Wikileaks Newslinks 23 February, 2011

23 February, 2011 —

Branding WikiLeaks
Wall Street Journal
WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. WikiLeaks sells T-shirts featuring Julian
Assange to raise money. This month, WikiLeaks opened an online shop hawking
coffee mugs, bumper stickers and T-shirts emblazoned with Mr. Assange’s
image. …

Gaddafi is ecccentric but the firm master of his regime, Wikileaks cables say
Washington Post
But as seen through a trove of confidential US diplomatic cables disclosed
by the anti-secrecy Web site WikiLeaks, the Libyan leader has another side:
a master schemer who has dominated the country and its fractious tribes for
four decades by …

WikiLeaks Cables Detail Qaddafi Family’s Exploits
New York Times
As the Qaddafi clan conducts a bloody struggle to hold onto power in Libya,
cables obtained by WikiLeaks offer a vivid account of the lavish spending,
rampant nepotism and bitter rivalries that have defined what a 2006 cable
called “Qadhafi …

Wikileaks: Cartel got Mexican president’s health records
Fox News
… agencies that are disorganized, not Mexico’s, President Felipe Calderon
says in an interview published Tuesday by capital daily El Universal in
which the head of state responds to comments in American diplomatic cables
disseminated by WikiLeaks. …

Wikileaks on Gadhafi: Very Strange, Very Wily
ABC News
That cable, which was posted along with the others on the website
Wikileaks, allows a rare glimpse into Gadhafi’s abnormal proclivities ahead
of his 2009 UN appearance in New York. In the cable, Cretz describes
Gadhafi as having a fear of flying over …

WikiLeaks Drags Libya and Venezuela Through the Mud
Huffington Post (blog)
You’ve got to hand it to WikiLeaks: the whistle-blowing outfit sure has
impeccable timing. Even as forces loyal to Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi
fire on protesters in a mounting massacre and human rights calamity, Julian
Assange has released US …

On 40th anniversary of Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg talks WikiLeaks at FAU
Daniel Ellsberg will be 80 on April 7, and it’s still hard to keep up with
the world’s most famous secret document leaker until WikiLeaks came along.
How many times have you been arrested, Mr. Ellsberg? “Eighty,” he says
proudly at an appearance at …,0,3979070.story

Wikileaks: Armenians can’t be defeated by Azerbaijan
Armenian Reporter
According to the July 2, 2009 cable that is part of Wikileaks cache and was
first published by Russkiy Reporter on February 22, Derse believed that
Azerbaijan assumed “a much rosier scenario for NK than it has any plausible
reason to expect. …

WikiLeaks make Peru presidential candidates “panic,” says analyst
Living in Peru
He thinks that the disclosure of the WikiLeaks cables will make the
electoral campaign more complicated. There is no evidence that Rospigliosi
was Toledo’s envoy during the meeting he had with US embassy officials,
says Segal. (Photo: RPP) What’s your …

Wikileaks Cables Show China Used Debt to Pressure US on Taiwan
National Journal
By Clifford Marks China has sought to use its massive US debt holdings to
influence American financial policy and deter arms sales to Taiwan,
according to diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks. Fears have
circulated for years about China using its …

Wikileaks Questions Veracity of Colombian Army Operation
Inside Costa Rica
Bogota – Revelations released by Wikileaks question the truthfulness of
Operation Jaque (Check), presented by the Colombian Government as a perfect
military maneuver in 2008 that led to the rescue of 15 people held by the
guerrillas. …

Editorial: Aftenposten’s WikiLeaks not all White
The Foreigner
Editorial: Aftenposten’s WikiLeaks not all White. Former US Ambassador to
Oslo Barry B. White is less than happy about Aftenposten’s WikiLeaks
publications. Meanwhile, the expression “practise what you preach”
seems to have fallen on deaf ears. …

YLE: Wikileaks to publish all messages concerning Finland
Helsingin Sanomat
According to the news service of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE),
the online community Wikileaks is to make public all US diplomatic cables
concerning Finland that have come into its possession. Wikileaks press
officer Kristinn Hrafnsson reports …

Harvard Law Prof: Amazon’s WikiLeaks Shutdown Set Dangerous Precedent
Forbes (blog)
By ANDY GREENBERG As WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange awaits a decision later this
week on whether he’ll be extradited to Sweden to face sex crime charges,
Harvard Law professor Yochai Benkler wants to remind us of another legal
challenge to WikiLeaks that’s …

US told Uribe to clean up DAS: Wikileaks
Colombia Reports
WikiLeaks cables reveal that the US pressured the government of
then-President Alvaro Uribe to clean up the scandal-hit intelligence agency
DAS in 2009, El Pais reported Tuesday. The cables show that then-US
Ambassador William Brownfield told then-Vice …

Ex-Supreme Court judge blocked ‘parapolitics’ probe: WikiLeaks
Colombia Reports
The US Embassy suspected a former Supreme Court president of obstructing
investigations into the paramilitary ties of politicians from the
magistrate’s home region, according to a WikiLeaks cable. In a cable dated
November 17, 2006, an anonymous source …

Letter: Soldier who divulged to WikiLeaks is no hero
Oregon Daily Emerald
Regarding Mark Costigan’s recent article, “Soldier who divulged to
WikiLeaks a true American hero,” I take issue with Mr. Costigan’s premise
and conclusion. If Pvt. Manning’s mission was to shed light on Americans’
complicity to Iraqi torture and rape, …

WikiLeaks Release Draws Attention In Peru’s Presidential Election
Automated Trader
By Robert Kozak LIMA -(Dow Jones)- A series of United States diplomatic
dispatches, released by WikiLeaks, are drawing heated attention during the
current election campaign in Peru. The dispatches mainly date to the period
around the 2006 general …

ZeusiLeaks – WikiLeaks on automated stealth mode
At the RSA Conference at Moscone last week, Uri Rivner of RSA presented
“ZeusiLeaks” as a sensitive data dissemination network more hazardous
— and harder to stop — than WikiLeaks. Named after the Zeus Trojan, a
keystroke logger, ZeusiLeaks and its …

More local Wikileaks stories
San Diego CityBEAT
By Dave Maass Here at CityBeat, we check the Wikileaks’ cable dumps on a
daily basis for San Diego ties. To date, the organization has only released
5000 out of 250000 state department memos and so far, these have included
reports on a shady Russian …

Wikileaks not elected by anyone, says RSA chief (blog)
By Warwick Ashford on February 22, 2011 12:37 PM | 2 Comments | No
TrackBacks Julian Assange, founder of whistle-blowing site Wikileaks, was
not elected by anyone to take on the like of the US government, says Art
Coviello, executive chairman of RSA, …

The West According to WikiLeaks: A Wyoming-Sized Economy
New West
Kenya’s top attorney is a crooked politician helping to fleece an unstable
country with a weak economy, a US diplomat wrote in a cable released by
WikiLeaks in November. Writing from Nairobi, the diplomat requests that
Kenyan Attorney General Amos Wako …

Cable: The quickest and easiest way to explore the WikiLeaks cables
The Next Web
It may have slipped down the news agenda, but WikiLeaks is still pumping
out diplomatic cables on a daily basis. The trouble is that WikiLeaks’ own
site doesn’t display them in a particularly easy-to-consume way. With lots
of potentially interesting …

Ellsberg: WikiLeaks Helped Topple Despots
By Henry J. Reske and Kathleen Walter WikiLeaks revelations helped topple
despotic regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel
Ellsberg told Newsmax.TV. The former Marine and Pentagon employee also
characterized WikiLeaks founder Julian …

Second batch of signed Hard Truths raises $1.75m
Straits Times
With him, you don’t have to read WikiLeaks, all you have to do is read this
book.’ Mr Bollinger, with his wife Judy and son James, moved to Singapore
six months ago. He picked up a copy of Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths To Keep
Singapore Going to find out …

Extradited FARC guerrilla ‘disappeared from public record’
Colombia Reports
Extradited FARC leader alias “Cesar,” who according to WikiLeaks tried to
make a deal to free Ingrid Betancourt in exchange for his freedom, cannot
be found in US court records, Noticias Uno reported Tuesday. The Colombian
government refused to comment …

Harvard Law Prof: Amazon’s WikiLeaks Shutdown Set Dangerous …
By Andy Greenberg
As WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange awaits a decision later this week on whether
he’ll be extradited to Sweden to face sex crime charges, Harvard Law
professor Yochai Benkler wants to remind us of another legal challenge to
WikiLeaks that’s …

The Latin Americanist: Wikileaks targets LatAm
By Erwin C.
The media furor over Wikileaks may have mellowed out but the muckraking
website continues to uncover hundreds of interesting diplomatic cables and
documents. Latin America has not been an exception to this and Wikileaks
targeted several …

Did WikiLeaks Cause the Explosion in the Middle East?
By El Cid
Posted by El Cid Feb 22nd 2011 at 12:38 pm in Africa, Middle East | 85336
in+ the+ …

Wikileaks needs transparency more than ever – Criticism flies …
By John W. Daly
Various people around the globe are feeling rather peeved at Wikileaks
following the revelations featured in Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s recently
published book “ Inside Wikileaks.

Behind the scenes of Aftenposten’s Wikileaks visualization …
By Tracy Boyer
Below is Eirik’s account of how they obtained the data from Wikileaks,
parsed it into a usable format, and battled the ethical considerations that
underlay the publication of sensitive information. Read on and let me know
what you think …

Missing Broward man surfaces in Wikileaks cable | Naked Politics
By Lesley Clark
The Daily Telegraph reports that a Wikileaks diplomatic cable says that a
political prisoner who managed to flee Iran suggested that missing Broward
resident Robert Levinson — missing since 2007 —

Christine Interview: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange’s Mother …
By Sarah
@ledaohio B. Create a pretext to shut down the internet. Enabled the?
p***ing of legislation to allow? an “Internet Killswitch”, (recall the
hacking of major websites supposedly done by wikileaks supporters) …

WikiLeaks cables detail Qaddafi clan’s extravagant exploits …
By Shilpa
Washington, Feb.23 : As the Qaddafi clan conducts a bloody struggle to hold
onto power in Libya, cables obtained by the whistleblowing web site
WikiLeaks offer a vivid account of the lavish spending, rampant nepotism
and bitter …

Marianne Johansson f.d. bloggnamn keinerlei: WikiLeaks Julian …
By Marianne Johansson
Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks · WikiLeaks Julian Assange
Responds To Criticism · Noam Chomsky on the WikiLeaks and Coverage · Noam
Chomsky – Obama Administration & US Foreign P.. …

Now WikiLeaks Cable Confirms Billy Meier UFO Information! | Gulf …
By admin
The stunning revelations, in a just released WikiLeaks cable, about the
reality of peak oil in Saudi Arabia apparently didn’t surprise Swiss UFO
contactee, Billy Meier. in fact, Meier first published the same warnings
nearly three years …

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