunisians, he faced the unpleasant combination of poor


Tunisia Daily “ Germany pledges election, judicial aid for Tunisia …
By tunisia – Google News
Germany pledges election, judicial aid for Tunisia AFP TUNIS — Germany
will help Tunisia hold elections and reform the justice system following
the overthrow of its authoritarian ruler, a rights chief said . …

Breaking News Today “ One person died in a boat wreck in Tunisia
By Heru
One person has died and another remains missing today after being
shipwrecked in the Gulf of Gabes, east of Tunisia, a barge with immigrants
on board was heading toward the coast of Europe across the Mediterranean

In Flex We Trust “ (Video) First Tunisia, Then Egypt, NOW ALGERIA!!
By WendyL
(Video) First Tunisia, Then Egypt, NOW ALGERIA!! 02.12.11 | No Comments.
Tensions erupted in another restive North African nation as security forces
in Algeria on Saturday clashed with anti-government protesters who chanted,


Egypt, Tunisia and Revolution in the 21st century
By Snowball
From: International Socialism: A seminar hosted by the quarterly journal of
socialist theory. Egypt, Tunisia and Revolution in the 21st Century
Revolution in the 21st century is a reality. In less than two months, two
dictators have …

France hopes to lift “very soon” its travel restrictions to Tunisia
By Tunisiaonlinenews.com
TUNISIAONLINENEWS- In a statement reported by French AFP news agency, the
French minister said “we wish to be able to accompany Tunisia in its
process of democratic and economic transition process” and “we hope to
be able very soon to …

The domino effect: Is nearby supplementary to reach during center …
By admin
Could you repeat that? figure out Tunisia and Egypt give in the sphere of
common ? The armed made a decision not to intervene, thought Jamie Rubin, a

Inequality In America Is Worse Than In Egypt, Tunisia Or Yemen …
By Negotiation Is Over
Tunisia is ranked the 62nd most unequal country, with a Gini Coefficient of
40. Yemen is ranked 76th most unequal, with a Gini Coefficient of 37.7. And
Egypt is ranked as the 90th most unequal country, with a Gini Coefficient
of around …

Italy declares emergency as thousands of north African migrants …
Italy declares emergency as thousands of north African migrants, mainly
from Tunisia, flood tiny island – Al Jazeera.

AFP: Synagogue torched in Tunisia: Jewish leader
Tunisia: did protesters torch synagogue? World War 4 Report – Feb 1, 2011;
French news agency kills story on synagogue torched in Tunisia …

US, Europe lacked intelligence on Egypt and Tunisia | World …
The mass protests in Egypt and Tunisia apparently took the West completely
by surprise, and now, parliaments are wondering whether their intelligence


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