Tunisia mostly mainstream Newslinks for 17 February, 2011

17 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Tunisia. Egypt. Bahrain?
New York Times
Husain (I’m omitting some last names to protect those involved) said that
Tunisia and Egypt awakened a sense of possibility inside him — and that
his resolve only grew when Bahrain’s riot police first attacked completely
peaceful protesters. …

Probe by Tunisian women’s group reveals abuses
Washington Post
By BOUAZZA BEN BOUAZZA AP TUNIS, Tunisia — Security forces loyal to
Tunisia’s former president unleashed a wave of terror on the population
during the uprising that toppled the autocratic leader last month, with
police killing, raping and robbing …

Three reported dead in Iraqi protests
Los Angeles Times
Government offices are attacked in protests in the city of Kut, as
demonstrations inspired by the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia continue.
Riot policemen are deployed outside the provincial council building in Kut,
capital of Wasit province. …

Tunisia-style popular uprisings spread with more bloodshed
The tiny Gulf nation has been rocked by the rage of protesters demanding
political reform among others since Monday, following recent revolts in
Tunisia and Egypt. Similar protests also emerged in Libya, where at least
38 people were injured late …

SA won’t be a 2nd Tunisia – Zuma
Now R1,182.95 Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma says he is confident that
South Africa will never become “a second Tunisia”. Zuma gave this assurance
in an interview with Beeld on Wednesday, amid violent protests about poor
service delivery and …

IMF urges targeted subsidies in Middle East
By Lesley Wroughton WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The International Monetary Fund
on Wednesday urged Middle East countries to target government subsidies at
the poorest households after a wave of social unrest toppled rulers in
Egypt and Tunisia. …

Gaddafi next? Anti-government protests spread to Libya
anti-government protest wave unleashed in Tunisia and Egypt in the past few
weeks swept into Libya, where demonstrators battled security forces in a
rare public outpouring of …

Calls Intensify for Resignation of French Minister
New York Times
It was also Le Canard Enchaîné that two weeks ago broke the news of the
ill-timed Tunisia trip. The business partner, Aziz Miled, gave the
minister, her parents and her partner, Patrick Ollier, who as minister for
relations with Parliament is also a …

35 prisoners flee after beating guards in Tunisia
Times of India
TUNIS: Thirty-five inmates held in a prison in southern Tunisia escaped by
assaulting guards and making a hole in the wall, a media report said. Most
of the escapees were apprehended following the break-out from the prison in
the Mediterranean coastal …

How Britain can help in Egypt and Tunisia
New Statesman (blog)
The government had to pay lip service to support the people’s uprising in
Tunisia and Egypt as it was so massive and so peaceful. But Britain’s core
financial interests will come under threat if democracy spreads to
challenge Islamic autocracies under …

Tunisia hosts conference on “Arab Maghreb and integration”
TUNISIAONLINENEWS- On the occasion of the celebration of 22nd anniversary
of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), Tunisia hosted on Wednesday, at the
Tunis-based Union of Arab Maghreb Workers (USTMA), a Maghreb Conference on
the theme “the Arab Maghreb and …

Frontex to help Italy deal with Tunisian migrants
European Voice
The European Union will launch a joint operation with the Italian
authorities in the coming days to deter migrants crossing the Mediterranean
from Tunisia and other North African countries. Naval vessels, surveillance
aircraft and enhanced radar …

The truth about Egypt and Tunisia rebels
The Citizen Daily
Something exciting just happened in Tunisia and Egypt. As we also saw, in
their millions the people revolted and ousted Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali, who
had been a dictator in Tunisia for 23 years; and more spectacularly, Hosni
Mubarak, who had been the …

Five died when Italy-bound boat sunk, Tunisia says
Herald Sun
By staff writers TUNISIA’S Defense Ministry said today five people died
when a boat carrying Tunisian illegal migrants trying to reach Italy sank
and denied that the coast guard was responsible for the tragedy at sea as
some survivors claimed. …

Fire From Egypt, Tunisia Flares Across Arab World
by NPR Staff and Wires Bahraini protesters wave the national flag and chant
slogans as they gather Wednesday at Pearl Square in the capital city of
Manama. Bahraini protesters wave the national flag and chant slogans as
they gather Wednesday at Pearl …

Congrats Egypt and Tunisia
The Massachusetts Daily Collegian
His death sparked protests to overthrow the corrupt, totalitarian
government of Tunisia, headed by “President” Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
The protests grew into a movement against corruption, for liberal
democracy, and, after a little less than a month, …

JOHN STREMLAU: Elections the next test for Egypt and Tunisia
Business Day
RESIGNATIONS of autocratic presidents in Tunisia and Egypt are only the
first steps on what will be a long, difficult path toward genuine
democratic governance — one that will need the support of the
international community. …

Italy fears costlier gas due to Tunisia change
Reuters Africa
By Alberto Sisto ROME, Feb 16 (Reuters) – Italy is closely monitoring the
volatile political situation in Tunisia, seeing a risk of paying higher gas
transit prices for its imports from Algeria, two sources told Reuters on
Wednesday. …

Leading article: Freedom is not to be feared
Sparks from the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt are igniting fires big and
small across the region. It is still far too early to know where, or
whether, they may claim thrones or change regimes. But as was so evident
with Egypt, change on this scale …

Middle East protests: Country by country
BBC News
Following the fall of the presidents of Egypt and Tunisia, unrest has been
spreading throughout the region. Could a domino effect sweep more leaders
from power? Protests have continued in Tunisia – despite President Zine
al-Abidine Ben Ali’s decision …

Foreign Policy: Behind Al-Qaida’s Loss For Words
After widespread protests in Egypt and Tunisia brought the ouster of their
presidents, some wonder why al-Qaida is slow to issue responses to the
revolutions. A young reveler standing in front of graffiti in Tahrir Square
during a celebration over …

Davuto?lu to visit Tunisia next week
Today’s Zaman
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu will travel to Tunisia next
Monday amid a wave of popular protests in the region. Council of Europe
Secretary-General Thorbjorn Jagland will accompany Davuto?lu during his
key visit to the country, …

Pro, anti-Iran government supporters clash at funeral
Irish Times
Monday’s rally, in support of the people of Egypt and Tunisia, was the
first major unrest since a wave of arrests, trials and at least two
executions in response to huge protests against President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad’s 2009 re-election. …

EU forgeign policy chief to visit Egypt
People’s Daily Online
On Monday when Ashton began her wilder Middle East tour from Tunisia, the
visit to Egypt is unknown. The EU hailed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s
resignation here on Friday, and said it stood ready to help with all its
instruments. …

Loans To Those Close To Former Tunisian President Total 2.5 Billion Dinars
TUNIS, Feb 17 (BERNAMA-NNN-TAP) — The amount of bank loans taken by 182
companies from 23 groups and persons close to the ousted Tunisian president
and his family is estimated at 2500 million dinars (about US$1.75 billion),
or some 5.0 of the total …

Our View: Adapting to a changing oil landscape
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
First Tunisia, then Egypt – almost bloodless victories for the people, the
possibilities of new republics. Practically speaking, it’s nervous time for
the oil-dependent United States, which has to be wondering: Will
petroleum-soaked Saudi Arabia be …

Why ‘Tunisian revolution’ won’t reach Indonesia
Jakarta Post
The Tunisian revolution is an attractive phenomenon because it provides a
great story about how the poor and the weak, under constant and heavy
pressures from an authoritarian regime, finally snapped and managed to
overthrow the dictatorship. …

The Indypendent “ Egypt, Tunisia, and ‘The Resumption of Arab History’
By The Indypendent
The recent popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt attest above all to the
indomitability of the human spirit, and the extraordinary capacity of
collective action to bring out the very best in humanity. In these respects
the daring, …

Tunisia-Canada review prospects for judicial cooperation
By Tunisiaonlinenews.com
TUNISIAONLINENEWS- During a meeting held on Wednesday in Tunis, Justice
Minister , Mr. Lazhar Karoui Chebbi and Mr. Ariel Delouya, Ambassador of
Canada in Tunis, reviewed prospects for judicial co-operation between
Tunisia and Canada and …

Observations About Tunisia and Europe from Prof J. Peter Burgess …
By Niels Frenzen
Here are some thoughtful insights about the Tunisian revolution and Europe
from Prof. J. Peter Burgess’ blog (Prof. Burgess is a philosopher,
political scientist and cultural historian and is currently Research
Professor at the Peace …

Israel Matzav: Tunisia’s Jews decide to stay
By Carl in Jerusalem
“It’s not only our last president who was a dictator, but the one before
him,” he added, predicting that “it will take some time to fix Tunisia.
The EU has helped, and the [United] States as well. I think we’ll make it,
but it will take …

Revolution in Tunisia, Reform in Jordan Unleashes Anti-Jewish …
By Guest-Crosspost
Recently, when I spoke on developments in Egypt, a serious and respected
Middle East expert claimed that there was no sign of anti-American or
anti-Israel slogans in Egypt or Tunisia during their revolutions. Really?


Democracy Digest “ Old guard v. new order: Tunisia today, Egypt …
By Demdigest
“Tunisia will be a test case for the Arab world,” said Mohsen Marzouk
(left), the Tunisian head of the Arab Democracy Foundation. “Success
would give Arab youth seeking change a model to turn to. Failure means
instability, economic …

French minister reels from fresh Tunisia revelations | http://www.bullfax.com
By marketmaker
France’s foreign minister fended off fresh calls to resign on Wednesday
over her links to Tunisia, with revelations of her family business
interests there and contact with its deposed dictator.The investigative
weekly Le Canard Enchaine …

French minister contacted Tunisia dictator: aide French news …
An aide to France’s foreign minister admitted Wednesday the minister spoke
with Tunisia’s ex-leader during th… French news | Expatica France.

35 prisoners flee after beating guards in Tunisia
35 prisoners flee after beating guards i…Most of the escapees were
apprehended following th…A number of jail breaks occurred during the days
w…On Jan 15, about 1000 inmates fled a prison in Ka…About a month of
daily protests …

After Tunisia Egypt Bahrain Iran Lastupdate:- Thu, 17 Feb 2011 18 …
Tripoli Feb 16 Dozens of people were injured in clashes in Benghazi a
hospital in the eastern city said today as Libya braced for a Day of Anger
following revolts in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia nbsp The director of Al
Jala hospital …

Tunisia: The massacre behind the revolution “ Silver Lining
By realistic bird
(Kasserine, Tunisia) The earth around Kasserine is deep red, constrating
with the lush green vegetation further north. The terrain in the centre of
the country becomes noticeably tougher and sparser, giving way to prickly
pear cacti and …

Tunisia Daily “ The truth about Egypt and Tunisia rebels – The …
By tunisia – Google News
Something exciting just happened in Tunisia and Egypt. As we also saw, in
their millions the people revolted and ousted Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali, who
had been a dictator in Tunisia for 23 years; and more spectacularly, Hosni
Mubarak, …

Francis Fukuyama end of history | Egypt | Tunisia | The Daily …
Recent events in the Middle East are giving credence to Fukuyama’s famous
thesis that the world is moving toward liberal democracy.

Like Egypt and Tunisia – Abugida Ethiopian American Information Center
By aklog
Like Egypt and Tunisia –Changes, not repression, is the answer for the
quest for democracy and justice in Ethiopia! (SOCEPP – Canada)

Libya’s strongman regrets fall of Tunisia’s dictator “ Kia Ora Gaza
By kiaoragaza
“Tunisia now lives in fear … families could be raided and slaughtered
in their bedrooms and the citizens in the street killed as if it was the
Bolshevik or the American revolution,” Gaddafi said. Share this: Email ·
Facebook …

Tunisia faces migrant exodus – News – Mail & Guardian Online
As Tunisia marks a month since the ousting of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, the
interim government battled pressure to curb an exodus of migrants.

France rocked by news of aid to Tunisia and Egypt – Los Angeles Times
As French officials continue to grapple with the fallout of their African
foreign policy, they have been rocked by new disclosures about aid to
security …

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