Bradley Manning Newslinks for 23 February, 2011

23 February, 2011 —

Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund Launches Today
PR Newswire (press release)
22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund is
launching a campaign today in support of the United States Army private
accused of disclosing classified materials. The Bradley Manning Advocacy
Fund will connect the media and …

Berkeley City Council Fails to Pass Controversial Resolutions
Berkeley Daily Planet
By Charlotte Perry-Houts Last Tuesday the Berkeley City Council discussed
open government, Bradley Manning, the Affordable Housing Impact Fee, and
PG&E’s pipelines in Berkeley. Council voted unanimously to adopt the first
reading of the Open Government …

TheDC Interview: Author Jed Babbin on how Obama is letting down America’s military
Daily Caller
I’ve got reports here, and I think they are public, that mental health
specialists were trying to say that Bradley Manning, the alleged WikiLeaks
leaker should not be deployed because he had mental problems and I believe
those were overlooked because …

The New Adventures of the Old Orwellians | Firedoglake
By Attaturk
The Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund. 100% of contributions to this fund will
be used to pay expenses related to the advocacy and defense of Bradley
Manning. MYFDL RECOMMENDED DIARIES. Scott Walker, Meet Robert LaFollette

Daily Kos: My indecisive dithering on capital punishment
By tytalus
Not that Obama gets a free pass; the Bradley Manning case has come up, even
here . So this is, to some degree, by some, considered torture. And yet one
of my commenters yesterday, objecting to capital punishment for many good
reasons, …

Fail Whale Pale Ale TShirt
By Dr. Jones
Wikileaks revealed today that Twitter has been issued a subpoena to turn
over logfiles showing access to the Wikileaks Twitter accounts of julian
Assange, Bradley manning and key players in the Wikileaks secrets
disclosures. …

Walkerism Going National? | MyFDL
By earlofhuntingdon
FDL coverage of the new NAFTA-style Korean Free Trade Agreement. Private
Bradley Manning Investigating the inhumane conditions of Private Manning’s
detention. Just Say Now Campaign to legalize marijuana. Foreclosure Fraud

Daily Kos: Did Roosevelt’s Racism Cause WWII?
By David Swanson
This is the central argument, among many others, in James Bradley’s “The
Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War.” In 1614 Japan had cut
itself off from the West, resulting in centuries of peace and prosperity
and the …

Channel 6 News “ Dell acquires Compellent for $800 million
By BNO News
Driver killed after gunmen set ablaze more than 20 NATO oil tankers in
southwest Pakistan · Georgia pastor accused of sexually coercing teenage
boys cancels planned trip to Florida · Congressman Mike Rogers says PFC
Bradley Manning …

Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund Launches Today
New Organization to Provide Analysis on Soldier’s Case and Disabuse
Misinformation CampaignsWASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/
— The Bradley …,1667170.html

FREE BRADLEY MANNING – Rogue Valley Independent Media Center
19th) to talk about the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning. If you don’t know
much about Bradley Manning and why he needs to be free, you need to read
this …

Records related to Bradley Manning | Muckrock
Any records related to Bradley Manning or his confinement in Quantico Brig.
In particular, please process as quickly as possible a request for the …

The Forgotten Man: Bradley Manning (2011) 1/3 Video
The inside story of the security breach that enraged the American
Government, and a profile of the man who made it all possible. While
WikiLeaks boss Julian …

Bradley Manning: Torture, the Law, and Human Rights
As most of us know, Bradley Manning was arrested in Kuwait in late June,
2010 and transferred to the Quantico military brig a couple of weeks later.

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